These are archived reviews of Ali Baba from 2006. For more recent comments, please visit the entry.

2006-01-09 12:12:21   I've got mixed feelings about this place. Generally the food is pretty good, and inexpensive, and the staff (and regulars) are friendly enough. But it's rather dirty and in the last few months has been getting more so. A friend of mine caught a glimpse of the kitchen once and told me she couldn't bring herself to eat there afterwards. It's starting to smell more and more of old grease, and everything—floor, chairs, counter, doorhandles, table—is unpleasantly sticky to the touch. I'll probably still go there, but I wish they would clean it up a bit, but I haven't got the nerve to say anything. That goes for a number of Davis restaurants, as it happens. —NicholasCorwin

2006-01-26 18:40:30   I can't believe that no one has mentioned Ali Baba's Spinach Special. It is served on Thursdays and is by far their best special. The spinach is stewed all day with chicken, giving the chicken a tenderness and flavor that is unmatched. If you like spinach, this dish is for you! I actually look forward to the occasional Thursday where I remember the special and indulge in this savory dish instead of some lame ass Co-Ho food. Yum! —SerenaDonovan

2006-03-09 15:01:14   Ali Baba is the closest to authentic Persian cuisine I've ever had in Davis (aside from my mother's cooking). Sometimes they're a little slow on the order but the prices and quality of the food make up for it. —MikeAhmadi

2006-06-05 07:01:41   We recently had Ali Baba prep food for 80 people. Darish, the owner, was really responsive via email as we worked out the details. On the day of the event a few items were not quite ready when I went to pick them up - rather than have me wait he ultimately delivered the remaining items to our event! The falafel, rice, pita, hummus etc that we ordered were a big hit. I definitely recommend Ali Baba. —JonathanKaplan

2006-08-01 18:41:22   salmon burger if you're looking for a red meat but not vegetarian alternative. it's off the menu, but if you ask for it, they'll probably sell it to you. —EmilyTung

2006-10-03 21:51:58   Though it was expensive, I tried their lamb sandwich for the first time and I thought it was quite wonderful. I don't think I'll be going in again for their meals, however, because of the semi-steep prices for what they serve. And it's true that they really do have the best onion rings in Davis. —JohnDudek

2006-10-29 16:03:43   Closing at 9pm? Try 8:40 unless you want that terrible veggie special (how is it that Mediterranean food has no spice!). Also messed my veggie burger order once, luckily I'm not a vegetarian! Also, how bout' that re-decorating? They took everything down and painted it all white, they de-decorated! —AndyPastalaniec