635 Anderson Road, Suite 13B
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Monday - Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
(530) 304-2710
Ann Kelleher
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***Please note: Due to a full client load, my practice is currently closed to new clients. I will update this page when the situation changes.***

Massage therapy is many things to many people. You may be looking for relief from neck and shoulder pain after prolonged computer use. You may find that the increased circulation from massage allows you to recover faster from sports training and recreational activities. Or you may look forward to massage as a way to manage stress and find it to be a time of relaxation and renewal.

Ann's goal as a massage therapy practitioner is to listen closely and adapt each session to meet her client's needs to the best of her ability.

Ann's clients say that her skills and intuition in the application of Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage meet their highest expectations for satisfaction.

Ann offers affordable rates and student discounts. Standard rates: 60-minute massage $75, 90-minute $110, series of 3 60-minute massages $210, 2 90-minute massages $210. First-time Client rates: Consultation and 60-minute massage $75.

You can visit Ann's website for additional information.


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2009-08-04 15:50:23   I had a full body massage on 8.3.09. The environment was very relaxing and Ann employed excellent massage techniques. She communicates well and made sure I was receiving the most out of the massage therapy session. I am a competitive cyclist and look forward to seeing how massage therapy can add to my cycling career. I will definitely incorporate massage therapy into my schedule. —MicheleFeikert

2009-08-04 22:00:21   My massage with Ann was amazing! Ann is very professional, we first had a thorough "check-in" conversation covering my expectations and my specific needs/condition, then followed a great massage. Ann applies the perfect amount of pressure: it's there when you need it, and it's subtle when you want it to be so, all thanks to the right amount of communication through the massage. I am dealing with pelvis/hips problems affecting my knee and my cycling and running. Ann's massage helped me loosen up and my knee felt much better afterward. Looking forward to a regular massage from Ann. —SandrineJ

2012-01-12 15:22:46   Ann is a fantastic massage therapist. Her extensive knowledge of human anatomy, along with her intuition allows her to work on all the right "knots". Her technique is highly effective, ranging from gentle to deep pressure. I appreciate her series package of 3 massages, truly an awesome value. I highly recommend Ann!


2012-04-03 10:18:04   Ann gave me an excellent massage. She was responsive, observant, and communicative the whole time, so that the massage was continually tailored towards my tastes and my needs. My needs, in this case, was relief from some serious knots and aches I'd racked up at my computer. Ann's massage relaxed me, worked out most of my tension, and reset me after a week of hard work. I came in barely wanting to sit up, and I left feeling like a million bucks! I visited her at Gerner Chiropractic, and the environment was energetic, fun, and welcoming. I'll definitely go back. —spulford

2013-09-30 13:17:57   I got a massage from Ann after running a marathon. She was very communicative, making sure I was getting the treatment I wanted. I preferred to be mashed pretty hard and Ann was strong enough to do it. We also discussed the effects running was having on my system and how to keep healthy. —ScottB