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Aggression Replacement Training(TM) helps moderate through high risk youth and their families. Participants receive cognitive-behavioral training in the areas of social skills development, anger control and moral reasoning.

Recent assessment of youth referred to Yolo County Probation has found that 41% of moderate-high risk delinquents have "Current Alcohol and Drug Use" as one of their top three identified criminogenic needs, 69% has a history of either weapons offenses or against-person misdemeanors or felonies, only 45% believe s/he has control of his/her antisocial behavior, and 73% believes that physical aggression is at least "sometimes" a reasonable means for conflict resolution. Yolo County Probation has found a successful program that addresses these needs to replace Juvenile Violence court, a program that was found to be less effective than anticipated.

The ART program consists of three components:

  • Social Skills Training (behavioral component)
  • Anger Control Training (affective component)
  • Moral Reasoning (cognitive component)

The program will be offered at Midtown Community School, the Yolo County Conservation Partnership, and in Juvenile Hall beginning in September 2008. The program will be expanded to be incorporated into as many Probation and community programs as possible, minding the idea that groups are not effectively implemented with minors of varied risk level or gender.


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