ATMs at the MU Bank of America ATM at Oakshade Town Center

This is a list of ATMs in our fair city, as contributed by users, sorted by location and by bank. ATMs are highly useful for adding or subtracting Money from your bank account.

Note that credit union members can use other credit unions' ATMs for free because they are part of the Co-op ATM network.

ATMs by location


The Bank of America ATM at the MU was torched in an apparent act of arson on 2010-8-2. Photo by alanna_lioness.


East Davis

South Davis

Central Davis

North Davis

ATMs by Bank

Bank of America

  • Campus
    • East wall of MU
    • Silo, by the northeast door
  • Central Davis
  • Downtown
    • Bank of America at 4th and E Street
  • North Davis
    • Inside Save Mart (The branch and its accompanying ATMs have closed as of Sept. 10, 2010, however there is a new smaller ATM near the produce section that will remain open.)
  • South Davis

Chase Bank

  • Campus
    • MU Chase ATM
    • Chase ATM has been removed due to malfunction. MU Games Area (formerly WaMu ATM)
  • Downtown
    • 330 E Street (Between 3rd & 4th) (2 ATMs) (Accepts deposits)
    • Davis Commons ATM
  • East Davis
    • Inside of both CVS stores at Oak Tree Plaza and The Marketplace (Cash dispensing, no deposit function)
    • Chase no longer has an ATM inside of Target as of 7/15
    • There used to be an ATM inside of the AMPM store on Russell Blvd. and Mace Blvd. (Cash dispensing, no deposit function). They were removed.


Credit Unions

Co-op ATM Network ATMs are free for all credit union members:

Golden 1 Credit Union

Premier West Bank

  • Downtown
    • 333 F Street

River City Bank

  • Campus
    • Across from the CoHo

Travis Credit Union

US Bank

  • Downtown
    • 304 F (Between 3rd & 4th, closer to 3rd & F) This is the only place in Davis to find a US Bank ATM. US Bank eliminated all of their on-campus ATMs in 2012.
  • Campus ATMs used to be located below until they were eliminated in 2012:

Union Bank

  • Downtown
    • 300 E St

USE Credit Union

  • Branch location downtown at 2nd and B
  • MU East Wall across from 1100 Social Sciences

Washington Mutual

  • Campus
  • Downtown
    • 330 E Street (Between 3rd & 4th) (Now Chase)
  • East Davis

Wells Fargo

  • North Davis
  • South Davis
  • Downtown
    • Branch Location 4th and F
  • Campus
    • East wall of MU


  • Wachovia customers can now use any Wells Fargo ATM without a fee due to the merger

Yolo Federal Credit Union

  • Near Downtown (Yolo Federal members can use Moneypass ATMs for free. This includes US Bank ATMs.)

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