1905 Anderson Road in Central Davis, near Safeway & Save Mart on Covell
Office Hours
Monday - Friday, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Model Open for Tours
http://www.andersondrake.net has additional info, photos and videos
Facebook page - current info on community events
Types of Units
Studio, 1BR/1BA Flat, 2BR/1BA Flat, 2BR/1.5BA Townhome

Anderson Court Apartments is an apartment complex that has been managed by Hallmark Properties since 2006. All of the residences and common areas were renovated in 2009. Residents comment that the location near shopping centers and UC Davis make this a great place to live. It seems that their turn-over rate is low, so it's a good idea to check out this property early in your search for next year's housing. The Drake Apartments are located next door and are managed by the same team. All residents have access to the amenities provided by both communities.

Management Notices

February 9, 2017 - We are almost full for Fall 2017 with a couple 2 Bed, 1.5 Bath townhomes left to lease. Call today for a tour! Models are open for tour 10-5:30 M-F, 11-4 Sat.

March 6, 2012 - The Anderson Court laundry rooms have been remodeled, and we have transformed the model apartment across from the office into a resident lounge with WiFi and a second free printing station.


Newly Remodeled Laundry Resident Lounge Resident Lounge


May 17, 2011 - We are proud to announce the opening of our new Resident Cafe just outside the office (adjacent to the model apartment). We will be serving various treats and beverages there daily. We will soon be adding wifi to the model and opening it up for you as well.

December 2010 - The newly remodeled Group Study Room is now open for use! The group study is open to anyone and can be reserved for group projects and meetings.

Features & Amenities

Apartment Features Community Amenities
Newly Renovated Apartment Homes
Close to Campus
Responsive Management
Community Culture
On Multiple Bus Lines
Sparkling Pools and Spa
Free Parking
Next to 2 Shopping Centers
Sparkling Pool & Spa
Newly Renovated Fitness Center
Coutesy Patrol by Paladin Security
Large Study Lounge With Wi-Fi & Printing
Cats OK w/ Deposit; No Dogs
Laundry Centers
Cable and Internet Ready
Patios and Balconies
Split Bathrooms
Community Culture
On Multiple Bus Lines
Sparkling Pools and Spa
Central Heat & Air
Ample Storage
Central Heat & Air
Large Bedrooms
Central Heat & Air

2009 interior renovations include new doors and windows, blinds, appliances, counters, cabinets, flooring, carpet, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and hardware. House cats are allowed with a pet deposit; however dogs are not allowed on property. The Fall 2014 rental rates range from $1020/month to $1590/month, including natural gas, trash and parking. If you are interested in subleasing, please note that many residents advertise on Uloop, Craigslist, Community Housing List, or Facebook Marketplace when they have a room to rent out.


Public Transportation - Anderson Court is located on the Unitrans B bus line, P/Q bus line, and the G bus line, which is quite convenient for UC Davis students. Just a few blocks away at Anderson Rd. & Hanover Dr. there is another stop for the Unitrans P/Q Bus Line and several Yolobus routes that will take you to Sacramento, West Sacramento, Winters Woodland and Sacramento International Airport

Bicycle - You can access the Davis Bike Loop by heading south on Anderson and either hanging a right on Villanova or a left on 14th St. The UC Davis campus is 1.1 miles away. There are bike lanes, bike paths, and bike connectors on all of the surrounding streets.

Pedestrian - For recreational adventures, go north on Anderson, cross Covell Blvd and connect to The Greenbelt. For grocery, shopping, some services and dining, Anderson Plaza is across the street and The Marketplace is 0.3 miles away.

Parking - Ample uncovered parking is available - 1 pass per resident.

Details & Floor Plans

Apt Size Sq ft Rent Deposit Comments Availability (Updated 5-4-2015 - Contact office for current information)
Studio Apartment 530 From 1140 600  

Leased for fall 2017.

Availability for Fall 2018 Pre-leasing starts in early January. Call to join the wait list any time.

1 Bed 1 Bath Flat 620 From 1310 600  

Leased for fall 2017.

