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Faculty Advisor
Prof. Nesrin Sarigul-Klijn
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Aerobrick is one of the many student engineering groups in the Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Department. Started in 1994 by Professor Sarigul-Klijn with six students, Aerobrick has grown over the years to encompass three classes that include Regular, Unlimited, and Micro. "Aerobrick" is understood to refer to the Regular class. Aerobrick students compete every year in Aero Design West, a nation-wide competition held by SAE. The team is formed each fall and team members get hands on experience in structural dynamics and aeroelasticity, aerodynamics, propulsion, stability and control, and performance as they design, build and test their aircraft. Aerobrick planes are generally made out of carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass and other composite materials.

The 2002-2003 Team at the Big West Competition in Palmdale, CA. June 2003.

Standing: Ben Hochman (Pilot), Arlen Abraham, James Hallisay (Vice Captain), Prof. Chattot (Vice-Faculty Advisor), Eric Kulczycki (Captian), Chris Zundel (Pilot), Marc Dahlberg, Tracy Perkins, Prof. Sarigul-Klijn, Tim Duong

Kneeling: Guy Vackar, Jeremy Novara (Vice Captain)