This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Interior of All That Jazz, circa 2005

Valerie Gwerder
417 Mace Blvd Ste B
in the El Macero Shopping Center
Monday through Saturday
(530) 753-6409

All That Jazz is a full service beauty salon offering hair, nail, and skin care . It has been open (and highly reliable) for almost 30 years.

It was originally opened some time in the 1980s by Claire Jazwinski, under the name of All That Jaz. Claire sold the salon to Patty Cannon (Stille) and Patty Workman a few years later, but is still working somewhere in Davis. Patty Cannon retired a few years later, leaving the salon to Patty Workman. When Patty Workman retired some time around 2001, it was sold to long time stylist David Martin who owned it under the name of All That Hair Artistry until 2006. It then passed to its current owner Valerie Gwerder.

Along with Valerie are:  stylist Dana Lucia, stylist Rosie Ramirez,, stylist Lynn Volkerts, stylist Tycee, esthetician Rita, manicurist...


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2007-05-23 14:10:18   Dana cut my hair and always did a fanstic job! I need to go back. Just in case you are reading this Dana: I am sorry I have not seen you in so long! I have no good excuse! —MyaBrn

Saturday, Sept. 22, 2007 I had an appointment today for the first time at All That Jazz. Valerie (owner) cut my hair and besides being very pleasant to talk with she gave a great partial weave and haircut. The atmosphere in this salon was upbeat and positive. I think the stylists must enjoy their work there. —maggiebee

2008-12-11 10:28:47   Today I had my first appointment at All That Jazz. Valerie cut my hair and she gave me exactly what I requested and, in addition, was so much fun to chat with. The salon is relaxed and happy and fun to be in. I felt delighted to have gone and will continue to get my hair done there. In addition, I had my lip waxed and that was a great experience as well. My experience was terrific and I will repeat it as soon as I can! —scarpa11

2009-03-18 20:04:47   Valerie was fantastic and made sure I got exactly what I wanted. I will definitely go back to her! —nmspotswood

2009-06-12 15:24:08   I found Rita! Rita was the esthetician at Nina's studio in downtown Davis. She is wonderful! Unfortunately Nina's had told me that she had left the area. The replacement esthetician was not as experienced and I found even after two visits, I was very unhappy. By chance, I found Rita at All that Jazz. She is the best! —sschladow

2011-07-30 12:25:38   I wish there were more comments on this wiki page. All That Jazz is a really great place. The stylists there take the time to listen to what you want before they start snipping or coloring. I've gone to a number of places in Downtown Davis, some of them good, some of them not so good.. but one major perk here: no 2 hour time limit! You can actually get your hair dyed and cut without worrying about the time frame. Only downfall, why isn't there a price list anywhere? Not in the store, nor on their facebook page. —KalaPeka

2012-11-13 18:09:47   Yikes! Just got a haircut from Tycee with a Groupon. Watch out. I have a very simple cut, layered do. I barely got acknowledged by the receptionist through the door. Quickie shampoo, and my head jerked around while I am being cut. She had no plan as she was layering me. Cut half my hair when it was wet without cutting my bangs. When it was dry, she had no idea how to cut my bangs because she had dried me into a mess. Wow, All that Jazz, do you check to see if people can cut hair before you hire them?! —DonnieDarko

2012-11-13 18:11:45   Incidentally, better cuts at Expressions for $17!! They're gems. —DonnieDarko

2013-11-08 16:19:16   Tycee is wonderful! I went in early August to get ombre done, it was the first time dying my hair so I was a bit nervous. She made me feel really comfortable (shes hilarious) and confirmed with me several times what I wanted. She aired on the cautious side and said I could come back and get it lighter if I wanted, which I ended up doing, and she again, did it perfectly! She curled my hair both times after dying it and I was so overjoyed and pleased with the experience, and the hair. I would recommend her over any person I've gone to yet in Davis (and I've gone to many!)