Availability for Fall 2018 Pre-leasing starts in early January. Call to join the wait list any time.

2 Bed 1 Bath Flat 910 From 1570 800   Limited availability for fall 2017. Call today to schedule a tour!
2 Bed 1.5 Bath Townhouse 978 From 1775 800  

Limited availability for fall 2017. Call today to schedule a tour!

3 Bed 1.5 Bath Flat 1030 From 2280 1000  

Leased for fall 2017.

Availability for Fall 2018 Pre-leasing starts in early January. Call to join the wait list any time.

Leasing for Fall 2016

2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Flat (Approximate Square Footage) Studio Apartment (Approximate Square Footage) 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Flat (Approximate Square Footage) 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Flat Plan-B (Approximate Square Footage) 2 Bedroom 1.5 Bathroom Townhouse (Approximate Square Footage) 3 Bedroom 1.5 Bathroom Townhouse (Approximate Square Footage)


Living Room 2BR Townhouse Living Room 2BR Flat Split Bath/Vanity 2BR Flat Kitchen 2BR Townhouse Anderson Court Pool

Amenities - Available to both Drake & Anderson Court Residents

Fitness Center Resident Cafe Drake Pool & Spa 2-Story Study with WiFi Conference Room in Study


Please check our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments page for more rental housing options within the Davis area.

Older comments can be found in the comment archive.


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2009-01-24 05:08:17   No real reviews yet. I'll post a quick one. I've lived here for the past few months, Everything is pretty nice. Apartments recently remodeled. Much more attractive looking then most other apartments in Davis. Very spacious living areas: Kitchen is one of the largest I've seen for a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom place. Rent is decent, and apartment is extremely close to campus. Less than a mile. I would bike everyday in warm weather. G, J, Q, and i think B lines run near, so very good access to Unitrans. Haven't used the pools/spa/gym/study lounge yet. Plan to use the pools in summer. Don't know where the study lounge is though. Anderson and Drake are basically the same thing. Parking is decent, never had a problem not finding one. Just wish their was slightly more space. Always feel like i'll hit a car turning corners and backing out. Wish their was another outlet to the street/towards Drake apartments. Maintenance is pretty quick as well, pretty responsive to all requests. Your Gas utility is included by the complex, meaning your heating is free - amazing! Everything seems to work as well. No broken plugs or anything. Overall pretty good. One of the nicest to find in Davis. Went out on a whim and believed the model, it is actually a pretty accurate model. Just resigned for another year. Check them out early, apartments go really fast. Heard there is also a low turn-over rate. Note: Only Anderson was remodeled recently, Drake apartments seem decent (from my friends places) but aren't as new/nice looking. —mperkel

2009-01-26 14:00:32   Just a heads up to the current residents: The gym has been remodeled with brand new equipment and the study lounge that is located upstairs from the gym now has wireless internet. Also, someone mentioned that the Drake had not yet been remodeled, but they have and include all the same upgrades as the Anderson Court Apartments. —kerrieschultz

2009-03-12 16:22:12   We regret to inform you that there have been seven daytime break-ins in a four block radius. Typically, this is occurring during the day, when nobody is home. The perpetrator has been entering the apartments by drilling a hole in the sliding glass door locks. We are working closely with the Davis Police Department, as are other apartment communities that have been affected. We are participating in the Crime Free Multi Housing Program offered by the Davis Police Department. This multi-faceted program is being offered to apartment complexes across the community to combat crime.

There has been a crime alert notice from the Police Department e-mailed to all residents. To help lessen the threat of sliding glass door entry, we are installing additional security devices to the sliding glass doors in all ground floor units on Friday, March 13th. As an added precaution, we advise all residents to close and lock all doors and windows whenever leaving their apartment, even for short trips to the laundry room. It is up to each resident to keep their apartments as secure as possible. Please report any suspicious behavior and come to the office with any questions you may have.


