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520 Alvarado Avenue in North Davis backing onto Covell Boulevard
Phone: (530)758-7070
Fax: (530) 750-3788
Information Email: AlvPark@scprent.com
Maintenance Request Email: service@scprent.com
Office Hours
Mon to Fri 1-4pm, Sat 1-3pm & by appointment
Managed By
Star Crossed Properties

Alvarado Parkside is a centrally-located quiet apartment community with affordable apartments and townhouses managed by Star-Crossed Properties. All of the comments state that this is a very quiet place to live, since most of the residents are families with children and some very studious academics. Residents have commented that maintenance is quick, with the new management company making lots of small improvements. One cool feature of Alvarado Parkside Apartments is that they have a community vegetable garden. Some residents of single-family homes have their own garden plots in their front and back yards, but it is rare to seen vegetable gardens at apartment complexes.

Although technically in North Davis, Alvarado Parkside is conveniently located in the center of town near three major shopping centers, the Greenbelt and lots of parks. If the big trees don't obscure them, this is probably an awesome place to watch the ever popular July 4th Fireworks.

Management Notices

Fully Leased for Fall 2013

Come back and check in with us for leasing 2014 Fall!


Public Transportation - Alvarado Parkside is located on Unitrans F and near the E, P, and Q bus lines. Several Yolobus routes stop nearby at F Street and Covell Blvd and will take you to Sacramento, West Sacramento, Woodland and Sacramento International Airport

Bicycle - Adjacent to Alvarado Parkside, there is a connection to The Davis Bike Loop. Bike lanes on neighboring streets will take you all the way to Downtown. There are several bike routes to UC Davis which is 1.5 miles away. For grocery, shopping, some services and dining, the Anderson Plaza is 0.5 miles southwest, The Marketplace is 0.7 miles west and Oak Tree Plaza is 1.0 miles east.

Pedestrian - For recreational adventures, the Covell Greenbelt will connect you to the entire Greenbelt system. Covell Park, Community Park, Davis Art Center and Davis Senior High School are very close. The Community Park/Covell Bike Bridge will allow you to ignore the huge intersections at Covell/Anderson and Covell/F Street.

Parking - Uncovered parking is available.

Apartment Amenities

Central heat/air Garbage disposal Frost-free fridge Dishwasher Lots of storage Cable hook-up Balcony or yard Open/Garden Space Water, Hot water, Garbage and sewage included Wireless Internet for free through Instaconnect

Complex Amenities

Pool 24/7 Laundry room service Off-street parking Uncovered parking for no fee Quiet atmosphere Well Maintained We speak Mandarin and Cantonese Service request can be submitted online, in person or over the phone

Apartment sizes and rents

Floorplans and prices [as of 05/15/2012]:

Apt Size
Sq. Ft.
2/1 Flat
2/1 Townhouse


2br, 1ba Flat 2br, 1 ba Townhouse


Internet Access

The free internet provided by Instaconnect is pretty unreliable. Also, the technical support is not available to address issues as they come up. If you call Instaconnect technical support you can leave a message and they are very good about calling you back a few days later. Unfortunately, this is not useful for fixing problems immediately. The wireless network has poor signal, frequent outages, and is slow. To use a wireless device you must first register it through the property manager. This is fine if you have only one computer, but if you have multiple devices such as phones, gaming systems, and laptops, you must register each individually using the MAC address of that device. On some devices, the MAC address may not be obvious. If your friend comes over and wants to use the wireless network using his/her phone or laptop you would have to register the device first with the property manager. The registration is fast if the manger is home and willing to do it right away, but often she will simply wait until the evening or may not be home. Expect to purchase internet service separately if you live here and want reliable internet. It is obvious from the many networks throughout the complex that many residents chose to set up their own.

To learn more about rental housing options in Davis, check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.


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2006-03-31 16:37:52   I've been living here for 6 months, and I think I can make something of a review. The current manager, Dianne is very good at her job, friendly and efficient. She's easily available and very accomodating. The owner of the complex does all the maitnence, he is also friendly, and will always get the work done promptly. Mostly famillies of internationals, it skews more towards families then the other complexes in davis. The apartments are moderately sized, with sloping cielings in the bedrooms. They are very well lit, and quite pleasent. The weakest part of the apratment is the small kitchn and shelving areas. I've had to get creative with storage, escpecially since I enjoy cooking and cooking gagdetry. It's Quite, and the tenants are uniformly friendly. Recomended. —CharlesGeorge

2008-02-24 15:15:02   is there laundry in the apartments or is it a laundry room —WeiChun

