P.O. Box 72442, Davis, CA 95617
Dispatch 530-844-6922
Fan Khan
Payment Methods
Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

A & B Taxi is one of the many taxi services in town. Relatively new, they appear to have started service in Davis in 2011. There are four drivers: Fan, the owner (who is deaf) and three others. Flat rate fares can be quoted over the phone or before the ride starts. Signs on the cab have A&B written on both sides of the car and the back ground of the sign features a High Wheel Bicycle.

  • Davis Business License- Not on registry of Davis Businesses.
  • Sac Airport Permits- Unknown at this time
  • Yolo County Business License- As of Mar. 31, 2010 No License on record with Yolo County, possibly restricting transportation outside of Davis, if not within the Davis city Limits.
  • Need to get somewhere in a hurry? Davis has many taxi services for your transportation needs!


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2012-06-11 13:47:04   I searched "Yelp" for taxi services in Davis when I needed someone reliable to pick up two out-of-state guests for a conference at UC Davis, and read good reviews of A&B. I wanted to reiterate how great they are on the Davis Wiki, since they don't seem to have any comments yet. They were really wonderful to deal with and went above and beyond. I dealt mainly with Chris, one of the drivers, who was very helpful and kind. I made the reservation a week ahead and he followed up the day before (just before I was planning to call him) to confirm. He arrived in good time for both pick up and delivery back to the airport, made name signs, and also dealt beautifully with an unexpected complication on the arrival of one of our guests. Our guests didn't tip them because they weren't sure if it was needed (sorry guys! we wish we could arrange this after the fact), but this had no effect on how helpful and pleasant Chris and others were to work with. I will definitely be using A&B for any future needs and highly recommend them! —Victrola

2013-12-10 18:23:00   I used this taxi service a few days ago after seeking it on the wiki. My husband dislocated his shoulder and couldn't drive his car to the doctor and I didn't know how to use a stick shift. We used another service to get to the hospital, but that taxi service was all booked up by the time we needed to return home. A and B were very fast to pick me, my son (in car seat), and my husband up (under 5 minutes). The driver was courteous and professional. He helped to load my son's stroller and diaper bag in the trunk and didn't start the meter until we were all in the car. While the wiki states they don't have a meter, the car that was used to transport us did have one. A and B was 15% less expensive than the first company that we used, though, to be fair, we may have taken a minute or two longer to get into the first vehicle on the ride there. A and B was able to process my payment via credit card, which was a definite relief. I don't think I could have gotten from point A to point B more pleasantly, quickly, and cheaply. Thank you so much! —ClaireMacy

2013-12-20 18:39:04   My ride to the airport got stuck at work and I needed a ride at the last minute. A&B taxi was able to get a car to my house in under 10 minutes. The driver loaded my heavy luggage in the trunk for me and was super friendly. When I went to get on my flight I realized I had left my phone in the back of the cab. A&B took my phone over to fedex right away and overnighted my phone (with Saturday delivery) for me! Thank you so much! —kaylajoy

2014-11-19 08:10:31   Had an emergency trip this morning and dialed A&B. Not disappointed. Comfortable ride, very sociable and friendly driver (Chris). I would highly recommend this company if you need a ride in Davis. Should also add that, not only was the vehicle which picked me up a newer hybrid, it also had a meter though the page states they do not. The fares are affordable and fair and are posted clearly. —Wes-P