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2035 Lyndell Terrace, Suite 100
Across from Sutter Davis Hospital, off of John Jones Road
Monday-Thursday: 8:00-5:30; Friday: 8:00-2:00
(530) 757-6000
Robert B. Miller, MD
Practicing in Davis since 1986, AVEA building opened June 2010
Payment Method(s)
They accept most medical and vision insurances
Cash, check, and all major credit cards accepted.

Robert B. Miller, M.D. is the Medical Director of Advanced Valley Eye Associates, a business that provides optometry and ophthalmology services. Dr. Miller has been an eye surgeon and physician in Davis since 1986.

After finishing both molecular biology and biochemistry degrees in San Francisco in 1978, Dr. Miller came to the University of California at Davis for medical school and Ophthalmology training. Joining the Woodland Clinic in 1986, he immediately expanded the practice to include a Davis office. In 1990, he assisted in designing the Woodland Surgery Center eye surgery operation. He is Vice President of the Davis Surgery Center, which has been serving our community since September 2003. Currently, Dr. Miller performs surgery at the Davis Surgery Center, Sutter Davis Hospital, and performs Laser Vision Correction in the operating suite of their new Davis office.

Between 1992 and 2008, Dr. Miller was affiliated with Medical Vision Technology, a multi-physician group including Yolo, Solano, Sacramento, and Placer Counties. His former partner, James Uhrhammer, M.D., was the first full-time ophthalmologist in Davis, prior to his passing in December 2003. In October 2008, Dr. Miller took on a completely solo practice and moved our main office to the new Davis Location under the name, Advanced Valley Eye Associates. Dr. Miller is one of the ophthalmic providers for the under-served population seen by the Yolo County sponsored CommuniCare clinics in Davis, Winters, Woodland (Peterson), and Woodland (Salud). Twice a year, Dr. Miller journeys with Liga International to a small town in central Mexico where he donates his time, equipment, and talents to see and treat local residents who would otherwise have no care. With a team of eye surgeons, they perform over 60 cataract surgeries in a high paced weekend! In 1994 and 1998, and by invitation from the World Eye Foundation, he traveled to the People’s Republic of China for teaching and surgery. He recently returned from a teaching and surgery mission with the Hawaiian Eye Foundation to the Kingdom of Tonga. In 2001, he was a guest surgeon and lecturer in the Philippine Islands. In 2003, he donated 2 weeks of time to perform cataract surgery in the Solomon Islands (Guadalcanal). Since their civil war in 2000, the half-million natives have had NO eye doctor in the Islands! In May 2006, Dr. Miller was one of the founding lecturers for the first-ever international eye meeting in Southeast Asia, the Imperial City Eye Meeting in Hue City, Vietnam.

In addition to these 25 years in office based clinical practice, Dr. Miller serves as a Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the UCDMC Eye Center. He is active in teaching eye surgery at the University, is an Associate Examiner for the American Board of Ophthalmology (the certifying Board for all American eye surgeons), and lectures internationally on advanced methods of cataract surgery and refractive surgery. He has served on the Boards of the Alumni Association of the UCDMC School of Medicine, and the Yolo County Medical Society.

Dr. Miller’s specialty interests include the exciting new world of refractive surgery, but diabetic eye disease, cataract and glaucoma surgery still play an important role in our office. He has performed literally tens of thousands of eye surgeries. Having offered radial keratotomy (RK) and astigmatic keratotomy for many years, Dr. Miller was one of the first Sacramento area ophthalmologists to perform the excimer laser (PRK) procedure in 1995. He has been performing LASIK since 1996. The “LASIK in Davis” facility was opened in 1999, and we have performed our refractive surgery in Davis and Woodland ever since. We are proud to offer “Custom LASIK” to our options of refractive correction. In 2005, Dr. Miller became one of the first certified Verisyse surgeons in Northern California. Verisyse implants allow correction of the extremely nearsighted patient, previously not treatable with LASIK. He also introduced premium IOL's (intraocular lenses) for use with cataract surgery and refractive lens exchange. This includes the crystalens accommodating lens, the ReSTOR, and Acrysof Toric lenses. In September 2007, Dr. Miller was the first surgeon in the Sacramento area to introduce the IntraLASIK technique, which uses the femtosecond laser to make LASIK a safer, more predictable procedure. We now perform 100% “blade-free” LASIK!

