965 Olive Drive Suite D
(near I-80 at Richards Blvd.)
Mon-Fri 7:30am-5:45pm

Advanced Auto Repair & Towing is an ASE certified full service auto repair facility specializing in Nissan, Saturn, Subaru, Honda, Toyota and Volvo vehicles, though they service both foreign and domestic cars. A $10 coupon is available from their website. They also are the only Gold Shield Station in town, which means they can fix smog problems under the government subsidized Consumer Assistance Program. They can also inspect and certify "Test Only" vehicles. They are also a STAR smog station, which means they can provide smog certification for your vehicle if your registration renewal notice says you need to go to a STAR station.

See also: Automobile Repair.

What was your experience with Advanced?

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2005-07-28 11:06:22   Nice guys. Had some tires blown out, they ordered them and fixed them promptly —DanNguyen

2006-02-15 08:52:43   Very cool - recommended some people for an odd situation (trying to dispose of a vehicle). Walked me though some options and gave me several phone numbers, even though they couldn't benefit directly. Good people. —JabberWokky

2006-03-30 15:34:02   Honest folks. Their tow truck scraped some paint off my car. The driver left a card and they paid for the repainting. AmitSahoo

2006-04-19 14:36:49   Cheapest Smog in town with coupon ($29.95). They are always honest, friendly, and prompt which is more than I can say for other places (Hanlee's nissan comes to mind). —SusanCameron

2006-09-01 09:45:49   I have to preface this with saying that I used them years ago, but the service was not good, they charged a lot, and they always seemed like they were trying to find some reason to increase the price and/or the time they kept my car. But since the reviews below are good, they have probably gotten better in the last few years. —GreenThing

2007-03-29 11:02:05   Customer for life. Cheapest smog in town. Great service and they even washed my car. I've recommended them to all my friends. —KarenNguyen

2007-09-11 08:24:54   They helped me check out a couple of cars I was thinking about buying. I got the feeling that they really knew what they were doing. I'd go back! —sweetMeliss

2008-01-26 14:56:10   I had a decently good experience here. My car died for reasons beyond me. They first tried to jump it, and when that failed, they refunded me the cost of that. After having it towed (by 2 very friendly gentlemen) to their shop, they went over with me the options and the ways I could save money with said alternatives. Ends up my battery cables were corroded and my car alarm was causing some other issues that were activating the kill switch randomly. They fixed it and showed me how to fix it myself temporarily if something like this ever happens again. They even gave me a ride to and from the shop on different days and washed my car once they were done. Their labor rate was a bit high, but their minimum hours were lower than other peoples. They even told me about ways I could save money on getting my smog check repairs done in the future even though I didn't intend on getting the repairs done there. But now I will. —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-02-18 17:12:45   Careful here. I had a battery die, and what had happened waa the light inside my car was on. I get it to the shop, instead of noting that this was what had happened gave me a big bill to uncorrode the battery when this wasn't what it needed. When I got the car home, the light was still on and they hadn't noticed it. Had to take it elsewhere to replace the battery the next day. Thanks a lot. For nothing. And a big bill. —DavisLurker

2008-05-06 12:25:08   I had really bad experience here. I brought my car to change tires, and it take 2 days even first he said it took time a couple hours. When I called them on the second day, they said to me that it's not start yet and we dont know when it will finish but I will call you when it finish. Another point is the price, like labor hour, is a little higher than other place. The reason I chose to work for my car here coz it's close to my office and I expect to finish quickly, but it turns out that it's slower compare to other place and ruin all my schedule for whole that day with the sentence "We dont know when it will be finished, we will call you once it finish". —malinee

2008-06-15 09:03:36   I took my car to Advanced Auto for smog check with the coupon for $29.95. There were few cars in front of me so they asked me to leave the car and pick it up in an hour. Once I returned to pick the car up, they informed me that my car had failed emission and to make the long story short they wanted $350 for the repair. Once leaving there shop I notice another smog shop there, they are “Test Only” the cost is about $75 with cert. So I decided to give the car another chance without any repair done. To my surprised the car passed emission with flying colors. I’ll never take my car to Advanced Auto for any kind of work again. The cheapest smog in town turns out to be the most expensive in town. Take your car to any "Test-Only" shop.... —troysmith

