Panaramic view of our New Office

NEW LOCATION: 1411 W. Covell Blvd. Suite 103
In The Marketplace, on the Safeway side next to H&R Block
Mon: 10AM-6PM
Tues-Fri: 9AM-6PM
Sat: 10AM-6PM
Sun: By appointment
(530) 758-EYES (3937) / (530) 758-3937
Sara Niyati-Haddadan, O.D. & Laila Niyati, O.D.
Payment Methods
Visa, Mastercard, Debit card, Cash, Davis Dollars
July, 2007

Angel Eye Care & Family Optometry is a full scope optometry practice. Doctors Sara Niyati-Haddadan and Laila Niyati perform comprehensive adult eye exams, pediatric eye exams, contact lens fittings including color contacts, red eye evaluations, dry eye evaluations, and lasik consultations. They have many contact lens samples in stock; therefore in most cases, patients leave their office with a new sample pair of contacts in their new prescription on the same day as their appointment. With Acuvue Oasys contacts in stock, one can even purchase a year's supply and take it home immediately. They also have the latest trendy frames in stock and a friendly staff member is available to help pick out the frame that best fits your style and look. You can choose from dozens of frames as well as a variety of contact lenses. The office accepts nearly all vision insurances including Eyemed (undergrad and graduate vision insurance) and VSP (vision insurance to most faculty and staff at UC Davis).

They also offer one hour complementary glasses service at their new location for most prescriptions.

Angel Eye Care used to be located at 1321 W. Covell Blvd. Suite 120 in the Marketplace; now it is located just a few doors down from there.

Photos from previous location

To find out about other optometry practices in Davis, please visit our Optometrists page.

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2007-08-14 21:56:45   Dr. Sara, a UCD alumnus who grew up in Davis as I recall her telling me, was quite friendly and professional. I was even given a discount because I had no coverage of any kind (no benefits for the UCD casual postdoc-employee, it seems). I recommend this optometrical service. —MaviGozler

2007-08-24 12:12:11   The service was above and beyond what I expected, not to mention the awesome selection of frames. They actually treat you like they care about your eyes' health. My business will definately stay with them! —Lewis

2007-09-28 15:29:15   I had a really bad eye problem and came her just on a whim. She prescribed me some drops and it helped a lot. What sucks is they don't accept my insurance there. But they're really nice people and very helpful. They even fixed my broken glasses. They also have discounts for UCD students and have a 99 dollar deal for frames and lenses. —SteffanyLim

2007-10-12 22:44:08   I went to Angel Eyes last week for my eye exam because I heard they are the only place in Davis that actually carry trendy frames. Not only did I get what I was looking for, the Dr and staff were very nice and professional. I still get compliments on my frames! —Sonia

2008-03-29 22:56:06   I let to know Dr. Sara and Dr. Laila Niyati and can heartily recommend their “Angel Eye Care” - Family Optometry Office & Shop. I am actually a patient of the younger Dr. Laila which is really good optometrist and an exceptionally nice person.

I come from Europe (Germany) and wear the glasses -7.0D. I’ve never before accounted any problem there to find thin lenses for my glasses. However, after I came to the US, I had a really unpleasant experience with the other Davis optometrist, which prescribed me so thick lenses that I was almost ashamed to wear these glasses. Then, I found this Shop, when I was returning DVDs to a nearby BlockBaster in the Marketplace Shopping Mall. Dr. Laila worked out with me the different options, so that I can get the best frame and thin lenses for the price I pay. I was a bit afraid (having previous experience with “Helmus”) how it would look like at the end. But, now I can say that I am completely satisfied with the frame and a right choice of lens index (thinness).

