140 F Street
Mon-Fri: 10am-8pm; Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 11am-6pm
(530) 753-2093

The AT&T store is where you go to buy a new phone or phone accessories as well as land-line, and TV services such as U-verse. You can also pay your mobile phone bills there.

Their stores are not exclusively wireless stores anymore since they now sell internet services, land line service, and other non-wireless AT&T services. AT&T has dropped the "wireless" from their official name and wants to be known as the "AT&T Store" where you can get internet and TV services too.

It was previously a Cingular Wireless store (back when it was located in the Davis Commons). The Davis Commons store originally opened up as an AT&T Wireless store. Cingular was originally a joint venture between SBC and BellSouth. The Pacific Bell Wireless store in Davis became Cingular in 2001. Cingular was completely purchased by SBC in 2005. AT&T Wireless was another wireless company operating at the same time, but it was bought in 2004 by SBC. AT&T Wireless broke off from the original AT&T company in July 2001. SBC renamed AT&T Wireless to the Cingular name which SBC already owned. Later in 2005, SBC bought all of the telephone company called AT&T and changed SBC to the AT&T name. After renaming themselves The New AT&T, SBC changed the name of Cingular to AT&T Mobility. SBC created a new lower case AT&T logo to signify that they are a new and completely different AT&T than the old company. Either way, you can buy a cellular phone from them.

Their distinguished competition is Parrot Cellular, a Northern California-based AT&T retailer. This was an alternative for all your AT&T wireless shopping if you were not in downtown. There is no longer a Parrot store in Oakshade Town Center or in The Marketplace. Parrot disappeared sometime around the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014. The chain still has stores in Sacramento, in the Central Valley, and In the Bay Area.


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2008-02-07 22:22:12   I have been to this store a few times over the years. The salespeople that I have seen here know very little about cell phones, but many of them act like they know everything important to be able to sell you service. For instance, when I asked about problems with reception at my house, a sales clerk kept saying that newer and fancier cell phones are better in every respect. She wanted me to spend more money rather than less, but her advice was bad. Sometimes more expensive phones only have more gadgets instead of better reception; in fact sometimes the gadgets outright degrade reception. It's hard to trust this store given all of its glib and glitz.


2011-08-13 21:09:38   I have not been back yet, but it sounds like the attitudes of the sales staff at this store have turned around completely, and that now it's a good store. —GregKuperberg

2008-03-11 17:23:30   Please please please do your own research before coming here for a new phone. They know VERY little about the cell phones themselves, just trained to bullshit their way into a sale. —Dyavrom

2008-03-18 11:58:30   I really like this store. They were very helpful to me about everything. —elliottPollard

2008-08-17 15:28:02   These people are rude and incompetent, every time I go there I leave feeling furious —realitycheck

2008-11-07 16:51:18   they seemed pretty nice when i went, didn't try to push any products or anything. there were a million people working for some reason, like 10, a lot for such a tiny store...maybe because it was halloween and there was a lot of traffic? —MiranPark

2009-01-27 13:19:29   I was going to go to Mike on F street because the comments left on his store were good and these here were bad. But they fixed my phone for me and were really really nice. I guess the workers are learning everyday. My voice mail was not working, but now it is! —chand3123k

2009-01-28 21:10:12   I waited around for 15 minutes, and none of the employees seemed interested in helping me. Looks like I'm heading to Woodland to buy my new iPhone. —luxembourg

2009-04-20 17:45:11   I went there the other day... two things... 1) You are right.. I asked multiple times what phone would be the best for what I wanted... and it took quite a long time for them to finally come up with one that I didnt come in wanting to see (neither of which I liked). So, yes I agree, not very knowledgeable on phones and their products. I didnt think they had a very large selection either.

2) If you are a student or UCD employee, you may want to order online and get your discounts. I am not sure what students have, but employees get 15% off their monthly bill and 25% of products. —aolstad

2009-05-03 11:38:49   The employees here don't know much about cell phones. I came in because I was getting errors on my phone and the guy behind the desk insisted I try ABC when I HAD DONE SO A MILLION TIMES. He wasn't listening to what I was saying and assumed I was doing it wrong somehow. "No, you should probably go home, do ABC again and come back and tell me how it went." "You can't do it here?" "No, sorry." What a !#@%. So I go home and just wipe clean my phone. Worked as good as new after that. Bottom line is, I would not recommend coming to this place if you need help with phone malfunctions. —strawberry