2009-06-24 08:18:07   My husband and I have been taking our cars (VW Jetta & a Volvo) to Advanced Auto Repair for about two years now. They are the most professional auto repair company I have ever done business with. They have been able to repair things that the dealership chrged us to fix but never did. The customer service is second to none, the quality of the work is right on and if it is not they have ALWAYS made it right at no additional cost or no charging labor. These people REALLY know what they are doing and Mark makes sure we the experience is always great. If you want to be ripped off go to the dealership, if you want a good, fair price with good people go to Advanced. I am not sure what the negative reviews are about, I KNOW FOR A FACT that if you had just talked to Mark you would have had your issues resolved ASAP. If you were looking to not pay anything or were looking for a half fix then you probably would feel you did not get what you bargined for. Advanced is truly adavanced - will not take our cars anywhere else! Tell them Jessie & Brian from Woodland sent you. —MoneyGuy

2009-08-04 16:16:35   My experience here started out alright. I was helped by an employee named Paul. I failed my smog check and came here to get my car fixed with the CAP program. Paul was helpful at first, however since my car has been in the shop I have not been so pleased. The CAP program has covered all the repair costs thus far and I believe Paul is taking advantage of this fact. Since I am not directly paying for the repair costs he has not treated me with the respect I feel a customer deserves. My car has been in the shop now for 5 days and it is not looking like I will be getting it back soon. They have not kept me completely updated and from my perspective seem to be working slowly. I would recomend finding a different repair shop if you appreciate updates and quality service. —sarahbea

2009-08-20 12:39:41   In response to sarahbea's comments: I think Sarah received timely updates and quality service. Sarah brought in her father’s 1997 Honda Accord on Thursday July 30th at which time we told her (and it is written on her estimate) that it would take 3 to 5 business days. Paul wrote up the estimate at 10:51am but it was put on hold. Sarah was advised that since her father was the one listed on the Consumer Assistance Letter of Authorization, that we had to get a “Designation of Person to Authorize Consumer Assistance Program Repairs” form signed by her father BEFORE we could start repairs. Paul called her in the afternoon and advised her that we still had not received the faxed authorization. Her father later faxed it to the Consumer’s Assistance Program (not us) and they didn’t fax it to us until the next day, which was Friday. I started the diagnosis on her car on Friday afternoon. Since we are not open on Saturday or Sunday, I finished the diagnosis on the morning of Monday August 3rd. Paul prepared an estimate. He called and left a message for Sarah at 12:20pm . Sarah returned the call at 4:02pm and authorized the repairs. I replaced the part on Tuesday morning and then test drove the car that day and again the following morning to make sure that it was repaired and there were no other issues. I ran the final smog at 8:02am on Wednesday morning. Sarah was only charged $100 for her co-pay plus $8.25 for the certificate, the amount that she was quoted. The CAP program paid for the remainder of the bill. Most CAP customers only have to pay their copay and the cost of the certificate. Most of the CAP cars that we work on are finished on the second day. Some cars are finished on the first day and some take longer. Having to special order parts and getting customers to call us back are usually the biggest cause of delays in finishing the repairs. I’m sorry if Sarah was unhappy with our service. I truly believe that the repairs were made in a timely manner and they were of the highest quality.


2010-10-18 11:57:43   There is no need to go anywhere else. I recently brought in our taxicab for a smog test and was treated with the utmost courtesy. The staff turned what is not such an enjoyable chore (smog test) into a most enjoyable one. I was told it would take 30-45 minutes but it actually was much faster than that. Overall, the price was the lowest I could find while the quality of service was by far the highest. —MichaelJanzen

2010-11-08 23:57:11   Good peeps. I called for a jump but when they got there the car started on it's own and they didn't charge me anything. —florafloja

2011-05-17 17:00:00   This place is a rip off. They will try to do everything they possibly can to bump up the cost of your repair. DONT take your car here for anything, I never will again. Not satisfied and others I have talked to about this place say the SAME thing. —vanfidel

2011-06-02 23:28:25   This place saved me over $400! I took my car here for a smog check because it is one of the cheapest in town (with the website coupon it is about $36. Next cheapest was Shell but they said they aren't open and the lady did not know what time they would- very unprofessional.) As I expected (because my engine light has been on), my truck failed the test but after reading the DavisWiki on "Automobile Repair" and about the CAP program that can pay for emission-related repairs for low-income individuals (like many of us students), I hoped that Advanced Auto Repair might help me apply for the program since they are the only Gold-Shield certified station in Davis. An assistant was super helpful and explained a new program called Vrrrm and how to apply for it. I qualified for up to $800 in emission-related diagnostics and repair and left my car there the same day.

