This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Located in University Mall next to The Grad

825 Russell Blvd #18
Mon-Sat 10:00AM-5:00PM
(530) 753-2233
Payment Methods
Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover

Aggie Express is a local independent shipping store that refills and also sells new compatible ink and toner cartridges at significantly discounted prices. They now also buy back used textbooks.

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  • Remanufactured and Compatible Ink Cartridges: HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Lexmark, and Dell
  • Packing Materials: Assorted Moving Boxes, Padded Envelopes, Peanuts, Bubble Wrap, Tape, & more
  • Printer Paper and Cables
  • Greeting Cards


  • Shipping: FedEx Express(M-F pickup 3:30PM) and FedEx Ground(M-F pickup 3PM), and US Postal Service
  • Refill Ink and Toner Cartridges
  • Used Textbook Buy Back
  • Copy, Print, Bind, Laminate
  • Scanning: Convert Paper Documents to PDF
  • Faxing: Send and Receive
  • Notary Services
  • Computer Time Rental
  • Free Wireless Hotspot
  • Textbook buyback

A word about Aggie Express from a previous employee:

Aggie Express closed its doors at the end of August, 2012. Its owner, Mohammad Mostafavi, was greatly interested in the betterment and empowering of Davis' community-at-large. Indeed, his favorite aspect of owning and operating Aggie Express resided in the relationships he forged with those who frequented the store. It was my own experience, in working for Mohammad, that many people asked about his whereabouts whenever he was not there, and asked me to pass on their greetings to him in his absence. Whenever he was there, he was able to strike up a conversation with many of the customers who came in, whether it was their first time in the store or their twentieth.

Mohammad's desire was for the community to continue pursuing greener alternatives and solutions to our current ecological challenges. This, in fact, was a major reason why he opened Aggie Express: to present the community with the option of recycling their ink cartridges and toner rather than having to go and buy a new cartridge whenever their printer ran out of ink. He hopes, in light of Aggie Express' passing, that the city of Davis will continue to pursue these (and other) alternative solutions for the sake of a more sustainable future.

Thank you to all of our customers who frequented the shop over the years, and to all those in the city of Davis whom Mohammad, I, and our other co-workers were able to befriend in our time spent working at Aggie Express. Thank you, everyone, for all of your business and kindness. We appreciate you all.


The Team at Aggie Express


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2007-11-14 21:35:03   The owner is a nice, friendly, personable guy. I felt good about buying my ink there, and it was cheaper than it was on the internet (though also generic). —MissL

2008-07-09 23:59:04   Isn't this now a textbook store? —MaryLieth

2008-07-10 00:04:59   You might be thinking of Culpepper, which is directly behind this store, around the corner. —JoePomidor

2008-10-22 12:51:48   This man that owns store is more than help full just a great man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —Brians

2008-11-18 10:53:17   really helpful and fair prices too. —inu

2008-11-20 23:49:15   Mohammed, the man who runs the store, is super nice and really helpful. If you're one of those people that needs to ship something but needs someone else to box it correctly and ship it correctly, he is the guy. I can't tell you how many times I've gone there and he's provided nothing but personal service. And the toner??? Wow, super cheap. I almost bought cartridges elsewhere. So glad I didn't. —condemned2bfree

2009-02-23 15:11:42   A friend pointed me to AE via the wiki and I'm glad he did. I also had excellent, friendly service from Mohammed while shipping my sister's birthday gift via fedex. I'll be back. —JamesShearer

2009-03-04 16:28:06   Very nice guy, as others have said. I've only shipped through him, so I can't say if his prices are competitive, but he gets the job done. —Ash

2009-04-06 17:08:06   Can anyone tell me how much it is to refill ink from here? I have Dell in Cartridge type T5029. I want to see if this location is cheaper than Office max... —YuJinChoi

  • I don't know off hand, but if you call the store, he will tell you. —condemned2bfree

2009-05-31 19:56:41   I have sent things from this store and it was fine, but I bought one of their dell friendly cartridges of black ink and it doesnt work very well on my printer. I can't turn in assignments with every other line unreadable. I would not recommend buying their cartridges.

Update: I brought a sample of what the printing job was looking like, and the cartridge. He replaced the cartridge, and made sure I knew how to install it in my printer correctly. I would buy from this store again. —willowspirit10

  • This happened once out of the many cartridges I've purchased from there, and I returned it and he gave me a replacement no questions asked. In fact, he warns you that sometimes there's a dud, and he's happy to replace it. I can't tell you how much $$$ I've saved purchasing used cartridges. —condemned2bfree

2010-02-05 17:42:25   The owner of Aggie Express is easily the sweetest man ever! I lost my credit card today at the store, and he tried very hard to contact me so I can get my card! I also sent some packages with him and he gets everything done efficiently, and with great service! —essyyun

  • THAT is what makes the wiki great — recognizing the tiny, non-directly business things that make somebody a loyal fan of a place. Glad you got your card, and — wow! — this guy has a solid love within the community! -wj

2010-05-08 01:14:06   Another great experience with the owner. I had 2 inks filled at the store (saved total of $20). When I got it home it wouldn't print. I called and the owner researched my printer to see if there were known errors. Then I brought them back in for him to look at. He worked some magic. I went home, and the cartridge worked!!

He also told me if it ends up not working he would refund. His quote "if it doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for me." What a business Philosophy. Thanks for great service! —toolej

2010-05-26 09:36:05   Great return policy! =) they'll take any exchange or return granted you have the receipt and its returned in the same condition! nooooooooooooo questions asked! —ichliebecarebear

2010-10-25 14:32:11   Just stopped by today to ship a package after reading these reviews (and the horror stories of other places), the owner was not there, but the person working was honest, helpful and didn't push any additional services, granted I already had boxed/taped my package, so I can't say if they charge or not for those. I would definitely come back without hesitation. —theyangster

2010-12-20 13:53:07   I wish they would have told me that there is a charge to use your credit card. The counter person didn't even mention it and I only noticed it after I got the receipt. Very sneaky!!!! —Venk

2011-07-03 23:59:47   a couple weeks ago, i purchased two printer cartridges for my HP printer. the guy at the front told me that "refurbished" cartridges were the same quality, just not filled by HP themselves. i bought one in black and one in color. i just opened the color cartridge today and i tried printing practice tests for my midterm, and there's no color at all! what a waste of money! i don't have my receipt anymore, so idk if i can get a refund. —xsnickerdoodle

I got a problem cartridge there several years ago and he replaced it a couple weeks later with no hassle whatsoever. —TomGarberson

2011-09-25 11:43:25   Went there to get some personal papers notarized. All was required that in the appropriate box I should be identified by passport or drivers' license to be alive. Period. Mohamed insisted to read my personal papers before notarizing, which I didn't let him. He is rude, sneaky, and misinformed. Would not recommend doing business with him —PTBan

  • "Notarization of Incomplete Documents: A notary may not notarize a document that is incomplete. If presented with a document for notarization, which the notary public knows from his or her experience to be incomplete or is without doubt on its face incomplete, the notary must refuse to notarize the document. (Government Code section 8205)" on Page 16 of Notary Handbook, Published by: Debora Bowen, Secretary of State, Notary Public Section 2011. —Mohammad

2012-02-25 10:46:31   Its 10:44 on a Saturday and no one is here. There's no sign on the door saying its supposed to be closed today. Either they changed their hours which needs to be updated on this site and their website or someone didn't show up for work. Guess I'm gonna have to drive all the way down to the post office. —KathrynAzarvand