Surge II, The Arbor(off the Vet Med courtyard, west of The Silo)
Mon-Fri 8am-noon, 1pm-5pm

Mediaworks is the media production arm of Academic Technology Services, catering to the digital media needs of campus faculty, students and staff. If you are affiliated with UC Davis and need higher end digital media services, Mediaworks may be able to help you out. Unfortunately, their services are not available to the general public. Mediaworks' services can be divided into three broad categories: photography, print design, and audio/video. A full description of services is included below, but generally Mediaworks provides digital output, location, studio and scientific photography services, high end scanning from slides or reflective media, custom multimedia and design services as well as full scale digital video productions.

Thanks to ATS's Client Services & Support Group (not technically part of Mediaworks), it is really easy for campus departments to get things done through Mediaworks. Just break out that recharge number!

Mediaworks is a pretty good place for students to work, but competitive. Many of the positions start out at Assistant IV, the highest pay grade available for part-time student workers. The work generally isn't too boring, either.

Mediaworks audio/video group

Video production

Mediaworks provides professional video production services for the campus. These productions range from recording lectures, symposiums, and performances of the UCDSO to televised surgery at the UCDMC and running the video screen at the Multi-use Stadium during sporting events. They have a combined television and photography studio in Surge II. The studio has a fiber optic video line that can be used to push live video out to news outlets.

Audio studio

Mediaworks has a small studio that can be used to record narration and participate in live radio shows via ISDN.

Media conversion, duplication, and distribution

Streaming media

Mediaworks can deliver their final product as streaming videos through Limelight. Live webcasts are also done, often for things like Convocation.

Physical media

Academic Technology Services no longer provides physical media conversions for non-ATS productions. You can still request DVD copies of video produced by ATS.

Live Event Audio and Special Event Support

ATS Special Event Support can provide Audio, AV, presentation, and multimedia support for campus-related events.

Their services include

* Sound for panel discussions * "Congress" or "discussion" systems with 30+ microphones * Live presentation video switching and IMAG * Setup of Projectors and LED TV's for large events * Projection, switching, and presentation support for several thousand-attendee events

The department provides sound systems for many conferences, groundbreakings, fundraisers, concerts, and ceremonies on campus. ATS has done sound for the Silo Stage on Picnic Day for many years, and provides sound systems for the parade route and many of the smaller stages. ATS provides the video, live streaming, and presentation support for the UCDPHSA conference in October. The department has also provided the sound reinforcement for The BUZZ, HellaCapella, and ArrowJam.

Services provided

Mediaworks entry faces the Vet Med courtyard, and backs up to the Vet Med administrative offices just west of The Silo.

  • Photography
    • Location, Studio
    • Copystand
    • Photomicroscopy
    • Slide Scanning
    • Custom Printing
  • Video, Audio Multimedia
    • Program production
    • Studio and location recording
      • classroom
      • events
      • seminars
      • health sciences - hooray surgery!
    • Digital editing
      • compression
      • video encoding
      • cd/dvd production
    • Audio/Video streaming
    • Live Event Audio
      • Panel discussions (2-60+ people)
      • Meeting recording
      • Conferences
      • Teleconference/ Conference Calling at events
    • Live Event AV
      • Presentation Switching
      • IMAG (Image Magnification - Live video on the screens)
      • Projection
      • LED TV's
  • Online courses
    • Coursework support
    • Coureware development
    • Course webpage design
    • Streaming media
    • eLearning Modules with Adobe Captivate
  • Digital Imaging
    • Scanning
    • High volume 35mm film scanning
    • Imaging
    • Photo restoration
    • High resolution photo CDs
    • TIFF, JPEG, RAW formats
  • Illustration, Graphic Design
    • Digital & Traditional
      • web/publication
      • medical
      • lecture support
      • research figures
    • Traditional Animation
    • 3D modeling and animation
    • Presentation Images
  • Poster displays
    • Poster sessions and titles
  • Educational technology
    • Faculty self-help & assistance
    • Faculty eLearning Studio for creating course content.

Former Services

  • The Arbor is now the Teaching Learning and Technology Center (TLTC), a center which assists faculty in leveraging technology for teaching. The TLTC is located in 163 Everson hall and is home to the ET Partners.
  • Educational Technology Partners, which assigns technologically proficient students to mentor faculty who need assistance incorporating technology into their curricula
  • Physical Media Conversion and Duplication