1712 Manzanita Lane
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(530) 758-1203
Adam Abildgaard
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Adam is a contractor that specializes in framing but can also work as a general contractor. He is an honest, upbeat guy who works incredibly well with people, as well having a lot of experience doing great work. He grew up in Davis and knows the city well. Adam is reliable and respectful, something that can't be said for most contractors.


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2007-02-14 15:11:00   The night of Feb 12th my friend and I parked in the northern Ace hardware parkinglot while waiting for another friend, and after a couple minutes a man came up and knocked on our window to talk to us. The first thing he said was, "If you don't move your car so I can get into my truck, I am going to call the police on you." This is obviously not a polite and normal way to ask someone to move their car. I drove a van, so sure, I'm aware of how wide my vehicle is. However, he was very menacing and looked like he was going to do more than just "call the cops" on me. He then continued to threaten me, "I'll give you a couple seconds, if you don't move I will call the cops right now." Smart thing to do though, threaten someone and then get into your truck that has your business label on it. —RosaChou

2007-02-14 15:12:06   btw, my story refers to this company and the truck driver who drove the company's truck. whether or not he was the owner, he should be careful about how he represents this construction company. —RosaChou