2008-08-22 22:36:23   I wished I had found this place earlier. Rent is cheap for this quaint apartment. Neighbors are very nice- mostly families as said before. The manager lives at the complex so if anything happens you can easily contact her. The owner is a very kind man as well and helps out a lot. They will fix anything by the next day! The rooms upstairs are the best because of the high ceilings. Bus is easy to take and it's only a 10 minute bike ride. Yes there is a laundry room. Laundry is cheap to do here- only $1 altogether! And the pool is always so clean! —Terry

2009-04-01 15:55:04   THE GOOD: I've lived here for almost a year now and I love this place it's great. I'm actually in the process of renewing my lease. Rent is cheaper than most places (1,090 for two bedroom 1 bathroom). There is a laundry room that's not really crowded, and laundry is cheap! There's a pool. The F line stops right in front of the apartment complex. Its relatively quiet. Not many students live here this apartment mostly houses families, professors, and graduate students, but I'm an undergrad and I love it. No roaches or rats or fleas or anything much. The maintenance is very very helpful, they respond quickly and they are really nice. A lot of trees surround the apartment so the apartment is always naturally warm in the winter time and cool in the summer time. Also the apartment is like 5-7 minutes away from Savemart.

MODERATE: However if you are the party type this is probably not the apartment complex for you.

THE BAD: There is somewhat of a quiet hours here since many families have kids who need to sleep early, but my roommate listen to music loud all the time and we've never gotten any complaints.

I highly reccomend it :)


2010-03-01 15:25:34   I lived at Alvarado PS for 4 years. As has been written before: nice neighbors & nice management & very little noise. No problems after moving out. The town houses have huge storage space available and the kitchen cabinets are plenty there. They have gardening plots !!! As it is the rule for Davis apartments, very little is really new or modern there (~30 years old). I guess this is an aspect one simply has to get used to in Davis. All in all though these apartments are highly recommended.

(The laundry and dryer machines are in a laundry room - it is accessible even in night time [with a key, then]) —mikelarsen

2011-01-05 22:29:12   I have been living here since August and really love it. The apartments are big and the management is nice. We recently switched over to StarCrossed management and they seem great. Tonight at 9:30pm I called the apartments to tell them we were having an issue with our toilet and by 10 Hanz and Tom (new complex owner) were at my door. Tom fixed up our problem and was very respectful and friendly. This is a great complex and I highly recommend it! —RitikaSharma

2011-05-06 12:17:40   I've been living here for 4 years; it's a great place to live—convenient, quiet, relatively cheap, great neighbors (a lot of families, a lot of contract scientists at UCD), and the apartments have a great floor-plan, very livable space. Above all, management is great. This is true of the new management, StarCrossed, too. They've been making various little improvements since they bought the place a few months ago. One of those improvements created a noise problem in my apartment (a water-pump that improved hot water supply to other apartments, but made a very annoying humming sound in my living-room). Tom (the property manager) and the onsite managers were fantastic—they responded quickly, were relentless in trying multiple different solutions, and resolved the issue completely within a relatively short time, despite it being a stubborn and expensive problem to fix. I was seriously impressed both by their actions and their attitude. These are the people you want managing your living-space. All in all: I doubt you're going to find a better place to rent in Davis; grab it if you get the chance. —EdwardDickinson

2011-06-01 01:39:32   Aww, me and my family used to live here a long time ago when I was a wee-little kid. I'm so happy to come across the wiki of this place and see the front to our old apartment right there as the main picture! Oh nostalgia... There's this small little patch of grass that was perfect for playing catch and stuff a little west of that pool. So many memories. Good times, good times... —CecilioPadilla

2014-10-22 14:59:42   I've been living here for 6 months with my family when I worked in UC-Davis as a visiting scholar. It is a very nice place located in the North side of the W Covell Blvd. The traffic is very convenient. We can drive to I80 and 113 very quickly without into and out of the town. Ten minutes' drive to the closest Costco in Woodland and within walking distance to market plaza, which makes the everyday life so easy and comfortable. There are two kinds of units in the apartments, the flat one and the townhouse. I lived in unit 405, which is a flat having two bright bed rooms, one wash-bath-separate bath room, and a big living room. The kitchen is open to the dining area, and I like this design very much. The flat has a nice balcony outside the living room, from where I can see the community park, the biggest park in Davis! The townhouse is also nice, but I like the flat better. The North Davis Elementary and Davis Senior High School are also within walking distance from the apartments. Also, the large laundry room, clean swimming pool and the spacious parking lot give us a lot of convenience. And, the most important one to me, is the friendly neighbors and manager there. It gives my family a wonderful memory in Davis.

Hao Wang