    2009-03-12 22:20:23   Does anyone else notice that like half of all the outdoor lights don't work. Whether its in hallways or in the parking lot, this place is pitch black in soooo many places at night —FlakCannon

    2009-03-14 11:44:54   Dear residents, thank you for your continuing cooperation during this matter. The additional security devices have been installed on the sliding glass doors of all downstairs units. Please check to ensure installation and that each roommate understands the proper way to utilize the new device. If you have any questions, please contact the office as soon as possible. —andersoncourtmanagement

    2009-03-14 14:32:44   Just complaints about the parking lot itself. I am scared while turning corners someone is going to come flying around and hit me. Also fearing sudden backups. I think a big problem is that tree in the middle of the parking lot towards the office, that should be removed. As well as the "parallel" parking on the side of those apartments, getting rid of those would allow more room to drive and possibly prevent a head on accident. Another thing that bothers me, is Drake and Anderson are the same management, why not open that gate to allow cars use of both entrances. I should be able to enter the Anderson lot from Apple street. -thx —mperkel

    2009-12-01 14:17:58   We are having an OPEN HOUSE on Friday, December 4th. Refreshments will be served, our model will open for viewing, and we will be giving guided tours. Before you make any decisions about where to live next year, stop by for a tour. —andersoncourtmanagement

    2010-06-11 15:43:56   Leasing for Fall with Amazing Deals! We have great move-in specials running right now on one and two bedroom apartments. Free rent and reduced deposits! . We hope to see you soon! —kristenatdna

    2010-10-01 21:43:56  I've recently moved here and while I find the place enjoyable, I have a HUGE problem with the parking. Like mperkel I have had problems with the parallel parking. I've hit the cars parked in those areas twice. Luckily, there wasn't any damage caused to my car or the other owner's car so there was never a need to report the incident.

    The parking lot is already narrow so I'm not sure why the apartment complex added those spots, especially since there's still plenty of parking available. I really hope the complex considers removing those parking spots. —IndulgentReader

    2011-04-26 22:55:58   I am so surprised to see that not a lot of people have reviewed Anderson Court because it's actually a really nice place to live, although i don't think it's popular or commonly known, but I know Drake is (odd). Anyways, I have been living here for almost about a year (one year lease '10-'11) and my roommate and I really enjoy it so far! We live in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom flat and its pretty spacious compared to other places we have visited. Like the other reviewer, the kitchen is actually really nice and big, plus that and the doorway are wooden floors, while the rest of the apt is carpeted. Our bedrooms are big as well, considering we don't share, we both have extra space for anything (we have full size beds too!). Since AC/heating is free, we totally take advantage of that, and our PG&E bill usually only comes out to $20-25 or less a month for electricity. Sadly, our internet (COMCAST) sucks ass, getting disconnected at least 5 times a day, but I don't think it's the complex's fault or I don't know, i've gotten so used to it. The only thing we do have to complain about is that sometimes our water in the bathroom/tub turns brown when you first turn it on, but after letting it run for a minute or less, it's fine. I guess the pipes are old? I don't know, but they should try to do something about that. Also my roommate's room's AC/heat vent is broken and they tried fixing it but I guess it's a lost cost. The walls are thin, I hear my neighbors a lot and I'm sure they hear us too, but the complex is generally really quiet ( I don't think any parties have gone on here, or I never hear anything).

    The best reasons for why we really, really like Anderson Court is because they give out guest parking permits!!!! This is a HUGE plus because whenever my boyfriend comes to visit, friends, or family, I can just get a guest permit for them to park in the lot, instead of parking across Savemart or the residential areas a block away. Another big reason why we like this complex is because the management is SOOO NICE. Oh my god, I know other complexes usually give out donuts, bagels, coffee, or candy during finals week but here, they give out HELLA stuff. I remember they had bagels with cream cheese, soda/juice, water bottles, cuties, NACHOS, candy, pizza, etc., and the best part is that they don't only give it out during finals/midterm weeks, but they give it out on random days or like first/last week of school, and holidays. I remember last week, there was pasta out, but I had to run for the bus so i couldn't get any! The management team (usually two girls and one guy) are SOO nice in general, I never had a problem or disagreement with them. Also, maintenance is really quick as well, and you can always see them around during office hours. Also, they text you when you have a package waiting in their office, which is really nice, so I never not received my mail/packages before which I know has happened loads of times for other people at other complexes. You can also rent the vacuum for free at the office if you just moved in and didn't buy one yet, this is what me and my roommate did. They always have giveaways or lottery where you can get stuff like a t.v. or a free month's rent.

    My roommate and I are really sad we aren't going to be here next school year because we're getting more roommates and so we need a house. We're gonna miss Anderson Court! This is a realy great place to live, we recommend it =) —stephanielee

    2011-08-23 23:16:06   For the sake of time and space, I will break my review into sections.

    Personal Background: I live in the two-bedroom townhouse here in Anderson court. I have lived here for one school year. (I have spend nearly a month looking for apartments before choosing Anderson Court)

    Pricing: AC is priced competitively given the location and amenities. Their recent remodeling have greatly propelled AC as one of the nicer apartments. This is definitely not the cheapest apartment complex found in Davis, but it’s a very good bang for the buck. For the townhouse, you will be looking to pay a little less than $500.00 for your own room. (Including utilities 2011) The place looks brand new when I first moved in. Although the construction quality of the wood floors, doors, cabinets are "budget" at best. (Which makes sense for the price of rent itself)

    Location: You have marketplace and Anderson plaza within walking distance. It’s pretty lively here. Chevron gas station is literally right in front of you and shell is just across the street with an autoshop. My only complaint with AC is that it not that close to campus. It’s a 10 min bike ride to campus at a steady pace.

    Bus Lines: J,G,B,F,Q (I’m pretty sure P does too) passes your area so if you don’t have a car/bike waiting for the bus is not that bad. Although be aware that it does get awfully crowded during the school year if you are too lazy to ride your bike. Apartment: as far as I know but AC and Drake was remodeled and the place looks spanking new. Thick double pane windows, wood flooring in the kitchen area. One thing that I must mention regarding the townhouse (at least for AC) is that the kitchen is in the front and the living room is located at the back of the townhouse. This is great because the living room is practically another bedroom without a door. Whoever designed that is a genius.Negatives. The walls are thin and you can hear your neighbors quiet well. The little back around behind the apartment is creepy and easy targets for thieves. From what I heard there was a string of break ins because the back sliding door didn’t lock properly. Basically it’s a small alleyway and each townhouse gets a mini backyard(my roommate had his bike stolen recently) There should be a locked gate there so not just anyone can walk in there and take stuff. The room right above the kitchen turns into an oven when somebody is cooking downstairs.


    2 pools. The Pool on Anderson is 3-8 feet deep and the one on drake is 3-6 plus a hot tub. The gym have 3-4 machines and a TV. The lounge/study room looks great but I only been there a handful of times during the year so I can’t comment on it too much.


      No problems with management. Very nice, very professional. They also have random days where they have food, coffee, and other foods to bribe us into liking them more. It’s a little something extra that they don’t need to do and I appreciate their effort. Repair guys are always on the ball and will address your repairs the very next day. However, I am not a fan of the leaf blower at 10am and the dump truck coming at 9am

        Parking: Parking is heavily enforced here. They WILL tow you if you don’t have a permit or a gust parking pass. They do not mess around. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing is up to you. They also have curiosity patrol that swings by once or twice each night (Although it looks like they are there to check for permits rather than our actual security). WARNING: PARKING IS TIGHT. If you have a fancy car, I advise you to park at the very back to avoid being clipped. My girlfriend's car is an unfortunate victim of tight spaces/tenants inability to park their cars.

        Security concerns: The alley between the townhouses needs a lock gate. Personally I think that's huge security risk. There have been a string of robberies near that area including Anderson/Darke, but mostly due to students leaving their doors/windows opened or unlocked. ( lock your doors and windows and don't have your expensive toys visible)

        Hope this helps.