Beside a large choice of the different very nice and fancy frames, sunglasses, contact lenses, they also offer a complete eyes exam and perfect very polite service. They accept the VSP Insurance and sometimes can offer a discount or you can find their discount coupons in Advertisements. Once again, to all foreigner students, postdocs, as well as, to everybody else who wants to find good Optometry Shop in Davis and get great service, I would say don’t look any further. Especially, for young guys and girls, I recommend Dr. Laila who is willing to work out with you on the esthetic issues. And I got my glasses done breezing-fast…

2008-06-24 05:56:22   I went in yesterday to look at frames in baggy/ scrub-like clothes and Dr. Sara (i think) treated me like their best client. I didn’t even know she was the doc until the very end when she formally introduced herself. She looks soooooo young to be a Dr. She was INCREDIBLY helpful and friendly! I have a wide face and most frames don’t look good on me so I was doubtful to find anything that would look ok on me by their small selections (in my opinion). But quantity wasn’t the case. Her experience made picking out frames very easy and fun. She was so helpful and gave great advice/opinion. She stayed open late for me too! I would recommend this place to everyone! —ILikeToEat

2008-08-09 13:23:40   I dont really care for this place. I went here for my eye exam a few weeks ago and had a horrible experience. The lady at the front desk was rude and didnt know anything about my insurance. One of the Drs had their baby in the office who was crying and I think that is EXTREMELY unprofessional!! Especially in a medical setting. The office is very tiny and they only have ONE exam room! With multiple Drs! I thought that was very unusual. It was unlike any experience I have ever had with an optometrist before, and I have been wearing glasses my entire life. (over 30 yrs). The Dr that I saw (the skinnier and I think younger one, since they both go by the same last name) was very nice, very helpful but not very knowledgable. I got the impression she was new and unexperienced. She was however very nice though. I will never go back here. —durangochick

2008-10-15 15:52:53   I went in for the first time since I got the VSP school insurance and Dr. Laila was great! She gave me a very thorough exam. There is also a good selection of frames here too. The staff was very helpful in helping me pick one. I always had difficulty picking out the right frame that fits my face and I finaly found one here! The frames are modern and trendy! —PSL

2008-12-18 15:38:14   I had an eye exam here and ordered a new pair of glasses. Everything went smoothly and I was notified promptly when my glasses came in. I don't know if it is standard procedure for other Optometrists but after my exam I received a copy of my prescription which I think is a very good thing to have. —ScottMorgan

2008-12-15 18:18:42   I find it VERY suspicious that no less than 2 of the reviews here (by Dragan and ILikeToEat) give positive reviews to Angel Eye Care and negative reviews to Helmus and Helmus (another optometrist) on the SAME DAY (check the log). Sonia's comment is also a first time post.

    For this reason I will NOT be going to Angel Eye Care. —DrWang

2009-04-15 19:50:09   The service was nice there. The doctor was professional (although she keep chewing on that piece of gum which I was somewhat annoyed) and she was nice. She gave me a detailed checkup on my eyes which was nice. However, the exam took longer than my usual eye doctor, which I don't mind sometimes, but I had a feeling that she knows that patients want a longer, more detailed exams (it makes them more likable). I came in for the second time for my eye dilation (at no additional cost), and it took 45 minutes from my schedule appointment. While waiting for my exam, I heard some jokes about their customers which I felt was unprofessional (from the front desk). I didn't really like that. Other than that, the doctor was really nice and one of the front desk clerks helped me choose a great frame.

I would come here again, for my next pair of glasses. I got my new pair of glasses in 7 days, which isn't too bad. The front desk clerk today was really nice today. He fixed my glasses so it would look good on my face. Thanks!

This place if you want a longer, perhaps a more detailed exam on your eyes —greencohort

2009-06-21 14:24:43   I have been going to kaiser my entire life and recently got married, and switched my insurance to be under my husbands job because he gets much better coverage than i did. I always HATED kaiser, kaiser is horrible ive always had horrible service and experience there. So i went to this "angel eye care" place thinking it couldnt get any worse than kaiser. well i was WRONG. i ordered glasses and it took almost 3 weeks for them to arrive, one of the lenses was scratched so i couldnt see out of it. the office was very small and i mean VERY SMALL. frame selection was ok, kaiser definetely had more, but this place more trendy. the day i went in for my eye exam, the receptionist was very rude, but i gve her the benefit of the doubt thinking maybe she was just having a bad day, but when i went in to pick up my glasses she was there again and rude again. she didnt smile at all, it was almost as if she was annoyed that she had to be there. the dr was nice though. oh and it was like 100 degress outside and i dont think they even had the air conditioner on. anyhow, i wouldnt go back there, id rather go back to kaiser. —passion4art

