140 F St, Ste. 300, Davis, CA
Classes everyday (see schedule below)
(707) 455-7750
Jaime Testa & Carolyn Thomas
August 11, 2012
Payment Method(s)
Cash, Check, Credit Card


Akasha Yoga in Davis offers 18 weekly ALL LEVELS yoga classes that provide practitioners the opportunity to increase strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and mental focus while reducing stress. Classes are held in a slightly heated studio.

Class Schedule

(All classes are Vinyasa unless otherwise specified)

Monday: noon (60min), 4:30pm (75min), 6:00pm (75min) Tuesday: 9:30am (75min), 6:00pm (75min), 7:30pm (75min) Wednesday: noon (60min), 4:30pm (75min), 6:00pm (75min) Thursday: 9:30am (75min), 6:00pm (75min), 7:30pm (75min) Friday: noon (60min), 4:30pm (75min) Saturday: 9:30am (75min), 4:30pm (75min) Sunday: 9:30am (75min), 6:00pm —VIN/YIN class— (75min)

VIN/YIN: A combo class that begins with Vinyasa yoga to warm up the body followed by Yin-inspired yoga characterized by holding a series of floor postures for an extended period of time.


New Client Special= 2 weeks of UNLIMITED yoga for $20

Important info

  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the class (arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your first class)
  • Please stay in the room for the entire duration of the class
  • During class listen to your body- back off and/or rest when needed

To Prepare for Class

  • Bring a mat, towel, and water
  • Loaner mats are available for use
  • Arrive well hydrated
  • Water cooler is available to fill bottle but water is not sold
  • It's a good idea not to eat 1-3 hours before class

Yoga Studio Etiquette

  • Please remove your shoes before entering the studio
  • Please turn off your cell phone during class
  • Please don't use scented lotions or perfumes before class


Special Events


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2013-01-18 12:52:09   I LOVE Akasha! I started out going here for physical reasons (cross-training, forced stretching...) but now go for many other reasons (mind-body, overall holistic health). I was going to one class routinely each week because I loved the teacher, then went another day and loved that teacher, and another, etc... and now find myself going a few times/week. All of the teachers are awesome. They are supportive, encouraging, fun, humorous, knowledgeable, helpful, and real. I'm so glad I decided to try this place out, as I definitely plan to keep going back. —Ferd

2013-10-14 21:59:22   The classes offered here are not even remotely "all levels". It is nonstop Vinyasa (flowing through poses rapidly, holding the asanas for one breath only) and the instructors seem to have no concept of how challenging crow pose, for example, is for a beginner yogi. I have some experience with yoga, not a lot, so I was able to mostly keep up, but being a beginner would be ridiculous. They don't explain or demonstrate poses, they just go a mile a minute and you're expected to know what to do. At both classes I've been to they BLAST music, and it's not meditation/yoga friendly music, its crazy upbeat, distracting, and overwhelmingly loud. The girls doing classes here really seem to see yoga as a workout, and that's it (my friend who took a class here last year in Dec actually had an instructor that yelled out "LIFT THAT LEG HIGHER, CMON! WORK OFF THAT THANKSGIVING DINNER!" Yoga is about mindfulness, and reconnecting with your inner self through breath-fueled asanas, you shouldn't be shocked into pushing yourself to burn more calories, boot camp style. So tacky. Akasha, in my opinion, is one of those studios practicing the worst kind of culturally-appropriated American "yoga" that has no semblance to its origins as a spiritual, holistic practice. Its all 20 something girls in pricey yogawear looking to get ripped, which is fine for them, but this place obviously isn't for everyone. —Peta