1935 Anderson Road, corner of Covell and Anderson
Daily 24-hour

They have both gas and food... what a treat!

This station's gas is routinely 15-20 cents higher than the nearby Arco AM/PM, but is competitive with the Shell station across the street. A benefit of this station is that they accept credit cards.

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2009-05-15 20:11:44   the guy here is an A**HOLE. i filled up but their credit machine was down and somehow he didnt have a "merchant id" to give to the computer. he made me go to the atm machine that charges me a fee + my bank a fee. He promised to repay that amount but then changed his mind to only the atm fee, not the bank fee. argued for a looooong time before he gave me the rest. he's super rude and acted as if it was my fault that my credit card was bad... even though it was obviously the machine. —julpham

2011-12-20 21:41:42   I have pulled to pump #1 twice now. I'm not sure about the other pumps, but there is never soap it this one. —Huck22