2009-06-26 00:23:20   This is a Reply to Passion4art. This is Dr. Sara, one of the optometrists in this office. So sorry that you had such a bad experience here. Sorry you didnt have a good encounter at the front reception. We take pride in our staff being friendly and nice so I think what you experienced was probably an exception not the norm. Usually our glasses dont take 3 weeks to come back and especially with the scratch. But occasionally, incidences do occur at the laboratory that delay things. At the very least, I hope we were able to repair the scratch for you since all lenses do come with a warranty. As far as the heat, we were having a stretch of a few days when our AC was broken and being repaired. But now the problem is fixed and we actually put in a new AC recently. -Dr. Sara —Dr.Sara

2009-06-26 23:06:28   I actually had my exam with Dr. Laila and she was super thorough. In fact, when I had trouble seeing out of my glasses because I'm freakishly blind, they gladly double-checked my prescription and re-did my glasses for free! It came back super fast. As for the staff, they are really professional. The receptionist is very cheerful and talkative. The really tall guy that helped me pick my glasses was very honest and straightforward. All in all, I had a pleasant experience! —deathstare

2009-07-14 16:52:27   In reply to Dr regards to the scratch, no I went somewhere else and explained the situation and they were nice enough to fix it for me, free of charge. I will NEVER step foot into your office again. And perhaps, if these incidences are occuring with the laboratory, you should think of using a different laboratory. And with your so called employee, maybe you should re-think that as well! Good Day —passion4art

2009-07-22 15:57:07   I have been going here for almost 2 years now after being referred by a friend. They are all really friendly, thorough, and they worked out a discount for me the last time I was there. The nose piece broke off of my favorite sunglasses, and I didn't know where else to take them. I took them here expecting to pay $20, and they replaced the nose piece for free! Great customer service in my book. And they're open Saturdays!

I really like Kaiser for my medical, but I'm sticking with these guys for my optometrist needs. —CWhitecot

2009-08-29 15:31:02   I went for a pretty comprehensive eye-exam; far more comprehensive than what I have had from long ago. The exam rooms seemed to be full of modern diagnostic equipment. Dr. Laila Niyati and Amir, the optometric technician, were incredibly nice and did very well explaining what was going on and my options. Amir was fantastic in helping to find me the perfect frames and working out my insurance (not VSP). Surprisingly what they had on their wall did not work for me so he fetched a hidden stash of frames. Within those I found ones I liked and looked great in. Talk about patience! I put the order in on a Tuesday and my glasses were available for pick-up by late Friday afternoon the same week. Nice. I'll be back eventually for some sun glasses, I think. —RyanMikulovsky

2009-10-11 15:36:43   never use this place they suck!!! —passion4art

2009-10-13 01:12:47   Please don't abuse the's too cool for this sort of behavior. —MaryamPessaran

2009-10-18 14:49:55   MaryamPessaran im not sure who ur talking to, but i can write whatever id like on here, thats what its for. im simply stating my opinion of the place and they truely suck! freedom of speech my friend —passion4art

2009-10-18 19:01:27   I had a pleasant time with the kind folks at Angel Eye Care. I live far away, so I don't have time to always head back home for my optometric needs. So I'm happy that I found an nice optometry place here in Davis! It is a very cozy, comfortable environment and the staff are very friendly and social! Dr. Niyati was very thorough during the exam and not at all intimating to converse or to ask questions with. She even allowed me to reschedule my dilation in consideration of my afternoon class(She's Aggie Alumni!). One of the staff helped me picked glasses and was very knowledgeable about my prescription and what type of frames to get (he was also honest about how I looked in them) it was like having a personal shopping assistant. He even tried to save me money by pulling out cheaper frames from the back! I'm already schedule for my next year's appt. (I guess depending on how SHIP will be next year). Great location in Davis, very authentic service here, I recommend it to everyone. —BeanMarine

