The ASUCD Mock Election 2006 is officially the most awesometastic event in ASUCD Elections history. Twelve candidates vie for for six fake Senate seats in the biggest intra-office conflict in recent ASUCD history. The rationale behind the mock election is to test the ASUCD voting website (more info at The Aggie).

For the most part, candidates are people who can't run for office for one reason or another: being a graduate student, a Chief Justice of the ASUCD Supreme Court, a member of the Elections Committee, a 30-year employee of ASUCD, or a current or future Controller. Also, the entire staff of SGAO The Really Cool People Commission was running.

The election is over, and you can view the detailed results at


  • Brent "Secret Documents" Laabs
    • Brent is the recalled and disgraced Chair of the Board for UCSA. Brent's platform is on his personal page, as well as on facebook. He also has so much free time on his hands that he made fliers and put them on bulletin boards on campus.
  • Kris "Jedi Mind Tricks" Fricke
    • Kris Fricke is the current Chief Justice of the ASUCD Supreme Court. Fricke details his candidacy on facebook and on EMOSNAIL. You trust the Jedi, right? No? Welcome to the club. The previous sentence was written by Paul Harms, who clearly intends to purge the Jedi Temple and establish the ASUCD Empire.
  • Paul "the Pope" Harms
    • Paul Harms is the Media Coordinator for SGAO, and is the self declared Pope of ASUCD. He is also rumoured to have a red lightsaber. Paul has a facebook group, but Brent wants you to rank him last place anyway (because Brent knows that if Paul wins the election, the ASUCD gulag gains a graduate student).
  • Jill "I Love Bylaws" Weinstein
    • Jill Weinstein has been a member of the Internal Affairs Commission for over a year. However, Jill apparently doesn't understand how Choice Voting works, because she's asking people to vote for her in the #3 slot. (Surprisingly, she was the third person elected — maybe she knows something we don't.)
  • Kai "K-Dizzle" Savaree-Ruess
  • Mark Champagne
    • Mark Champagne has been the Business Manager for ASUCD for a longer than you've been alive. Mark doesn't need a platform, because he already runs ASUCD and will continue to do so in spite of what you silly mortals think.
  • Michael "Pearl Jam on the Quad" Tucker
  • Kyle "I'm kind of a big deal" Flick
  • Emily "Bread and Circuses" Tung
  • Rachel "Not Renee" Bingham
    • Rachel Bingham is the Office Coordinator of SGAO, and rules over it with an iron fist. Not really. Actually, she's pretty nice.
  • Renee "Not Rachel" Ashbaugh
    • Renee is an employee of SGAO who is not Rachel.
  • Chantha "the Amazing Asian" Neung
    • Chantha Neung is an employee of SGAO who has a huge facebook group, and so she will probably win this popularity contest, mostly because her facebook group's title neglects to state that she's not actually running for the real ASUCD Senate.

***Disclaimer: Some of these candidates may be obsessed with Star Wars and just might try to boost there ego by pretending to be a fictional character.***