The Fight Song of the University of California at Davis. Though most students (At least those who aren't in the Aggie Band) have no idea what the lyrics to it are, the Aggie Pack has been working to train and teach all incoming freshmen the song. Unfortunately, Aggie Pack's lyrics screen has some small errors, irking the band to no end. Today enough of the students actually sing the words at basketball games for it to be heard throughout the ARC Pavilion. Rumor has it if you sing the fight song when checking in at games you will receive tube socks. This is one of the Aggie Songs.

Lift up your voices, now's the time to sing. 
This is the day the Victory Bell will ring.
Loyal Aggies, all for one.
Never stopping 'til we've won,
Because the Mustang will show our team the way to fight,
Charging the enemy with all his might. Let's go.
Let's win. Today's the day The Aggies will fight!
Fight! Fight!

A rendition can be found on the Aggie Band's website at and can be heard at the end of every Aggie Band performance.

The song references the Victory Bell and the UC Davis mascot, the Mustang. In recent years, the word 'Mustang' has been emphasized/shouted a bit louder when the song is sung, to reinforce that it's the official mascot.