In 2010, in response to the need for a larger and more central office for our patients, they moved to our new main office in the Lyndell Terrace Professional Center, and opened “Advanced Valley Eye Associates” (AVEA).

In addition to his professional activities, his hobbies include travel, wood-turning, guitar, fine wines, wilderness hiking, scuba diving, and photography (both on land and underwater!). It’s a busy life, but Dr. Miller still feels that being available for patients takes high priority.

Dr. Miller enjoys getting to know his patients. He is always available for consultations and welcomes questions about vision and eye issues.


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2011-03-02 18:53:36   Please be very careful when using DR. Miller - the people he has chosen on his Lasik staff especially Megan provide unprofessional, unfriendly and plainly horrible customer service. His staff does not listen to customers, please do not make my mistake DO NOT TRUST THE CARE OF YOUR EYES to this group. Please support local Davis business but please make this business an exception. This doctor is in it only for the money and his staff does not care about the patients!!!!!!!! —billdudley

I'm Bob Miller, the ophthalmologist at Advanced Valley Eye Associates. I've been practicing eye care in Davis since 1986, and I'm pretty dedicated to giving the very best care to EVERY one of our patients. I'm truly shaken that this comment above was submitted. For 25 years, we've taken care of everyone who comes in . . from the medical issues referred by our Family Practice doctors, to the students with contact lens problems, to our wonderful LASIK and refractive surgery practice (since 1990!), to the late night and weekend referrals from the emergency room, to the worker with a piece of rust in the eye, to the homeless individual referred from the Davis Communicare Clinic - - - we take care of everyone, .... whether they have money or not. The comment above clearly does not understand the moral values by which my practice has been run for all these years.

The comment is signed by "Bill Dudley". Our practice has never seen a "Bill (or William) Dudley", so I realize that this is an invented name. This invented name has never written another comment on Wiki, and has no other information listed. It's a shame that we won't have a chance for a meaningful discussion with him.

However, after discussing this comment with our WONDERFUL staff, we have an idea who might have written something like this. A few months ago, we had a phone call from someone inquiring about LASIK (who's name I remember vividly, but out of professionalism, will not reveal) who's interaction with our office might have led to this comment. After being referred to Meg (not Megan), our LASIK coordinator, there was the all-too-often "phone tag" game to return the call. After a few messages back and forth, contact was made. But, by the time my staff had finished listening to this prospective patient, she was actually in tears, reporting to me later, "I just couldn't calm him down! He was so angry". The same man called back and spoke to my Office Administrator, had angry words with her (about "Megan"), and when she had to take a break from the tirade, placing him on hold for a moment, he hung up. At this point, I decided to call him personally, and find out what had made him so upset with our practice, considering that he'd not even been given an appointment yet, much less ever been into see us! The tone of that conversation was immediately angry on his part. I listened, and commiserated, and when I felt the time was right, I offered to find him a skilled LASIK provider in the Sacramento area, because I didn't feel that we had "got off on the right foot". He became enraged, and told me that if I didn't see him, he'd make me "sorry" for that. "I'll be telling others! This is going to cost you big money!". Of course, I was even more certain that this was not going to be a trusting and happy patient:doctor relationship. After he hung up on me as well, we went over the issues in our office. We investigated how someone might have become so angry, and if there was anything we could do differently in the future. Indeed, we came up with some ideas, and have instituted them in our phone protocol. It's always a "wake-up" moment when someone, however in-consolable, ends up upset at our practice. It's our goal to have this NEVER happen.

