All Catatonic and Like... is a local thrash/grindcore/powerviolence band. They have played several shows, including an amazing show at the CoHo with Some Assholes and Brutal Assault.

left to right: Kasra, Nate, Chris

The Band

  • Kristofer-guitar, man grunt
  • Cazrah-bass, bitch screams
  • Knaitanyall-drums, mutant slur

There songs can be heard at AllCatatonicAndLike...

They are part of the D20 Thrash Crew.

All Catatonic has broken up since Kaz left the band and moved to Sweden at the beginning of Summer 2007. Word had it that Nate and Chris would possibly be starting a sludge/doom band (though this never ended up happening), and Nate joined esteemed grindcore/Destructionxcore band Corrupt Execution in Summer 2007, playing one show together before "cXe" disbanded towards the end of Summer '07.