Next day, I received a call from their mechanic Paul, who was very helpful over the phone and explained in simple terms what was wrong with my car (oxygen sensors). He said this would most likely fix my smog problem. I told him to do what he had to. That same day, he called and said that my car was ready to pick up! All fixed and smog-check passed. And the Vrrrm program paid for all the expenses (except the initial smog test and $8.25 to send report to DMV). Overall, my first impression of Advanced Auto Repair is great. They attended me quickly, diagnosed the car problem on the first try, and fixed it on the same day! And I said literally hundreds of dollars. I was lucky I went to this Golden Certified shop since they are the only ones that have the Vrrrm program. I am definitely referring this shop and Paul for smog-related car issues. —EricVelazquez

2011-06-30 12:37:46   Great experience. They matched a competitor's smog coupon, and Paul got us in and out with no fuss. —ChrisPB

2011-10-31 08:00:13   It always sadddens us when we read a negative review about our shop such as "vanfidel"'s comment. Our prices are competitive and we try to give our customers as much information as possible as to our recommendations and their choices so that they can make informed decisions on which repiars to make to their vehicle. We have always strived to make every customer happy. Most of our customers have been coming to us for years if not decades and when we receive a complaint we try to resolve it quickly and to everyone's satisfaction. We aim for perfection. Our technicians are Certified ASE Master Technicians and we only purchase quality parts. We stand behind our repairs for a minimum of 12 months or 12,000 miles in case something does go wrong. IF "vanfidel" had a concern, I wish he had spoken to me so that it could have been resolved. :( —Randy@AdvancedAuto

Randy bro when you come here and shoot from the hip like this it shows everyone that AAR&T does care, and that is what really matters at the end of the day! Thanks for sharing! Daubert

2011-12-29 15:30:28   This is a great place! I recommend this place to anyone, but particularly to FELLOW FEMALE CAR OWNERS who are tired of feeling slighted by snarky mechanics. Well, ladies, look no further! Advanced Auto Repair is *THE* place to take your car. :)

I've lived in Davis for over 10 years now, and during that time, have taken my Honda Civic to a number of places (Mike Argo's Car Clinic, which is now closed; Asian Automotive, which has gone through a couple of owner changes; University Honda; Triple A automotive; Davis Import Auto Service). Every one of them was technically competent as far as I could tell, but some were abrasive or outright rude, others nice but not punctual, and still others courteous but did not give a reasonable price, etc., etc. Well I can tell you honestly that Advanced Auto Repair has given me the friendliest, the most consistent service for always a competitive price (that's 6 great visits, ranging from smog checks, brake inspection and repair, and intermediate/major services). I just won't be taking my car anywhere else anymore...thank goodness.

Paul G., with whom I interact most of the time, is laid back, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful. Just today, he took extra time to explain the likely causes of squeaky noise coming from the front brake (hot spots on the brake pad, spotted in a previous brake inspection in June, only 3000 miles ago) and reassured me that another brake inspection was not necessary as long as I didn't notice any functional problems with braking. This saved me some money and also gave me some peace of mind. He also explained in great detail a way to potentially eliminate the noise, something I could easily try myself. He's just a super nice guy.

I don't plan on moving from Davis anytime soon, but if I ever do, I will SERIOUSLY miss this place. Keep up the excellent work, guys! —ErikoMiura

2012-03-23 17:46:38   I saved dollars just by moving car out of this place. I am happy I moved my car out.

I am putting up the facts, you decide.

Here is my story: I am a UCD student. Last week , it was raining. I was in campus. I had to call TAPS to jump-start my car. Thanks to TAPS for helping me. If you are new to Davis and your battery is dead, you know now where to call for help. I brought my car home. Next day, my car didn't start, so I had to call my insurance company to help with the jump start. This time car didn't start. My battery voltage was only 8.5 V, So I needed to change the battery as well. So, I called the Advanced Auto repair and asked if they can help me with the battery change. I also told Paul about the car not starting with the jump-start. I had the coupon for free towing, so they gave a free towing. They replaced the battery. And the message I get is

" Remove and Replace Battery: Completed. Nothing happens when the key is turned to the on position. Battery load tests fine. Cable ends have been cut off and temporary terminals have been installed. Clamps are compressed fully and no room to install protective rings. Recommend checking for cause of no crank condition"

When I called Paul, he told me that the car needs to get inspected and that would cost me $96. Incase if they found the problem, that would cost me the repair cost($..) on the top of inspection cost.

I had informed Paul yesterday about car not starting with jump-start. After they changed my battery, the answer I get is- another $96 of inspections + repairment ($..) on the top of 139.73 of battery. I decided to move my car out of this place ( The reason I took my car to Advanced Auto repair was a free towing coupon). I ended up paying $139.73 for battery (102.95) and labor (28.80). Paul told me to bring my car back in case my mechanics didn't find out the problem.

My car got towed to the Master Tech, woodland. After few minutes, I heard from Richard that the battery cable heads needs to be replaced, that would cost me $10. This is the message I got from Richard " Check for no start ( has failed battery cable heads), Replaced battery cable heads all OK now)". I informed Paul about the battery cable issue.

