You're in Davis. It's the weekend. OR maybe it's not. But regardless you're bored and you're tired and want to get out of Davis. But where can you go and how long will it take to get there? The destinations are broken down by approximate driving time if you drive without stopping (or traffic slowdown) and at the posted speed limit.

Also see Outdoor Activities and follow some links or check out Hiking and Backpacking for lots of wilderness destination leads. The Northern California page contains a lot of information also. UCD students interested in archaeology and outdoor activities might consider the field schools offered by the Anthropology department. And don't forget about Beaches, although some particular ones are listed below.

If you require something more linear, see I-80 car-trips ("Idiot proof trips").

For trips inside California, you can check road conditions on the Department of Transportation Website or visit the website to obtain traffic information for areas in California.

< 1 Hour Away

1 Hour Away

It's a shame UC Berkeley doesn't have a wiki for Berkeley because there are so many restaurants there which are ridiculously good: IN THE MOOD FOR... Indian? Naan'n Curry or TK's. Hot Dogs? Top Dog or Fat Dog. Sandwiches? IB's or Bongo Burger. Latin? Cafe de la Paz. (it's a bit expensive, but good) - Emily Tung

  • They used to have one, but it went down. -jr
    • Technically they still do, but no one does anything with it -MichelleAccurso
  • Davis, California does indeed have Indian, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, and Latin cuisine as well. Why waste the gas/train/bike lube money? -Jason Dunne

1.5 Hours Away

Desolation Wilderness offers beautiful and easy hikes just a short distance from Davis

  • San Francisco (Gourmet food, museums, art galleries, clubbing, sightseeing, shopping)
    • AT&T Park
    • North Beach
    • Chinatown
    • Fisherman's Wharf
    • Castro District
    • Haight and Ashbury
  • Apple Hill (located up HWY 50 past Placerville; offers a scenic drive and during the fall farms are open to guests to pick apples, pick pumpkins, eat apple pie, eat caramel apples, and drink apple cider)
  • Lover's Leap (best climbing in the area; located on highway 50 before Lake Tahoe)
  • Desolation Wilderness: 63,960 acres of subalpine and alpine forest, granite peaks, and glacially-formed valleys and lakes in the El Dorado National Forest.
  • Wilbur Hot Springs A sanctuary for the self. Established 1865. 1h 32m away.
  • Muir Beach and Muir Woods (beach, hiking, fresh air, peace and quiet, history of parks, redwoods). Just north of San Francisco.
  • Mount Saint Helena (Hiking and climbing after nice drive with great views.)
  • Clear Lake (hiking ,fishing, water sports, and wine). The town of Clearlake Oaks offers access to the lake and is 90 miles from Davis.
  • Stinson Beach & Steep Ravine Trail in Marin County
  • University Falls Located near the town of Georgetown in El Dorado National Forest. It's about a 45 minute hike from the road where you park. There are 4 waterfalls, and you can slide down the first three-natural granite watersides! (CLOSED due to visitors not packing out their trash, you may be fined for entering the private land that leads to the falls)
  • Yuba River Depending on the area, you could enjoy a calming river float or spend the day scrambling over boulders to reach swimming holes.

2 Hours Away

2.5 Hours Away

  • Monterey, CA (aquarium, ocean, beach, hiking)

3 Hours Away

4.5 Hours Away

5 Hours Away

5.5 Hours Away

6.5 Hours Away

8 Hours Away

  • San Diego, CA (Shopping, sightseeing, beach)
    • Gas Lamp District
  • Tijuana, B.C. - Mexico (Practice Spanish, shopping, sightseeing, smog, beach)
  • Death Valley National Park (website) (hiking/backpacking, camping, sightseeing, nature, fresh air)
    • Note: Southern Route (by way of Bakersfield) is safer and faster, but less fun. Northern Route (by way of Reno) is more scenic. Two-lane roads that go through towns make travel-time extremely unpredictable for both routes.
  • Joshua Tree National Park (website) (hiking and backpacking, climbing, camping, sightseeing, nature, fresh air)
  • Las Vegas, NV (Gambling, sightseeing, food, clubbing)
    • The Strip (Las Vegas Blvd.)
    • Fremont Street (Classic Downtown casinos)
  • Portland, OR (Shopping, sightseeing, food, fresh air)
    • Powell's Bookstore
    • Columbia River Gorge

As far away as possible

Adventuring Tips

  • If driving somewhere far like Las Vegas, consider renting a car, especially if you have a gas guzzler. With rental car rates as low as $10-20/day, sometimes this is a net cost savings when you can get a car with 35-45mpg. Plus you spare your car the added mileage.
    • Of course, if you're not at least 25, several companies will not rent to you, while others will charge you an outrageous fee. Having a AAA membership or creating an account with USAA might waive the under 25 fee.
  • Be sure to bring one or many co-adventurers. If none of your friends share your wanderlust, perhaps the Ride Board can hook you up.
  • AAA is your friend. In addition to towing, lock-out and fuel delivery services, they also can make road trip calamities better. If your car breaks down, many AAA memberships will pay for your hotel and food costs while your vehicle is being fixed or, alternatively, your return transportation (either air, bus, train or rental car). Keep in mind, however, that the AAA frequently advocates against bicycle-friendly laws and infrastructure when there is no benefit to automobiles. A more bicycle-friendly alternative is The Better World Club.
  • Don't forget your cell phone charger. And don't expect your cell phone to work in the middle of Nevada.
  • The Davis Travelaires lead trips that can help get you comfortable and excited about travel.
  • Note: If you are driving through LA on the I-5, remember that the Grapevine can be tricky for older cars to navigate smoothly, and that downtown LA traffic is not your friend.