As noted above, we are very PROUD of how our community has welcomed us in our new building, next to Sutter Davis. Our staff is the best it's ever been, with total devotion to making everyone's experience as warm and welcoming as it can be. I'm hoping that some of our patients will write in to Wiki and share their experiences with the Wiki community. We are delighted to be a part and looking forward to serving Yolo and Solano County as we have for so many years. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to hearing from you, anytime!


2011-04-24 16:06:38   I was raised in a medical family and have spent 20 some years managing, consulting and training customer support organizations. I am a demanding patient/customer. Both times I have seen Dr. Miller, I have been happy with his support staff and impressed with his skill and care. I can't imagine seeing another ophthalmologist. —RichardFarrell

2011-04-25 21:13:59   I've been a patient of Dr. Miller's for a long time now, and he and his staff are absolutely fantastic. He answers all my questions (which I always have), is on time and is accommodating to whatever needs I have. —WesHardaker

2011-04-27 22:59:54   Just this past March (2011) after checking out many highly recommended ophthalmologists located in San Francisco, San Raphael, Walnut Creek, Woodland, Vacaville and Roseville I selected Dr. Robert B. Miller to perform refractory lens exchange for both of my eyes. This procedure was purely elective for me, no insurance to help with the cost. Some of the other practices charged considerably more, as well some were less expensive. However my most compelling reasons for having Dr. Miller on my list to check out were his experience and background performing as well as teaching techniques for cataract surgery and I had been referred to him by his peers (a different eye care center).

During my consultation it became very clear to me this was the Dr. I wanted to perform the procedures on me, my search was over. He is a very genuine caring person who demonstrates passion for his field of work as well as for his patients and his practice. Everyone I’ve encountered in his practice has been wonderful, they all contributed to my selection through their positive energy.

I truly feel blessed to have selected Dr Miller. During my first lens exchange on 3/29 I developed an uncommon serious complication during surgery. Dr Miller stayed calm and immediately recognized what was happening. He made decisions and directed the surgery team on how to assist him as he calmed me and protected my eye from becoming permanently seriously damaged. I couldn’t have gotten better care from anyone else. Dr. Miller has been extremely sincere addressing my concerns as well as those of my family. He has since placed the new lens in the eye that had the complication and performed the exchange in my other eye. I still have some more procedures to complete the process and am thankful everyday that he is on my team. The additional procedures are covered by my HMO (doesn’t cover procedures by private practice Doctors) however I can’t even imagine allowing anyone other than Dr. Miller perform them on my eyes, I trust him explicitly!


2011-05-10 12:19:20   I met Dr. Miller about 7 years ago. I was having some trouble with my vision so I went to an optometrist to have my eyes checked for new glasses. The optometrist informed me he couldn't help me, that I had cataracts and I would need to see an eye surgeon. This frightened me quite a bit, since I had no real history with any surgery and didn't know what to expect. I had been a teacher in Davis for over 30 years, so I had contact with lots of people and I remembered hearing good things about "Dr. Uhrhammer". When I asked the optometrist about him, he informed me that unfortunately, "Dr. U." had passed away the previous year, but his associate, Dr. Miller, had continued the practice and that in some procedures his abilities may even exceed those of the well respected "Dr. U."

I checked around a bit and the consensus was that Dr. Miller was a great choice. I visited his office and made a surgery appointment; the first surgery was arranged and carried out very smoothly, with wonderful results: I could see well, without having to wear glasses! This was a real treat, since I had worn glasses for the past 40 years. The second surgery, a few weeks later, gave the same results for my other eye, I was thrilled. The night after each of the surgeries, Dr. Miller called me at home, to see how I was doing; his caring attitude and follow-through really impressed me. After a couple of follow-up visits, my eyes were no longer a concern and I just enjoyed my glasses-free life for the next several years.