2009-11-11 10:50:28   these guys are great! so nice when i came in for help with my eyes. the eye exam was professional and well done. they explained everything to me when i asked. i needed my glasses as soon as possible, so they rushed them for me. i am definitely recommending these guys to my friends who need new eye doctors here in davis! thanks!! —Millie

2009-12-30 15:41:51   I have recently visited Angel Eye Care for the 1st time and I have been very pleased with them. In fact my whole family has now gone to them and all have had very positive things to say. The office is nice, clean and with modern equipment. We found the frame selection to be more than adequate. The waiting area is on the small side but that is not a problem. What struck me most was the exceedingly pleasant and friendly atmosphere. I have been seen by both Dr. Sara & Dr. Laila and both were very thorough and very nice. The gentlemen up front (can't remember his name - sorry)who assists you with your frames was also very nice and helpful. I would recommend them if you are looking for eye care —danhaass

2010-01-30 12:05:09   I've been a patient here for the past few years. They accept SHIP insurance here, and they take the time to explain your insurance coverage to you. I wear contact lenses, and I also purchased a pair of glasses here. The front desk receptionist was very professional and spent a lot of time helping me find a new pair of glasses. They actually have a great selection of frames (I didn't expect this because the office is small). —djnejad

2010-02-06 13:12:08   Within the last week I think we've interacted with the entire office staff of Angel. I have ONLY positive things to say about ALL of them. We were greeted by a friendly office manager, Tracy, who took care of coordinating THREE eye insurances for myself and my daughter. My daughter was seen by Dr. Laila and I was seen by Dr. Sara. I've been to may eye doctors in my lifetime and I can honestly say that these two were as good as they get. My daughter has an "unusual" eye history and we've been only somewhat able to get one of here eyes corrected properly. The last eye doctor told us there was no need to treat it because she would never have much vision in that eye. Dr. Laila said that that thinking was no longer always right. She prescribed a lens for my daughter that she would be able to wear and decided to monitor her progress over time and adjust it as necessary. Its been almost a week and her eye IS being responding to the correction. Because what she is wearing is so comfortable, she's wearing the lenses when in the past, that's been a big problem. I agree with another writer that their selection of glasses is excellent. Amir, the optician, was helpful in selecting a frame for my daughter (a teenager) and me (a middle aged woman who looks like a bug in glasses) and we were both VERY happy. In fact, both of us felt we had quite a few choices in a number of price ranges. It was awesome! We'll be back and I'll recommend this place to others! —toriac

2010-02-08 15:19:46   Exceptional service! Angel Eye Care was very professional and provided me with contacts and glasses. I didnt feel rushed at all, and I felt educated about the product I was receiving. I will most certainly recommend them to my friends. You guys rock!! —Shahriar

2010-04-05 14:30:46   I bought my glasses from here a little over a year ago and I love my glasses. I went for my annual check-up in January and I received great service. I believe I met with Dr. Laila and she was really friendly and answered all my questions (from laser eye surgery to contacts to tips on taking care of eyes). As for selection of glasses, I thought it was good. I'm the kind of person who has trouble deciding when there's too many choices. —geezlouisexyz

2010-04-24 22:45:00   Today I went to Angel Eyecare for the first time. It took me two hours. But not because they were slow, because it took me so long to find a pair of glasses that I liked. They were so patient, and helpful, and never tried to rush me or anything. They even gave me their own honest opinion about which glasses looked best, and if you have SHIP then you will save so much money. Thank you so much Angel Eyecare, I really enjoyed my first optometry appointment here in Davis! - Isabel C —isabelnc

2010-04-29 00:26:24   i am an optician and working on this field for long time....regards to my experiences... They have the best eye exam and services,best frame selections with the best prices you can have your glasses in one day if you are in a hurry..they are very friendly and helpful and honest...i really like this place and Dr.sara and Dr.laila and lovely front desk..GOOD LUCK —amirhero

2010-07-16 13:37:28   Last week, I walked in off the street, having lost a screw to my glasses. The optician genuinely welcomed my problem and immediate need for a fix (I'm not a patient here). She would not accept payment and returned my glasses with a lovely smile. I was grateful for this gesture and would recommend their services be tried. Generally this demeanor comes from the top down. Thank you! —anthonysoranno

2010-07-23 17:13:10   great service. overpriced frames. i purchased gucci frames for $290 and I have ship through ucd and got $130 off of that. The frame costs $170 in other places, then i could have had part of that covered by ship. —cobugi

2010-08-12 23:48:16   I had my first visit here just today and wanted to say that it was a great experience. The eye exam was thorough, the doctor was very friendly and knowledgeable, and the staff was also very friendly and welcoming. Keep up the good work. —DHuey

2010-09-03 13:58:28   Wonderful staff, extremely down to earth and personable. As I understand the two Dr's come from a line of family optometrists. Very knowledgeable and professional. Nothing but an incredibly positive experience. Thanks, —ScottMiller

2010-09-10 11:38:51   Positives: I had an appointment at Angel Eye Care yesterday and I will likely continue going back for future checkups and problems. All of the workers were friendly and approachable, the wait was not long, and Dr. Laila was very thorough with all of my mentioned issues. In fact Dr. Laila performed eye checks I hadn't had since I was a small child (which I needed!) and found some problems that my previous optometrist hadn't noticed last year (despite going to him multiple times). Her persistence got me the answers I needed, and better yet she made everything very clear and didn't try to push any options on me—I need a very small prescription and she let me choose whether to have it filled or not instead of pushing for me to get glasses so they could make money or something.

Negatives: The down side is that the selection of frames at Angel eye is VERY limited. They have about three racks of glasses to choose from, and many of the glasses are simply that same frames in different colours or patterns. If you're looking for black square frames, circular silver frames, or girly-rectangles, this place might have what you're looking for, but if that's not you I would check out frames elsewhere.

Overall: I will definitely go back for eye appointments here, but I will find my actual frames elsewhere.

2010-09-11 08:27:59   I first started going to Angel Eye Care when I couldn't get an appt at Helmus for several weeks. I love Angel Eye Care because I can get an appt on short notice. Plus they are the only optometrist in Davis (that I know of) that is open on Saturday. So now my whole family goes here. The two sister optometrists are so nice and down-to-earth. I know I will stay here of life! —musicamyl

2010-09-25 04:02:14   Does anyone have an email address for Angel Eye Care? I'm out of the country, and it is easier for me to email than to call. Thanks! —MaiaMatalon

2010-09-27 12:36:40   Hi MaiaMatalon ,The E-mail address is and here is the website/// Have a good one.

2010-11-17 21:17:35   After reading all the positive reviews for Angel Eye Care, I decided to come get my eyes checked here. The last time I had my eyes checked was 15 years ago and vision care gets taken out of my paycheck so I decided to make use of my company's benefits. I scheduled an appointment online and received a response the next day for a checkup the following day. I was pleasantly surprised at the fast response and how easy and pain-free it was to schedule an appointment. I didn't know what my vision care provider was, but they looked it up for me which made things much easier for me. Angel Eye Care is a small building in the Marketplace complex, and while the office is a bit small, it's cozy and very welcoming. Everything is neatly placed including the magazines, which at other offices are usually stacked and scattered everywhere. The receptionist was very friendly and professional. I had Dr. Laila Niyati examining me and she was so friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. She is a former Aggie as well, which is a plus! The exam was quick, but thorough and I was glad to learn that my eyesight isn't that bad and that I do not have any impending eye disorders! I had the appointment during my lunch break so I couldn't stay for the pupil dilation exam, but I was told that I could come back again to have my examination finished. I don't know if their selection of frames are limited or abundant for optometrist office standards, but I do know that they offer name brand frames like Gucci or Oakley. I would definitely recommend Angel Eye Care. —BenLee

2010-12-28 10:25:12   This place is COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL, and I strongly suggest you LOOK ELSEWHERE. I had an appointment at 10:30am. I showed up a few minutes early, and it was readily apparent that I was the only patient there. I wait around until about 10:40am wondering why I haven't been seen if there aren't any other patients. The phone rings, and the secretary has a conversation with Dr. Sara. Dr. Sara was still AT HOME! The secretary informs her that there's a patient waiting and that she should get there ASAP. Based on what I hear the secretary say, they talk a couple minutes more about what kind of appointment I have. Does it matter?? Shouldn't she have immediately left when she realized that there was a patient waiting? Why didn't she know that there was an appointment scheduled? The secretary hangs up and I ask what I'm waiting for. I'm told that I'm waiting for Dr. Sara because she's still at home. So I tell the secretary how unprofessional the situation is and that I'm incredibly displeased. Judging by her reaction, as well as the other employee's, Dr. Sara regularly shows up late to appointments. (This was confirmed later — "hundreds of times") The secretary calls Dr. Sara back to ask her how long she's going to be...and Dr. Sara still hasn't left her home! Unreal. So I walk out. — Dr. Sara called me roughly 30 minutes later and started by asking, "So I heard you had some troubles with your appointment this morning?" REALLY? She's going to act as though she doesn't know what happened?! Incredible. She then continues to insult my intelligence by deflecting the conversation away from the fact that she was late, instead talking about what kind of appointment I signed up for. Enough was enough, so I called her out on her manipulative actions and hung up the phone. — Look, I can understand that doctors run late, and that a certain amount of waiting is expected. But it's one thing to wait if the doctor falls behind by seeing multiple patients. It's another thing entirely to wait because the doctor doesn't feel the need to show up on time. That shows that Dr. Sara thinks that her time is more valuable than mine, and that's completely disrespectful. And then to call and pretend that nothing's wrong is...well...I'll say no more. —MusicGuy

  • 2011-01-17 07:58:05   MusicGuy, I am sorry about your experience. I do know that Dr Sara has a new baby and is working part-time. I think if they had explained why she was late to you, then you may have been more understanding. —musicamyl

2011-03-12 13:03:12   First time here, everyone was really friendly! Sharon did an amazing job helping me pick out the right frames for my face. I would recommend. —PhillipC

2011-04-26 23:49:33   These guys were great. I wish I got my eyes check here, but I only bought my glasses here. They accept SHIP, which is what I have. They also have a good selection of glasses, which was what I was looking for. The staff was also really helpful. —LizS

2011-07-29 14:05:24   I'd like to start off by saying that this is my first online comment on a business, and that I am genuinely not in the habit of writing reviews in either praise or dissatisfaction. With that said, the staff here has been very nice and personable so far. They were very patient in helping me to pick out glasses frames and the assistant did a thorough eye exam. They called me in a timely manner when my glasses came in. However, I they will not have my business in the future. The doctor was an hour late to my 10:15am appointment— the assistant did preliminary exams and then shuffled me off to look at lens frames, where I proceeded to wait until Dr. Sara finally showed up at around 11:20am. When I went back to pick up my glasses, I put them on and they felt like I had two fisheye lenses on either eye, it was extremely uncomfortable and gave me an instant headache. There is a lot more that I could say on the subject, but the bottom line is that they are adamant against giving me a refund (is this common?), and unfortunately I have to keep going back and deal with "refitting" that pair of awful glasses until I give up and just take them home. —Kohana

2011-07-31 09:23:07   This is the first place other than Costco that I came to so that I could have a check-up on my eyes, and my visit was EXCELLENT. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone. Sharon was very kind, helpful,and personable. Dr. Sara is the same, and is also very receptive to what patients have to say (in the past I had doctor's who could care less what I had to say, and I hate that!). The gentleman in the front was also very kind and helpful. For a guy the selection was more than enough and I found some very nice looking glasses. The pricing is great. The experience here was welcoming, homely, and overall enjoyable. —RogerDelaCruz

