2020 F Street
(behind Speedee Oil Change & Tune Up)
M-F 7:30a-5p, Sat 8a-4p

All Star Rents, formerly known as the Rent-All Center, is a family-owned business offering an interesting array of rental items, from wedding and party items to ditch witches, lawn aerators, wood chippers and premixed concrete; according to their website, "specializing in party rentals, light and medium contractors, homeowners equipment, and truck & trailer rentals." From a student perspective, All Star offers margarita machines, balloons, barbecues, bar items, and lighting equipment. The company's website provides an extensive list of offerings available as well as directions to their ten other locations. Staff are both helpful and friendly, and can assist you in determining what equipment you may need to to complete your project.

Also Boxes

They will soon be open until 2pm on Sundays. This Tiller rents @ 4 hours for $70. This dog is available for a similar rate.

How was your experience with All Star?

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All Star Rents is a fantastic local business! All of the tables, chairs, and several other accessories for The Third Annual Governor's Ball were generously donated by All Star Rents! —EricaJanssen

2006-05-22 14:39:35   Very helpful and courteous, when they did not have what I was looking for they referred me to non-affliated business which helped a lot. —JamesSchwab

2006-05-22 15:06:44   Very helpful, offers discounts to school organizations, unfortunately, they are a rather small company, and sometimes dont have the biggest inventory. Great for machinery and light scaffolding. Not as good for full scale operations which require a lot of scaffolding type stuff. For those needs, I reccomend Advanced Scaffolding or United Rentals, both in Sac. —JulienBiewerElstob

2006-06-18 10:16:44   From the housemate: friendly, prompt, good prices, good chairs. —ArlenAbraham

2006-08-21 12:56:45   I've rented a truck from All Star Rents the past three times I moved. The prices are decent and they actually have a truck for you on the date you reserved it. I'll definitely go to them for my next move. —AndyLentz

2007-09-30 15:15:42   For moving truck rentals, they require that you have auto insurance. I do not own a car and don't have insurance, but when I rent a car, I have never had a problem. Even though I told them my credit card would cover it, they said that regular auto insurance is required per company policy. Unfortunately, I had to go rent from the U-Haul people instead. It would be nice if they would accept some other kind of damage deposit or promise to pay, but I guess it is their business... —AaronBishop

It's very odd that you say that. Normal auto insurance would not be any good if you wrecked one of their vehicles or injured someone. In California, insurance goes with the vehicle most of the time. Insurance for a specific driver, regardless of what vehicle they drive, is a specialty product. —wl

  • We have standard AAA insurance (aka Progressive), and they cover rented vehicles. In fact, when we recently rented a car at the SFO terminal, they pulled this on us (saying that we weren't covered by our auto insurance and should get their coverage), we got the insurance, took two steps away from the counter and called our insurance company who said in no uncertain terms that we were covered. Walked back and asked for a manager. It's one of the few times I've been really upset with customer service. Basically we were lied to in an "I'm trained and know what I'm talking about" manner in order to upsell the rental. The manager comped our gas, added several features for free and apologized. In short, auto insurance (at least Progressive, which is a pretty typical company) does cover rental vehicles. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2010-05-03 11:50:33   HORRIBLE SERVICE; UNPROFESSIONAL; I WILL NEVER RENT FROM THEM AGAIN; I go out of my way to keep my money in Davis and Yolo County, but never again at All Star Rents. —gsduncan

2010-07-21 16:17:57   I found the people at the desk rather unfriendly. I have rented various equipment over the years. Remember, when they quote you a price it is not the true amount on renting equipment. They always tack on an additional 14% insurance fee. I try NOT to go there unless I am out of options. —FrankP

2010-12-23 13:28:23   This place is ridiculous. I called asking about a trailer and dolly rental, I was quoted for $30. I called to actually reserve the trailer and dolly, and they total was $43. I went to get the trailer and dolly, it ended up costing me $58 dollars. And to top it off, it ended up costing that much just to move one large piece, one mile! I wouldn't ever rent from this company again just based off of their shady pricing methods. —jwieland1989

2013-3-31 13:28:23   We rented a gas powered tiller from here last week. It totaled out at $70 for four hours and we split it with our neighbor so it was extra reasonably affordable. They included a trailer since it wouldn't fit inside our vehicle. It was a brand new machine and at one point it got stuck in gear. We called them and they had somebody at our house in 30 minutes to look at it and he had it working again in another 30 minutes. Overall it seemed cheaper than expected and I really wasn't expecting someone to come over and fix the unit so we're pretty satisfied. —MikeyCrews