This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.



G & 2nd Street, Downtown Davis

Stiller's Antique Bizzare was a bar and grill in the Hotel Aggie, in business from around 1968 through the early 1980s. It replaced Debo's Pizza, and in turn was replaced by La Esperanza. "The AB" was a forerunner for The Grad (table styles) and Cabo (food and ambiance). The "Circle AB," (later, Pine Trails) was related.

The AB had great food, especially "Bobby's Chilli," BIG baskets of fries, onion rings, big bar burgers, and pizza. It was also quite dark, with candles in wine bottles on long, heavy tables, with benches for seating. As the name suggests, the place was decorated with curiosities of olden times. The establishment was founded by Don Frank and later owned by Milt and Jane Eberle who owned the hotel.



The Antique Bizarre hosted lots of music. Acts included:

• Bill Mahoney

• Cold Shot

• Scott van Ling

• The Family Tree (Law School)

• The Knobs

• The Vet School Band

• The Cheap Suit Serenaders (R. Crumb's band)

• Urban Action


Flier from a show in the 1980s

Other entertainment

The venue held open mic nights and Sunday night movie events. There was a selection of board games inside as well in addition to pool tables.

Related venues

Other establishments on G Street at the time included the Wooden Ship (Froggy's), Honorable Gee's, The Club, and The Abby. Mousie's was located on F Street.


A post outside the front door was where "rowdies got wrapped around," as one wiki contributor put it.