The ASUCD Unit Relocation and Space Allocation Committee—often called URSAC—is a special ASUCD committee chaired by the ASUCD Controller to determine office space allocation among the various ASUCD units. Most of ASUCD's flexible space is located on the third floor of the Memorial Union, although other spaces exist on the first floor and basement.

ASUCD Bylaw 205B: (1) The purpose of URSAC shall be to create a forum to discuss physical Unit relocations and space allocations within ASUCD. Any, and all, space allocations and Unit relocations shall be brought to the Committee Chairperson only by voting members of the Committee. URSAC shall meet on an ad hoc basis; however, membership shall be determined annually based on term limits. Meetings will be called, as needed, by the Committee Chairperson.

(2) The ASUCD Controller shall serve as the Chairperson of the Committee and a voting member of the Committee. The other voting members of the Committee shall include the ASUCD President (or the President's designee), the ASUCD Business Manager, and two (2) ASUCD Senators. All affected Unit Directors, the Director of Creative Media/ASUCD Network Administrator, the Chairperson of the Business and Finance Commission and the Chairperson of the Internal Affairs Commission shall serve as non-voting, ex-officio members of the Committee.

(3) The voting members of the Committee shall serve until the end of their term in their respective office. The ASUCD Senate representatives shall be selected for the Committee by majority vote of the entire Senate. The Committee shall make no decisions unless the ASUCD President, ASUCD Business Manager, and the ASUCD Controller are present. All decisions made by majority vote of the voting members present at a meeting of the Committee shall be final.

Current URSAC members: ASUCD Controller: Don Ho

Prior URSAC members: