Above the Second Street entrance

The Anderson Bank Building, located at 203 G Street , was built in 1914 by the first mayor of Davis, JB Anderson. It originally housed the newly formed Bank of Davis, the Davis Post Office facing G Street, several businesses in ground floor shops along 2nd Street and doctors, lawyers and dentists who leased office space on the second floor. It was arguably the most modern structure in Davis at the time when it was built, and the city's first concrete sidewalks were introduced to complement its grandeur. Around December 2003, the building was damaged by fire and renovated to be all spiffy. More about the history of the J.B. Anderson Bank Building can be seen here on a website created by the Third Grade Students of Julia Cardosa at Birch Lane School.

Parkside Properties currently manages suites at 719 2nd Street in the Anderson Building. You will find a variety of businesses there from psychologists, attorneys, counselors, massage therapists, musicians, architects, and more!

Windows Alteration Project

The city has an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process going regarding the Anderson Bank Building Window Alteration Project.


Tenant listing on outside of building as of May 2010.

Former Tenants