        I was a little surprised when we got our security deposit back. My housemates and I spend a substantial amount of time cleaning our apartment prior to moving out but we lost a good chunk of our deposit due to "cleaning". Maybe they repaint the entire apartment regardless of how well it's kept. This is probably why when I first moved in the place looks brand new.


          2011-10-04 10:19:24   I lived here last year in a 2 bedroom apartment. While living here, the management was helpful and prompt. They offered free food on certain days of the week and was overall nice and friendly.

          That being said, I am appalled by they way they handled everything after we moved out. My roommate and I paid $500 for the deposit. We expected to get at least some of it back, but much to our shock, they say that we actually owe them. According to the deposit summary, we owe them $363 for cleaning fees and painting and another $192 for having lived there until the end of our lease. The $192 I understand because of the way our lease is, but the cleaning fees are ridiculous. My roommate and I thoroughly cleaned our apartment prior to moving out. Everything in the apartment was left the way it was when we first moved in. They claim that they had to clean the entire place after we left. If we had known that they would be charging us for "cleaning" our apartment, we wouldn't have bothered cleaning up before leaving. Our apartment was used as a model apartment on more than one occasion over the course of the year, so it was kept clean throughout the duration of our stay. In addition to our own clean-up, whatever cleaning they did have to do in preparation for the new residents was minimal at most and in no way would accrue to a cost of $363. If I had known that this is how they would treat us, I would have left a warning to prospective residents early on.

          Everything from the management to the apartments themselves aren't what they seem. They give off the appearance of being nice and new, but if you look a little closer you'll see that it's just a poor attempt to cover what's underneath. The original layer of old linoleum, the cheap pieces of wood siding along the walls are still there, hidden by the poorly measured and roughly cut pieces of hardwood flooring and layers upon layers of cheap white paint. Just brushing against the wall leaves black stains. The doors don't fit into the door frames properly and the windows allow moisture in during the wet season allowing mold to grow along the sides. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice place to live in during the year and you're treated kindly, but be prepared to be swindled out of your deposit when you move out. —SharonLee

          I lived at Anderson Court Apartments this past year and had mixed to negative feelings. There are definitely positive aspects to living there but there are also a whole lot of NEGATIVES.

          -Pros: The office and maintenance staff were always friendly and prompt when handling apartment issues. Fun activites and contests were held throughout the year. Residents have 2 large pools to access (Anderson and Drake are connected and owned by the same property owner so Anderson Court residents can use their amenities as well). Also, there are various laundry facilities located throughout the complex so you’re never caught in a bad situation when all the machines in the laundry room are taken.

          -Cons: While living there, burglaries occurred nearly 5 times throughout our stay which was strange because the complex employs a security company. What does this security company do if they’re not walking around the complex making sure nothing is amiss? They’re in the parking lot recording which cars are parked without a permit. After which, they call the local tow truck company to tow away vehicles and then proceed to hang out in their cars. I find it interesting that I witnessed them doing this at about the same time a burglary was reported to have taken place in the complex. I never ever saw them patrolling outside of the parking lots. In addition, they have HORRIBLE parking. It’s very limited and very narrow. If someone can’t find parking, I recommend parking on Apple Lane. Lastly, they completely rob you of your security deposit. My roommate and I were not students. We were UCD employees and worked in Davis and Sacramento. We were not home often but always maintained a clean apartment. In fact, our apartment was used twice as a model apartment. The first time they came in and took pictures and the second time they brought in UCD Housing representatives to take a short tour to see what the apartments were like as they were considering renting out several units for UCD housing. After moving out, we learned that they were charging us the full amount for cleaning, painting and labor. I have NEVER had this experience. My roommate and I previously lived at The Colleges at La Rue for 4 years and received our full deposit back plus interest when we moved out. We have always been clean and made sure to thoroughly clean the apartment prior to moving out. Due to all of this, I will NEVER recommend this apartment to anyone. —LyndaLe

          * In response to the two statements above:

          We would like to thank Lynda and Sharon for allowing us to show your apartment throughout the year. We also invite you both to make an appointment to discuss your cleaning and painting charges and to clarify your rent owed from September 1 through the end of your lease.—KMSchultz