2011-11-09 11:45:38   I do not like this place at all. They tend to rob people of their money (not literally of course). I've been there three times: the first time with my boyfriend, the second time on my own, and third time recently. The first time I went with my boyfriend to so that he can get prescription for glasses and contacts. They were upset that he requested to just change the lens of his previous glasses, instead of just repurchasing a whole new frame. My boyfriend was persistent that he refused any service but that. When we picked up his glasses, we found the the lens were way too strong for him and that the glasses frame does not fit him like previously. The reply from the people there was "it's your fault, it came that way we can't do anything about it." The second time I went on my own I had an appointment with Laila, she gave me a wonderful experience. She didn't push for the fact that I didn't want to buy glasses with them because I only bought contacts. The third and recent time I went, I was seen by Dr. Sara. I DID NOT LIKE HER AT ALL. I waited for about forty minutes in the front because she was too busy walking around doing absolutely nothing. All the people there have such horrible attitude. The time that I spent there, I observed their behavior towards their customers. The receptionist was completely rude off the charts. Every time someone called and came in, when either they were on hold (on the phone) or if they walked out the door, she was say a rude/disrespectful about that client. The unprofessional attitude is not just limited from the receptionist, Dr. Sara and another male doctor demonstrated the same behavior towards their clients the moment they walk out the door. During my exam, Dr. Sara kept pushing me to make another appointment for next year. Even when I refused because I was unsure of my schedule, she scheduled me anyway! Then she kept pushing me to buy glasses after I told her I only want to purchase contacts. She gave me an attitude, "oh it's part of your insurance they pay $120 take it or leave it!"(very manipulative) When I left the exam room, she edged me towards the glasses. I ended up purchasing glasses anyway, and coughed up a lot for the lenses and frames (Almost all their frames had a minimum cost of $159 [Well, actually there were only a handful that was under $200, this is not even including the price for lenses which would be 110+]). I know glasses and the glasses' lenses are expensive in general, but I felt like she knew that regardless of whatever glasses I pick, I would end up paying a lot for it (because of the lenses and whatever left after the insurance). She also tried to push me to buy the more expensive lenses afterwards. Back to the point, this place is so unprofessional. I feel like they only try their best to milk you for you money, and if you refuse or show some signs of not liking their attitude, they have a rampant smack talk the moment you walk out of the there. Horrible. If you do decide to choose this place, try making an appointment with Laila, but I don't know how she really is because my appointment with her last year was very brief but by far way better than Dr.Sara.—icq

2012-01-30 13:41:21   Greetings! Thanks to all who have taken the time to write about your experiences. We LOVE and appreciate reading all the positive reviews and they give us encouragement and fuel to do more and even better. Although we are disheartened by the not-so-positive reviews, we actually use them as feedback to improve and to reevaluate the status quo as our primary concern here is professionalism and excellent patient service and satisfaction. Our apologies go out to most recent reviewer, icq for feeling pressured. Our intention is never to charge patients more. On the contrary, we are always working out ways with coupons, rebates, discounts and such to reduce cost for our patients. Our intention in suggesting the best products is to keep our patients in the latest and greatest technology. We leave it up to our patients to decide what makes the most sense for their individual circumstances. Thanks again for entrusting us with your eyecare. We view this as a priviledge to be providing eyecare to the community. Happy New Year to all! We look forward to continuing to provide quality eye care for all in 2012!!!

2012-04-02 09:32:59   I've had great experiences with Angel Eye Care. I've seen both Dr. Sara and Dr. Laila and they have both been very helpful, especially with all the questions I've had about getting contacts and how best to afford them. I was hesitant to switch to daily contacts because of the price, but the doctors and staff called my insurance company and made sure I got the best deal possible. They made sure I saved an extra $150 that I didn't know I could save, and still give a student discount when I go in. I'll definitely be going back (probably this week) for future eye care! —KatieSahyouni

2012-06-01 12:28:03   I've been here for 3 eye exams and also got 2 pairs of glasses from Angel Eye Care (since 2010). In all my times going, the staff have been very professional and friendly; they also allow you to do certain steps first if there is another patient in— i.e. browse the selection, buy new frames, do the initial tests while you wait; this decreases the actual time spend in the office which is a big plus. The employees/receptionist are also nice and courteous and call you for the standard reminders, glasses pick up etc. I also got to play with there iPad once while I was waiting... I definitely recommend students to go here. —tyang

