These are archived reviews of Ali Baba from 2004 and 2005. For more recent comments, please visit the entry.

2004-11-15 21:56:20   I went to Al Baba's the other day and ordered a Veggie Mushroom Cheese Burger and they gave me a couple strips of Bacon. I took a bite and lets just say, not only do I keep kosher but I've been a vegetarian for over eight years. I waited for another burger and I barely got an apology. They seemed pissed off about me saying they messed up my order. They have great food when they make it right but when I fuck up a customers order I offer them something extra to make it up to them. Basically they should have given me some fries. - RobRoy

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2005-03-07 00:59:15   I think Ali Baba's is actually the best food value in town. All there food is restaurant quality, but at fast food prices. Their burgers are awesome. Their daily specials are excellent. They also tend to have this group of guys who play backgammon in the afternoon around 2, and they're absolutely hilarious. —JaimeRaba

2005-03-07 01:20:06   It might appear strange to order a burger in a Middle Eastern restaurant, but its definitely worth it. Their bacon mushroom cheeseburger is arguably the best burger in town. Their daily specials are very tasty too. The fesenjan special has been sweetened for the American palate, and offers a flavorful mixture of pomegranate and walnuts. —CraigBrozinsky

2005-05-17 21:01:15   when i went here the food was very good, but the service was very slow (they had to grill new chicken kabobs to order, which is ok by me). however, they were out of hummus. the only thing that bothered me about the slow service was that when i changed the order from the hummus to baba ganoush, they brought the babaganoush dip out at the same time as my meal. at least 30 min after i ordered it. they should have gave me the baba ganoush while i waited for them to grill up the chicken. (this not only would have kept me very happy, since the babagonoush was amazing, but it also would have been at no extra effort to them, because all babagonoush is, is a dip made fresh in the morning and scooped onto a plate when you order it). it makes no sense that they would wait for the whole order to finish and then serve the dip, especially when one of the people working there was sitting watching TV. but overall because the food was good, and because they are close to campus I'm definitely going to at least try it a few more times, to see if the service was just a fluke. —Matthh

2005-05-26 13:19:19   its alright for a quick bite. the last time i went in there the guy working the counter and the guys playing backgammon were so busy ogling girls that it was kinda uncomfortable in there. food is alright, but not great —AshleyOrsaba

absolutely the best burgers in town, and their gyros kick ass. i live a couple houses down from Ali baba and eat there at least once a week. the fesenjan is excellent too. the kabobs take extra time to make, but they generally warn you of that when you order. and, even though it sounds strange, their burritos are great. i love this place. —EllenWoodall

2005-06-13 18:26:05   Good food. Feta cheese burger == good. Burger patties on the thin side. —GeorgeLewis

2005-08-13 11:22:53   The burgers are excellent. The gyro's are good, though I like Sam's gyros better. The fesenjan is pretty tasty, inexpensive, and more than I can eat. —AlexPomeranz

2005-08-14 21:02:42  Great fries. Not shoestring, but wide-style. Little plastic seal-able containers to fill with ketchup & hot sauce if you're on the go. Also, they now carry Mancunian soft drink "Vimto," which is awesome.—ErikNoftle

2005-08-26 18:04:27   The burger was absolutely amazing! Definitely worth it, for 3 to 5 bucks. —ES

2005-08-26 18:24:55   I prefer Sam's: more laid back, friendlier staff, the same if not better food. —JimSchwab

2005-11-20 22:17:02   I had a kebob here once and it was like dog food on a pita. Sams is ten times better. —AlexEley