2009-06-22 18:04:20   Went to buy the $99 iPhone plan today, and I believe Marco was his name, was quite helpful as soon as we walked in the door. Broke everything down in the bill and paperwork with the trusty help of a pink highlighter. no problems. —patrick82

2009-06-23 00:23:41   Was not initially greeted when I walked into the store, which i actually appreciated. I knew what I wanted and was worried I would be bombarded with sales techniques. Stood in line for 20 minutes while 2 customers in front of me were activating their phones. This took some time as they were pretty much reading the manual to the customer word for word. Employees at the counter saw me waiting and didn't apologize for the wait or say anything to me, actually. Other employees without customers walked right past me. Perhaps an off day. —EricaMacGregor

2009-07-01 19:03:56   It took me 6+ hours to transfer me to i-Phone. The store sales person activates someone else's number on my i-phone (!!!!) after 3 hours, then it took me 1 hour to explain the issue to AT&T customer (dis)service, and then another 2 hours to rectify the problem in the store. —Mishra

2009-07-13 21:11:33   First of all, 30 min waiting time, AT LEAST. They are RUDE RUDE RUDE. Don't waist your time going there. Go somewhere else if you don't want them to be rude with you. It seems like they are doing us a favor. Today I felt so bad that I had to leave the store and left my husband with the representative. This guys easily noticed that we were not native speakers (which is not a big deal, as long as we can communicate I think is okay), then he started speaking very fast and cutting some words. I thought that way to speak was not appropriate since he is in a 'work environment'. He hit my limit when he asked "wha kin plan tex u wan" (sounded more or less like this), we couldn't get what he was asking in this so well constructed sentence. Then we asked: "could you repeat that?". He repeated the same way as the first time. We couldn't get that again. Then the third time, this guys was irritated b/c he need to repeat. Come on! Improve your diction, do not speak with clients as it was a 'rap'. I don't blame him, I blame the management of the store. They didn't even apologize for the waiting time.


2009-08-17 17:43:01   Easily my worst AT&T experience ever. I was having software issues on my Blackjack (a similar issue that I had with a different phone about 2 years ago, which the AT&T employees at a different location were able to quickly and politely resolve), so I waited about 25 minutes for an extremely greasy looking employee to finally help me. When I explained my issue he did nothing but take out the battery, put it back in, and tell me my phone is broken and I need to buy a new one. When I asked what gave him the idea the hardware was messed up, he told me tried to open my text messages but nothing would happen (the exact issue I brought my phone in for). He then proceeded to chastise me for not having insurance on it, and told me repeatedly that there was nothing I could do except buy a new phone. He was hesitant to answer any of my questions not related to a sale and was extremely rude with me the entire time. —JarrodMG

2010-01-20 17:16:18   not digging the new "Big and Spacious" aesthetics. plus you can tell the people working there aren't happy. —il

2010-02-23 18:51:36   I went to get my iPhone replaced, and they were really nice about it. They explained everything well, served me promptly, and waived a fee for me. —acparsons

2010-02-28 22:03:49   This Att store is the best! I've been to many Sacramento woodland and Vacaville stores and this one by far is the best. They have a new great store but don't be supprised to waite a few minutes. They do have a greeter that makes you feel welcome and important. The sales staff are very helpful and knolegeble about phones and services. Do not go any Att store but the Davis store if you in the area. They will treat you with respect, very knolegeble, and will even open the door when you leave. Best shopping experience I've had in a very long time. —Xsacbusniess

I agree they're friendly! However, I always felt the greeter should be helping reduce the lines rather than spending time greeting. They'd get you out the door faster if they had more people reducing the queue. However, when I went to talk with them about a data rate they weren't at all knowledgeable about the hardware. I knew more than they did. They were, however, friendly at least! — WesHardaker

2010-05-07 19:02:03   Go to the AT&T store in the Dancing Pigs Mall (Marketplace) if you want good customer service. That's where I found it. Pity the phone I want is a Verizon phone... —GordonCaulkins

2010-07-03 14:09:44   The people who work here are not friendly and do not seem to know anything. You are better off calling AT&T if you already have an account and have questions. I came into the store with a question about a new phone, and the saleswoman refused to even try to help me. It was a very frustrating experience. —Clyde

2010-09-09 18:28:24   Staff in here don't seem to be very helpful, not willing to help you work out what package would be best for you, just give you a list of different costs and no additional information but continuously tell you that you should get their TV package - "er we just came in for internet?" and really I don't need to see the massive piece of blue gum going round and round your mouth thanks. —cookie