About a month ago, I got a bad case of that awful teachers' nightmare, "Pink-Eye". I hadn't seen Dr. Miller in a few years, but when I made an appointment, it was like going to visit an old friend, in a new home; His new location is a beautiful office and his staff is a cordial, friendly group. I can't understand how that other person had a problem with Meg; she is a sweet girl, friendly, outgoing and very considerate of the patients' needs.

Dr. Miller definitely goes the extra mile to provide for his patients; we all know about his charitable trips to perform eye surgery in third-world Countries but it's also nice to know that he goes the extra mile for his patients in Davis as well; when I had an allergic reaction to the pink-eye medication last month, Dr. Miller met me on a Sunday at his office, in less than an hour after I called, to diagnose the problem and provide me with the relief I needed. He's my eye doctor, he should be yours.

Shirley Huddleson —JohnHuddleson

2011-06-14 16:49:08   I was amazed and confused as to the comments by 'bdudley' because in my humble opinion, Dr. miller isnt 'in it for the money' as was said, case in point, I went to him several yrs ago and virtually begged him to do lasik on me, to which he said because of my vision that lasik wouldnt be a prudent choice at that time, he could have just as easily took my money, lased my eyes and called it a day. He is not that way, he also took the time to talk to me in easy to understand terms about my vision, which was a first for me. Because of his straight talk and honesty is why i stay with the man and his staff are second to NOONE when it comes to customer service, recently I lost my glasses, and i dont havethe easist of precriptions, and was shocked to learn that his staff could turn out a new pair in just 4 days!!!!! and his staff has been nothing if not bend over backwards helpfull, they take customer service to a whole new level that i think we in the 21rst century have been lacking for a long time —BBennett

2011-09-07 17:48:54   I had the best experience with Dr. Miller and his staff. After growing tired of wearing contact lenses (and refusing to wear glasses), I decided to have Lasik done since I only needed it for my right eye. Dr. Miller, and his assistant Megan, explained everything in detail and I felt completely comfortable the day of surgery - which was quick and painless! It's been almost a month now, and I'm so happy with the result. Although I could see perfectly the same evening of the surgery, I decided to wait a few weeks before writing this, just in case. So far, so good, and I highly recommend Custom Lasik - but only if it's done by someone as caring as Dr. Miller. —GabrielGalvan

2011-11-28 13:57:57   Just saw Dr. Miller for the first time today. I have two eye problems that are not common and have had a hard time finding good care.Dr.Miller and his staff gave me GREAT CARE and know what they are doing.I am VERRY HAPPY with them and would suggest them to every one.GREAT PEOPLE AND CARE. Rob Laflin —forbes

2013-11-11 09:52:02   We have been going to Dr. Miller for years (over 20) and have been very happy with his service, professionalism and care. He actually dissuaded my husband from getting Lasik, saying to wait a few years to make sure his eyes were not going to change. —JulieVanderzeeuw

2014-04-10 13:28:27   I happened upon this page while looking up Dr. Miller's phone number, and seeing the "dudley" review below, I wanted to be sure I included my experiences—if for no other reason than for people not to see THAT review first! Quite honestly, I think Dr. Miller and his amazing staff give incredible care. Dr. Miller treated my daughter for years, and now sees me regularly for concretions and regular eye care. He has seen me on an emergency basis as well, and always made time for me. Simply put, I have nothing but positive, glowing things to say! Further, Dr. Miller actively involved with a nonprofit organization which travels to countries providing eye care for those who have serious vision problems and no access to care. I'm proud to have a doctor of his caliber and level of compassion in our community. I can't recommend him enough! The staff has always been professional and courteous. I also recently had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Robillard, their newest optomatrist and was equally impressed with him. And if you need glasses, they have an impressive selection as well. —Tori Bovard —toriac

2014-11-23 16:08:38   Thank you, Ms. Bovard, for such a glowing commentary of our Practice! I'm also really happy that you like our newest doctor addition, Dr. Robillard. He's a very skilled optometrist, and our patients have really enjoyed him. If we can serve you anytime, please don't hesitate to call. All the best!

Bob Miller —BobMiller