The Aggie Public Arts Committee

The Aggie Public Arts Committee (APAC) is a committee under the Associated Students of the University of California, Davis (ASUCD). It was created in 2010 to help promote and facilitate the installation of public art on campus and in the greater Davis community. The mission of the Aggie Public Arts Committee is to enable the UCD community an experience that is enhanced with the beauty of art, culture and free expression on campus.

The Aggie Public Arts Committee defines “public art” as artwork that is created for the public to experience. Specifically, APAC wants public art to represent the UCD community through themes of community, history, education, love, culture, vision, curiosity, and tolerance. The Committee believes that public art should enliven an area and contribute to UCD community pride and identity.

Functions of the Committee:

  • Receive proposals of sculptures, murals, paintings, photographs and other art mediums from students/staff/alumni/other groups affiliated with the university in order to review and potentially approve for installation on campus.
  • Contribute to the cultural enrichment of the UCD student body by adding art to public spaces that is aesthetically pleasing, thought provoking, visually stimulating, and of enduring value.
  • Work as a liaison between artists, students passionate about art and the ASUCD
  • Provide an outlet for students of all skill levels, interests and backgrounds to be involved with the creation and installation of artwork on campus and in the Davis community.
  • Ensure that public art is incorporated into UCD long-term plans for future campus projects, expansion and development.
  • Work through all appropriate means to encourage public art.

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Current Projects:

Currently, APAC is working on the following:

  • Curating art at the CoHo
  • Student murals
  • Supporting Music on the Green
  • Supporting Whole Earth Festival


Calling all artists! Want to see your art displayed at the CoHo ? We are accepting submissions of drawings, paintings, photographs, graphic designs, etc. that can become vibrant and visible part of our campus. This will be for the fourth installment of our Juried Art Show in the hallway of the CoHo. We would love to display your artwork!

Email us your designs/ pictures of your artwork! Please be sure to include your name, year, major, and the dimensions of your artwork in the body of the message. Our email address is The deadline for submissions is Oct 7, 2016

 APAC Call for Artist Version 3.pdf