2011-01-12 17:42:12   Called seeking help with an iPhone 4 problem, and the store rep was awesome! He talked me through a soft reset, and was politefully patient (even though I probably should have been able to figure out a solution on my own). —Buzz

2011-02-09 07:45:23   I went into this store yesterday about an hour before closing and they said my issues were going to take too long to resolve and to come back tomorrow. I was understanding of the situation as it was close(ish) to closing and asked to see a phone. I was directed to the phone with my fiancee (she really wanted the phone) and as we were looking at it the sales team started having a very loud conversation as to how the phone that she wanted was a "piece of crap". Very insulting, and not at all professional. I will not return to this store. I called AT&T about my original problem (trying to take care of it myself instead of working with a bunch of jerks) and brought up how terrible this store was and my experience. The person was very polite and apologetic, and ended up offering to credit my account $15. He also said he was noting my bad experience on the stores account, and said that since this is corporately run store that it is embarrassing to the company and they will be dealt with. If you are a current customer and have problems with this store perhaps you should give AT&T a call. I called the business office, even though I don't have a business account, but that was part of solving my original problem; their number is (888)444-4410. He said that if I ever have a problem at that store, or any other store I should just call from inside the store to make them sweat because what they did was inexcusable. Maybe if more people call we can get some good help here in Davis.

EDIT: I went to the Woodland store and they were very nice, and very professional over there. When they couldn't solve my problem before closing they wrote down all the necessary information and told me that they would call me when the process was finished. On a separate note AT&T gave me an additional 1,000 any time minutes. —JamesKrause

2011-02-20 16:07:50   I went to the store with my mom to re-start an iphone 20$/unlimated plan on a 3g phone. The lady seemed nice but didn't understand how to help us, she told us to go home and use a previous sim-card my old sim card from a different cellphone and log on through itunes. We tried but it didn't work. —tytruong-jones

2011-06-05 22:43:24   I don't know about everyone else but I've had good experience at this store. I've bought 3 iPhone 4s without any troubles within the past year. I've also lost my 3GS and came in to get a sim card replacement, and Chris greeted me and helped me. He even took off my data plan and walked me out to the door and held the door open for me. Good customer service, I know I'll be coming back —flamecrow

2011-07-13 14:12:35   Very unhelpful customer service, like everyone else here seems to agree. I went in with a broken phone they sold me two weeks ago and the guy told me there was nothing wrong with it, then tried to sell me a new phone for $120. On the bright side, I discovered that if you say they have "shitty customer service" loudly enough for other customers to hear, the employees suddenly become more helpful. —SamWaters

2011-11-11 00:43:20   Came here twice. First, I found the lady serving helpful and was able to make a purchase for the iphone4s. When I was done, I was walked to the door and everything was dandy. Great service.....then when I went back to activate my phone and did not want to make unnecessary purchases (like an unlimited data plan when we have wifi all around campus), the man "serving" me was very rude and condescending. Felt like he was mocking me when I refused to buy all that he wanted to sell. I felt disrespected and left the store upset, even though I got a new phone. So, I've concluded that if you want to go to this store, make a purchase and they'll treat you like a God, but refuse to spend any more money, you'll see yourself out the door. Make it easier on yourself and just order online or through the phone. —JadeChan

2011-12-11 13:54:06   I've been in this store multiple times over the last year or so and their service is always terrible. I tried giving them the benefit of the doubt the first time because everyone has bad days, right? But after the 2nd and 3rd time, I feel like it is just unacceptable! I went to the AT&T store in the Marketplace and the customer service there was AMAZING! The workers are friendly and knowlegdable and even helped me set up my new iPhone! I definitely recommend that you guys go to the Marketplace location instead! —FriendlyNeighborhoodAnon

2012-01-17 11:32:20   I've been meaning to leave a comment for this store for a long time, but I never got around to it til now. I preordered my iphone and finally received it in the mail, so i took it to this store to get all my contacts imported and just to get everything set up. They were all really helpful and friendly, didn't try to upsell me on anything, and even helped put on my screen protector. It was overall a very pleasant experience. —j0liefllle

2012-07-02 14:56:10   Great staff — Knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, courteous, and not high pressure at all! Love this store! —TillSey

2012-07-07 09:14:57   I have had excellent service at the AT&T store in Davis- Chris is great- very knowledgeable and helpful ! —kh