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2007-05-08 16:55:24   Has anyone ever noticed how Draconian the consignment procedures are at R&R? I walk past there once a week just to read the daily hand-lettered signs about the Dos and Don'ts of making a donation. Has the Soup Nazi moved to Davis to run a thrift store? —MupDup

2007-05-27 08:29:38   All Things Right and Relevant has a new web site. Please see it at

Thanks, Tony —TonyNatsoulas

2007-06-01 21:14:18   R&R Consignments is run by a dedicated group of both volunteers and staff who work very hard to accommodate consigners. Unlike a regular retail store which receives stock based on computerized inventory, R&R is often inundated with too much of one particular item (furniture, framed prints, stuffed animals, etc.) With no space to stock them, the quickest and easiest way to let consignors know not to consign them for a while is a hand-lettered sign. It's a very organic process and appears to suit the consignors well. Volunteers are always welcome and needed to price merchandise, print tags, and tag merchandise. (Perhaps someone could even volunteer to type up some of the hand-lettered signs, or better yet, donate a message board and a supply of plastic letters.) Don't be shy about looking into volunteering; Judy, the store manager, is the complete polar opposite to the Soup Nazi! —TwoCansMom

2007-06-03 19:30:19   After consigning there quite a few times, I am suspicious that someone who volunteers or works there is taking my things. All of my items are either new with tags or like new, designer/high quality, pefect condition, in-style items, and when I look in the store I never see them in there anywhere, but they don't show up as sold. In light of all the really horrible, trashy, garbage I do see in there, I can't imagine they would truly be rejected. I had opted to donate the items if they didn't sell—well, I've learned the hard way. Looks like if I continue to work with R&R, I'll be returning in 29 days to pick up my items, lest they go home as a benefit... :( We could use the money, too. I agree with the other comment about the process being Draconian. It is all very negative. I have a bad feeling and I'm looking for other options that help locally as well as generate a little money for my family's needs. —retromaude

2007-06-04 14:14:55   Since R&R started taking a higher percentage of the final sale, I started selling more on eBay for the new with tags designer items I end up with. Also- if you have stuff you would like to consign without a lot of hassle and have money in your pocket fast- take your stuff to TWRF Creative/Easy Auction Consigment in Mansion Square downtown. —MyaBrn

2007-08-13 20:29:19   I agree with some of the comments- I was shocked to read the rules for consigning- first they pocket most of the money for the item YOU'VE provided but the other rules just seem like a scam. I've never been to a place that won't tell you upfront if they think your item will sell- and they will just TAKE your things as a so-called DONATION if they decide they're not good enough (isn't that abuse of the word? I mean, isn't a donation supposed to be voluntary!? This sounds more like stealing.) Then, if they deem your donation acceptable but it doesn't sell, you must take it back before they absorb it (this one rule makes sense as they wouldn't have room for things to hang around indefinitely.) However- the whole system is suspicious- there's no tracking of your stuff and it's wide open for abuse (ie, stealing) as alluded by previous posters. To be a legitimate business, they need to evaluate your items on-site while you stand there- giving back what they don't want, and keeping what they do want to sell (in a trackable fashion so things don't disappear.) I'm all for supporting good causes and agree that splitting the proceeds is expected (no more than 50-50 though), but this system is set up to abuse consignors. I will not be taking my clothes there as intended. —Joanna

2007-09-18 23:27:02   Please do not waste your time to be volunteer over there. I am not gonna say a lot. Just, do not be volunteer for them—please try find volunteer job somewhere else. —SoMeOnE

2007-09-19 21:09:28   It's shocking how much theft occurs in the consignments office. I can't even tell you the number of times I have brought in brand new items (often with tags, always in season, in perfect condition) and then failed to see them ever hit the sales floor (or to see a penny hit my account). I'm convinced that whoever logs items into the computer volunteers for that job because they get first pick for themselves without any system of accountability. It's also all too convenient that they can reject "unpressed" items - really easy for them to find an item with a single wrinkle (come on people, this is a THRIFT shop) and decide the item is unacceptable - and again a target for office theft. I wouldn't trust these folks with my castoffs. there's an honest, excellent consignment store in St. Helena that gives you a much higher cut of the profits that runs a clean operation. —Calvin

2007-10-11 15:20:02   I've had similar experiences happen to me at R&R. Reading this makes me feel glad that it's not just me. I'd bring in items that are name brand, in season, very good to excellent condition only to not find them on the floor nor to see money in my account. It's very suspect and dishonest especially for a not for profit organization. Call it a donation store if you're not going to put my clothes out on the floor; don't hide behind the consignment window. —DebWestergaard

2008-07-12 08:33:15   I was going to take them some things today but after reading their rules, no way. Also, I have clothing that would not pass for resale but may be worth recycling, like how old bluejeans are recycled into wall insulation. Do we have anything like that locally? —Renngrrl

2008-08-16 14:42:48   What a great place to sell, donate & shop. I love it here. You can find the best stuff while donating to a fantastic cause. This is a gem in Davis! —jwendt

2008-08-16 14:52:28   From the customer end, its not too bad, but it varies. I needed some work boots for an internship I was doing but didn't want to spend a lot of money on new work boots (which generally cost a lot) so I came here hoping to find something. Out of sheer luck, I found some really nice looking, very sturdy black work boots that were my exact size. Best $15 I spent! —SunjeetBaadkar