These are archived reviews of Acadian Properties from 2005. For more recent comments, please visit the entry.

DO NOT Rent from Acadian Properties. They are the worst rental company in all of Davis. They lie to your face and are not willing to fix problems with your apartment until you argue with them. I had rats which had been destroying my apartment and they told me I did not have rats and kept that stance until I filed a complaint with the board of health in woodland. I have never rented from such a terrible landlord until renting from Acadian Properties. If you enjoying arguing and being accused to be making up maintenance problems then Acadian is the property manager for you, otherwise they provide a horrible living experience.

"They asked for a $1290 deposit on a two bedroom apartment and ended up withholding hundreds of dollars at the end of the term for illegitimate reasons. After I had a lawyer contact them, they gave the money up.

The apartment was infested with cockroaches and after multiple complaints, Acadian repeated their stance that it is not their responsibility that my apartment (and everyone else's in the complex) has cockroaches or any other assortment of bugs.

  • My girlfriend and her roommates had this same problem. Their apartment had bugs and Acadian said they would not do anything about it, as it's not their problem. My girlfriend and her roommates ended up having to pay a bunch of money to get the place fumigated. - ZacMorris

The only reason that I, and two other people moved out of the complex was because of the ineptitude and greed of Acadian Properties. Acadian is by far, the worst institution in Davis that I have ever dealt with, and in my opinion, needs to be shut down." - ChristopherMcKenzie

My experience with Acadian has been horrible. They procrastinate on fixing luxury items such as roofs and front door locks, and are rude, too. When we moved in to our Acadian-managed house, the washer didn't work—ok, not a huge deal, but then we discovered that we had mice. They fixed the washer, but wouldn't take care of the mouse problem until after we turned in our move-in inspection form, but we couldn't turn in our move-in form until they performed routine maintenance that was supposed to have been completed before our move-in. While waiting for other, less important, problems to be fixed, the mice chewed through the new water-supply to the washer, and the house flooded. Just dandy.SummerSong

2005-07-24 17:28:30   These people were/are F—ING ridiculous. Their attitudes from the receptionist to the agents need some serious adjusting. The prices are outrageous—even for Davis. They refused a walk in with us upon moveout. They refused to take care of the termite problem, despite that being THEIR responsibility in the Lease. They rape you on the deposit, and don't do anything for the tenants. They violate lease terms CONSTANTLY. If you have a problem, my suggestion is to go to the Assessor's office in Woodland, get the name of the owner of the property, and hound them until your problem gets resolved. Don't take crap from these people. better yet, move somewhere else. I make it a habit to flip them off whenever I drive by their offices. —SlammerkinsSlammerkins

2005-08-29 11:33:11   They screwed us on move-in, saying it was our responsibility to get keys from the previous tenant and since we hadn't, they hadn't cleaned. We had nowhere to live, naively assuming our move-in day would go smoothly, so we had to take the place 'as-is' - which means filthy, full of furniture and trash. 'As-is' apparently meant we're supposed to paint all the walls white (they were red on move-in). Our lease says no painting, but hey, any excuse to charge us up the a@# for random things. They had us wait an hour while they did an inspection the day we moved in to asses prior damages, but then claimed (today, at our final inspection) that the residence was NEVER inspected and we would be responsible for all damages regardless who did them. Thank GOD we turned in a 3pg. conditions report when we moved in or we probably wouldn't get a penny back. Probably still won't, despite that the place looks 300% better now than when we moved in. PLEASE don't do business with this establishment!!! —JillSchlanser

2005-08-29 11:34:08   Oh, I didn't mention the mice, cockroaches, and RATS (which are cute, but disgusting).... —JillSchlanser

2005-08-29 11:34:59   If anyone initiates a class-action suit against these people, please post here and let us in on it! So far I only know of private suits. —JillSchlanser

2005-08-29 14:54:34   quick comment on lawsuits....the amounts of money in these types of things is typically small claims court amounts, therefore a class action is unlikely to get set up. That said, firing off a nasty letter with copies of your back up is always a good idea. —RocksandDirt

2005-09-19 11:19:00   I would be willing to add the faulty wiring and mold to any lawsuits against them. —DylanBeaudette

2005-09-15 00:29:42   My jaw has permanently dropped after my interaction with these people. This morning I received a phone call from a confrontational, rude and sarcastic man. He cut to the chase and told me that unless they received my rent check by 5:00 pm today they would contact their lawyers. I mailed the rent check 2 weeks ago! But understanding that sometimes mail is very late and even lost I dutifully wrote them another check and delivered it by hand. I told the woman, who I assume was a manager of some sort, that the man on the phone was unnecessarily rude. She defended him by saying he was simply being "stern" because as far as they knew I had ignored two warnings and that it was a courtesy on their part to call at all. Apparently they didn't have to and could have simply turned the case over right away and let me pay the attorney fees. Okay, now this is where things get unbelievable. What warnings?! The letter they sent to me via mail, she said. I never received anything in the mail from them. The letter they taped to my front door, she said. I have not seen anything taped to my door. wtf? I asked if she knew for certain that they had mailed and delivered the notices to the correct house. She insisted they had. Unless she herself personally addressed the envelope and taped the notice she had no knowledge to make such a claim. I was willing to buy that my check got lost in the mail. But combined with their outrageous claims of sending two notices has me wondering. I suspect they either got my account mixed with someone else's, delivered the notices to the wrong address or lost my check and don't want to admit their own fuck-up. And now I have to pay the fricking late fee. —TaliaJewell

Talia—I wouldn't be surprised if they got your first check, and held it just to get your late fee. They are fucking ASSHOLES!! I know it's an inconvenience, but walk into the office and get a receipt for every rent check from now on. Even if you are giving them a check.

2005-09-16 00:23:42   Update: They deposited my first check. Very interesting that it happened to be on the very same day they read me the riot act. When I called for an explanation the receptionist would not let me speak to Leisha, the woman I had met in person the day before. Apparently it isn't her job to deal with renter issues. But she didn't tell me this right away...oh no, she took a message and then let me wait the entire day for a phone call that would never arrive. When I called back the receptionist said Joe was the person to speak to. Conveniently enough Joe was out showing a house. Joe never called back. I tried again this morning and was told that Joe would be out of the office all day. Instead, the receptionist researched my check and saw that it had been received in time and was indeed deposited. When pressed for an explanation she said something to the effect of "Oh, things are hectic during September with all the move-ins. It was probably just misplaced." That is not an adequate explanation! I asked why I had never received the late-notices. She said they had been sent out according to procedure. I asked for an apology from Joe for the very rude way he had dealt with me earlier. I doubt that request will ever reach him. I heard that Joe happens to be the owner's son. Hmmm. —TaliaJewell

2005-09-17 00:16:25   They returned my second check, apologized, and gave me a gift certificate to Borders. I am mollified. —TaliaJewell

Thought I would share my experiences with Acadian Properties. Moved in recently, to a house with mold on the ceiling, flickering lights, non-functioning phone jacks in every room except the kitchen, and faucets that electrocute us when the dryer is running. Nearly every conversation with Acadian has been an exercise in futility: non-cooperative, rude employees who refuse to discuss anything outside of what is explicitly defined in the lease. The mold on the ceilings was especially bad: it looked like someone had thrown-up orange and black all over the place. I have since cleaned it up, but I am sure that it was a violation of some county health codes. Waiting on PGE to diagnose the flickering lights and electrified faucets, but I am sure it is related to some half-assed repair job that Acadian is responsible for. —DylanBeaudette

2005-09-26 19:59:04   All i want to say is: acadian, you guys are cheap and ghetto. Get a life. —DingLiu