2012-08-24 16:26:48   Drs Sara and Laila are the best, in addition to being so competent and sweet! Traci at the front dek is amazing too! Always remembers my name! All the assistants are friendly and helpful too! Very fair pricing! —ClaudiaPearson

2012-10-02 22:40:09   I am not a patient here and visited for the first time today. I no longer live in Davis and was back visiting friends when I discovered the nose pad on my glasses had fallen off and was missing. Since I knew this place was close to my friends I went over. Not only did they fix my glasses free of charge, they completely tuned them up. They replaced both nose pads, adjusted all the screws and hinges and even adjusted the fit, all complimentary. The staff was very friendly. I'd recommend them. —Hastings1066

2012-10-19 14:56:21   Hi Guys.. This is an update to my previous comment. My glasses felt heavy and were not a good fit for me. Dr.Laila let me have a new frame after I paid the extra on the new frame. This was very kind of her. My new frame has not come yet. They have been very kind and professional. —DivyaAiyar

2013-02-15 09:03:49   I recently wanted prescription sunglasses. I had a pair of my own and wanted Angel eye care to use that. They were very nice about it. They told me all the details up front. After getting my sunglasses, they were too tight and Dr. Laila and Seth made every effort possible to make them comfortable. Despite the frame not being bought from their store, they fixed it. They also mentioned that these frames were harder to widen since the plastic was not flexible. Regardless of the limitations of the frame, they tried to widen it and were successful. Seth is also a really nice person who tries to listen and deliver. Thank you. —DivyaAiyar

2013-03-23 17:00:31   We are proud to announce that we have recently relocated to our new location. In our new location we have added one more exam room to help with our patient flow. We have also brought in a greater frame selection and more frame brands including Coach, Prada, Prodesign and Ray Bans due to popular demand. We now carry wider inventroy of stock lenses and can complete most single vision eyeglass jobs in one hour! We look forward to continuing to provide quality eye care in our new location! Feel free to stop by to pay us a visit! —AngelEye

2013-05-09 16:27:42   It was a rainy afternoon. I was a broke college student rushing around Davis desperately looking for an eyeglass repair kit. Local stores weren't any help at all. This was my only pair of glasses, and the tricky hinge had a really strong spring tucked inside. I clumsily tried fixing it with any tool I could find, but I only ended up making them problem worse. I was about to give up and resort to patching it with electrical tape when I spotted Angel Eye Care. I decided to give it a shot. When I walked in I looked like an absolute mess. After asking if they sold any repair kits. The staff smiled, asked to have a look at it and began to go to work. When the first staffer had a little trouble fixing it, she even called over others to help fix my frame. And the charge for their time, skill and parts? Absolutely nothing! They fixed it for free. And ever since then I've been going to Angel Eye Care. There's rarely a long wait, their disposition is professional and their prices are reasonable. Good people all-around. —wikiparker

2013-07-12 11:56:23   I recently had an eye exam at Angel Eye Care and had an awesome experience. I waited no more than 5 minutes before the doctor saw me, and dr. Sara was really friendly and knowledgeable. She was the first eye doc who really took the time to explain to me the condition of my eyes. They have an awesome frame selection with reasonable prices (hard to find around town!) . Icing on the cake was my new ray-bans were ready in just 2 days. I found my optometrist! —JglzB

2014-06-16 10:43:55   Cowell Student health center couldn't give me an eye exam appointment for 2 months and I was on my last pair of old and over-worn grimy contacts. Fortunately, I found Angel Eye care & Family Optometry. They saved my life! They accept SHIP insurance! The receptionist booked my appointment for the SAME DAY. Dr. Laila Niyati is so caring, knowledgeable, compassionate and attentive. Everyone who works there is so friendly and nice. Dr. Niyati even gave me a free sample pair of contacts to tie me over until my boxes of contacts arrived. Thank you so much- I found my optometrist in Davis! —AliRaisdana