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The Environmental Policy and Planning Commission (EPPC) is an advisory board to the ASUCD Senate comprised of nine members and up to four alternates. It is responsible for researching environmental issues affecting the campus and its surrounding area, as well as providing recommendations for improvement. EPPC is committed to creating new and enforcing past environmental legislation. EPPC aims to provide environmental education and outreach in order to better inform students and the campus community about the environment and relevant issues. EPPC works with students, administration, ASUCD, student environmental groups, the City of Davis and other relevant bodies in order to better recognize and address the environmental concerns of the campus and its community as well as to encourage collaboration in working toward the creation of a more sustainable environment.

EPPC has helped to improve campus sustainability in numerous areas, and is always looking to do more. If you have any ideas for projects or want to give suggestions for our current projects, please reach out to us! Here are some examples of EPPC's sustainability efforts:

  • Commissioners Maya Bhadury, Amaris Fraley, Forrest Pasturel, and Carly Placencio rewrote Chapter 17 of the ASUCD Bylaws (the ASUCD Environmental Sustainability Guidelines). The rewritten bylaws mandate a higher level of sustainable operation within ASUCD with a goal towards being zero waste. 
  • EPPC led UC Davis in becoming a Fair Trade Certified University. As UC Davis was the fifth UC campus to become Fair Trade Certified, the four remaining UC campuses must now become Fair Trade certified.
  • EPPC created the Student Sustainability Career Fair Committee, a group that seeks to educate students on sustainable and environmental career paths and provide career-related resources.
  • The Environmental Sustainability Student Coalition was established by EPPC and the Campus Center for the Environment. This organization aims to allow for increased communication and collaboration among environmental organizations on the UC Davis campus in order to more effectively address environmental issues as a unified group of students.
  • In April of 2007, 2008 and 2009, EPPC hosted "EPPC Earth Week," which is a week-long series of programs and events meant to draw out the glory of Earth Day. Highlights during the past three years were the Trashion Show (a collaboration with the Student Fashion Association), a rock-climbing wall on the quad, courtesy of the Rocknasium, a "Meat vs. Beet" debate that contemplated the pros and cons of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian lifestyles. Trashion Show 2008 was on the cover of the California Aggie and drew a huge crowd on the MU Patio. EPPC Earth Week shirts are also really cool. However, EPPC 2010 may feature the EPPC logo on different products, such as BPA-free water bottles, LED re-chargable flashlights and other such items.
  • EPPC's theme for Earth Week 2009 was "Get Down to Earth." The logo at the top left of this page, as well as the "Get Down to Earth" logo below were both designed by Angel Villadarez, who also designed the 2007, 2008 and 2009 logos. He is awesome, and so is EPPC.


Current Chair

  • Mackenzie Field (Fall 2022-Spring 2023

Past Chairs

  • Sydney Cliff (Fall 2021 - Spring 2022) 
  • Hunter Ottman (Winter 2020 - Spring 2021)
  • Kyle Kruegar (Fall 2019 - Winter 2020)
  • UNKNOWN (Fall 2015 - Spring 2019)
  • Marissa Ayala (Fall 2014-Spring 2015)
  • Tanzi Jackson (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)
  • Margaret Link (Fall 2011 - Spring 2012)
  • Will Quinn (Fall 2010 - Spring 2011)
  • Darwin Moosavi (Fall 2009 - Spring 2010)
  • Priya Shukla (Sept - Oct 2009)
  • Amanpreet Singh (Fall 2008 - Spring 2009)
  • John 'Jack' Draper (Fall 2007 - Spring 2008)
  • Jill Benci-Woodward (Fall 2006 - Spring 2007)
  • Dan Xie (Winter 2006 - Fall 2006)
  • Annie Pestolesi (Spring 2005 - Winter 2006)
  • Karly Kaufman (Spring 2004 - Spring 2005)
  • UNKNOWN (Fall 2000-Winter 2004)
  • Lisa Berney-Mixon (Fall 1999 - Spring 2000)
  • Jessica Conover (Winter 1999 - Spring 1999)
  • Mark Strudley (Fall 1997 - Fall 1998)
  • Mark Bellomy Winter 1997 - Spring 1997)
  • Ryan Mlynarczyk (Fall 1996)
  • Sage Sangiacomo (Fall 1995 - Spring 1996)

Past Events

EPPC 2011-2012

January 31, 2012: EPPC’s Green Wheels event highlighted sustainable transportation in the CoHo that included local bike shop Ken’s Bike and Ski and their electric bicycles, Davis Pedicab, Campus Center for the Environment, free giveaways of cycling water bottles, bike gear and much more!

April 23-27, 2012: EPPC's Earth Week event include a week long celebration of activities to prepare to live every week like it's Earth Week! Festivities included: Party With Planet Earth on Monday: A green party without Ralph Nader—play sustainable apple juice pong with reusable cups, pick up some tips for hosting a zero-waste party, and more! Trashy Tuesday: Who says being trashy can't be classy? Enjoy a trashion show—trash + fashion = trashion—and get in touch with your artsy side with some green crafts: make your own jewelry out of recycled paper and dishes out of soda cans. Food Fight Wednesday: Come hungry, leave informed and happy! Thirsty Thursday: Kick your bottled water habit—just tap it! Learn more about how to be eco-friendly when it comes to two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen. Winds of Change Friday: Learn about the Cool Cities campaign, alternative energy, and some easy lifestyle tips on how to go green.