I am vary happy now. Inspection and repair costed me $50 ( $40 dollar inspection + labor and $10 cable heads. Thank you Master Tech. I didn't have enough money to buy a good car, so bought an old car. I can't afford to pay huge amount of money on repairs.

If you want to know the details- Please call Paul at (530) 756-8100 (Advanced Auto Repair, Davis) and call Richard at (530) 668-1340 (Master Tech, Woodland). I don't know all the intricacies that goes into car repair.

I do acknowledge that this place have good reviews so does the Master Tech. For a struggling student like me, I can't afford to pay more than necessary.

Thank you for changing the battery Advanced Auto repair, although it didn't help start my car.

My suggestion- please look around and find out what is best for you. —Nissan

Mohan Niroula aka Nissan:

When you first called us, you asked me for a quote for a battery which I gave you. I recommended a starting/charging system test for $48 which includes testing the battery, starter and alternator along with checking the drive belts, the battery cables, wiring harness and for draws on the system. You declined my recommendation and stated that you already had the starting/charging system checked out and that it only needed a battery. You requested to use our on-line coupon for a free tow, www.advancedautorepair.com/documents/filesLibrary/free_local_tow_2013.jpg . The coupon states that we will do a free local tow if we tow, DIAGNOSE and repair your vehicle (with some restrictions). Even though you did not have us diagnose the vehicle, we still let you use the coupon. Once we replaced the battery per your request, it still did not start. Since you stated that you had already had the starting/charging system checked, we assumed that it might be something other than the normal items that keep a car from starting and quoted you for up to an hour of labor to diagnose the no start condition with a minimum charge of $48. You declined and had the vehicle towed out. The coupon did not say free local tow and free diagnosis. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Paul at Advanced Auto Repair

2013-01-08 22:44:36   I have had nothing but positive experiences here. Paul is very friendly and helpful and I have been in many times with both my current and last car. I never feel pressured to spend more than I have, or like they are trying to sell me things that I do not absolutely need. —MasonMurray

2013-02-04 22:10:06   I'm so grateful for their service...high vibrations! —DerekDowney

2013-09-06 11:13:17   I had a great experience with these guys. They towed and diagnosed my truck for free, I only paid for repairs, which were at a fair price. Customer service was second to none, Paul was wonderful to deal with. I just moved out here a few months ago and these guys will get all of my business from here on out. —MauriceRyanSchwartz

2014-02-11 19:58:44   We are fairly new to town and decided to use Advanced Auto Repair & Towing because they offer a free local tow and I am so glad that I did! They charged a very reasonable price to get my car up and running again and provided outstanding customer service from start to finish, from both the person who picked up and towed my car and from Paul when we picked it up. I was very impressed when I drove my car home to notice that it was cleaned and smelled great. I felt that they really went above and beyond with their service and we will return for any repair issues we have in the future! —AlishaKerschbaum

2014-07-31 12:31:23   I highly recommend this place to everyone. These guys literally saved my car after I thought I'll have to get rid of it. Unbelievable. The heat sensor was all the way up, crazy smoke coming from the front of my car, huge crack in my radiator...I thought it's done. It's 1998 vehicle. I was certain I permanently damaged the engine. But these guys know what they are doing. Paul is the best! He was so honest with me on the phone, saying that replacing radiator might not fix the car if the engine is damaged, and was warning me that instead of paying $500 for the radiator I might as well just get rid of the vehicle. Because it's a risk, and there is no guarantee. I really appreciate how many details he provided about what could be done, and what is the possible outcome of the repairs. I decided to take a chance and replace the radiator, and these guys did their job so good - my car is running perfect now! Besides that, their service is so quick! They were able to look at my car the same morning it broke! It's very important to me as I need my car every day to get to work. And they also give you complimentary rides to and from their place! Amazing! Seriously, they take care of everything for you in such a stressful situation, they are great! And Mark, the guy who towed my car ("All about towing"), was super professional and very quick with his service, and is so much fun to talk to! Overall, great experience. Thank you, Advanced Auto Repair & Towing! You are my best friends now. —IrinaKoryakina

2014-11-11 09:16:03   Among the cheaper smog facilities in town with the coupon on their website. But what I mainly appreciated was their dependability and the straightforward, no-nonsense interactions with them. Made an appointment for the smog and that went smoothly. Next, someone there (Paul?) spent a decent amount of time advising me about a few repair related questions I had about my car. He didn't try to sell anything at all, but just laid out all my options as is, and even told me how to do it myself, which was really nice. —Tranquilator