The Air Quality Research Center is a collaboration of UC Davis faculty, staff, and students studying and researching air quality and climate change. Formally established in 2005, the center organizes conferences and other outreach programs and generates publications to educate policymakers and other public officials about the scientific, engineering, health, social, and economic factors behind air quality policy.

UC Davis has one of the largest concentrations of air quality experts at any one campus in the United States with over 70 faculty members on campus involved in air quality research and affiliated with the AQRC at UC Davis. The AQRC is a large interdisciplinary organized research unit at UC Davis with investigations underway ranging from biological effects of air pollution to agricultural emissions and global climate change.

The AQRC is located in Bainer Hall.


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2008-06-24 23:18:27   Does the AQRC have anything to say about the air pollution produced by the fire? :) It sure makes my throat scratch. —ZN

  • They seem to be more interested in greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, but the Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District does have information about air quality due to the fires, particularly the first link on this page, a list of things you can do to minimize the impact the smoke has on your health. —Jeremy