EPPC 2009-2010

Earth Week 2009

2009's logo and theme"

+ Meat v. Beet Debate - Six student panelists made up the Debate. Nilli Grutman (Davis Vegetarian Society), Dani Lee (Davis Vegetarian Society) & Brian Seaby (California Student Sustainability Coalition) made up the vegetarian side, while Brandon Craig (Davis College Democrats), Sara Meimin (EPPC) & Jack Zwald (ASUCD Senator) made up the non-vegetarian side. Professor Thomas Famula of the Animal Sciences department moderated the debate.

+ Environmental Lecture - Professor Stephen Wheeler of Landscape Architecture read an enlightening anecdote about environmental utopia from a book he edited.

+ 3rd Annual Trashion Show - EPPC and the Student Fashion Association joined forces again to reinforce the importance of sustainable practices. The winning outfits included and dress and hat made entirely of wallpaper, a dress made entirely of candy wrappers, and a vest made from burlap with a matching purse. This outfit also included a skirt made entirely of pages from a phonebook.

+ Environmental Club Fair - Many environmental clubs agreed that there was a major disconnect between each other. So, EPPC hosted a club fair to collectively publicize each club's distinct cause and/or purpose. Among those who participated were the Davis Vegetarian Society, Students for Sustainable Agriculture, Project Compost, R4 and the California Student Sustainability Coalition.

After Earth Week, EPPC, GASC and CCE joined together to inform students about the impacts of sex on the environment in an event titled "Green Sex."

In November, EPPC worked with, an electronic waste recycling company, to hold an E-waste Recycling Event where students brought in old electronics to get recycled. Valuable items were compensated for and all the electronics were taken to a recycling center. Items people brought in included cell phones, mp3 players, cameras, laptops, cd's, and many other numerous electronics.

On February 25, 2009 EPPC hosted "Who Killed the Electric Car?" in CHEM 194. In lieu of the movie, the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies was present at the MU Patio from about 12-1 pm where there was a hybrid plug-in car on display to showcase research going in the field of alternative energy and transportation.

EPPC 2008-2009

2008's logo and theme:

On October 30, 2008, EPPC and the Student Fashion Association hosted the "Green Halloween Fashion Show." It featured sustainable fashion designs, KDVS DJ Marly Young and models. The winning design was a "1950's girl" ensemble with a newspaper poodle skirt, plastic bag scarf and plastic bakery box purse.

On November 24, 2008, EPPC hosted the ultra-popular local band "Sex, Funk and Danger" at the Delta of Venus and gave away 75 free reusable bags! The band members produced some sweet beats, and even gave the crowd some shockingly sad statistics about the detrimental impact of plastic bags on the environment. The point of this event was make environmental awareness fun. All 75 bags were gone by the end of the night! You can party and save the earth at the same time.


+ ESLP (Education for Sustainable Living Program) + UC Davis Farmers Market + Campus Center for the Environment + Project Compost

Reduce Your Impact

  • This is an awesome list of ways you can reduce your ecological footprint: Read more here.


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2005-03-02 11:24:33   Just enabled comments here so people can share their environmental concerns with the Commission (or at least anyone from it who happens to check here). On that note, I've always felt that the amount of paper wasted in ASUCD government business alone could be significantly reduced by pushing for Commissions to discuss resolutions via powerpoint instead of each having a copy of everything — that way changes could be easily made on one central copy everyone is looking at. It would be easy in commissions, where the screens are already in place. I'd like to push for it in Senate as well but I don't know how one would deal with the fact that the screen in the senate room is in an inconvenient corner. —KrisFricke

2005-03-09 17:52:18   here is something else that EPPC can push for....stop making those stupid waste of paper student telephone directories! Make it on CDRom or something of that nature. I get soooooooo angry every time i see boxes of directories sitting in the CoHo! That right there is a massive waste of paper —GeorgejAndrews

  • Not to mention that they are usually incredibly outdated and have information on people who requested that their personal information not be included. - Jonathon Leathers
    • Good call George. But I read in the Aggie that the people who make the directories know that people son't use them and the info is out of date but they make them because the ads make money. The directory is pretty dumb, especially with practically everyone being on Facebook (although I prefer davisCoeds). You may be right about a CDRom. It would be cheaper and it could still have ads. -RobRoy
      • Yeah, because I totally want a stalker CDRom with a bunch of ads in it. I think those things are pretty useless, if someone wants to give their number or whatever to someone, they will. No one uses them, so they could save money by not printing them in the first place. —AllisonEriksen

2007-03-04 12:29:33

American Planning Association Student Chapter at UC Davis Last meeting of the quarter this TUESDAY, MARCH 6 from 5-6PM in 2120J WICKSON (up the stairs and to the right).

GUEST SPEAKER Terry Rivasplata, Sacramento Valley APA Section Director and Senior Planner for Jones & Stokes! Bring your questions about CEQA, General Plan updates, land use laws, environmental planning, and the difference between the private and public sectors!

At the 2006 State APA Conference, Terry Rivasplata received the Planners Emeritus Network Honor Award for his ongoing contributions and advice on CEQA compliance and general plan issues. During his 13 years at the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR), Terry co-authored several editions of the State’s General Plan Guidelines. He has also assisted in reviewing many of the bills proposed by the State Legislature related to planning and the environment. Virtually anyone involved in California planning owes a debt of gratitude to “Mr. CEQA.”

See you Tuesday! Colin B. Clarke APA Student Chapter, UCD —ColinClarke