Cuarto Location
Cuarto Academic Advising Center (Cuack)
First floor of Thoreau Hall
Segundo Location
Segundo Academic Advising Center (SAAC)
Segundo Services Center
Tercero Location
Tercero Academic Advising Center (TAAC)
Tercero Dining Commons
Peer Advisor Hours
Mon-Thu 10am-6pm
Peer Tutor Hours
Mon-Thu 6:00pm-8:30pm but subjects vary by day. See for the schedule

UC Davis Advising Services maintains an academic advising location in each of the dorm areas for all students living in the Residence Halls. They feature peer advisors who offer help with planning course schedules, and understanding Major and General Education requirements. Also, they have peer tutors who tutor with calculus and pre-calculus types of math, workload and regular chemistry two series, and linguistics series classes. They offer paper writing help as well. Come in early, since the place often fills up.

During finals week they offer live review sections for the main (most common) intro chemistry and calculus classes being taught that quarter.