Amtrak/5th Street/Alhambra/Shields
Areas Served
Downtown, East Davis
Unitrans Hutchison Bus Terminal
240,000 trips [2004]
Phonetic Code

The A Bus Line is a long Unitrans route servicing Downtown, 5th Street, Alhambra Drive and Mace Blvd. It provides service twice an hour during the day to the Unitrans Hutchison Bus Terminal. Due to high passenger loads during the morning, two buses will be deployed to handle the extra passengers. The first bus will stop at the regular stops while a second bus serves the large number of passengers at the Greystone and DMV stops.

Check out the schedule and route map at the Unitrans website for more information.

Destinations on the A Line

Apartment Complexes Served


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2006-07-26 23:09:26   Expect time changes starting August 7th! —ChristyMarsden

2010-01-28 18:17:07   Riding this bus was often fantastic in the mornings and horrific in the afternoons. Talk to the person next to you! Chances are they're just as lonely/friendly as you are... —davisGeek