Floating weightlessly is wonderful for pregnant mothers. 



1418 Colgate Drive , East Davis
By appointment only
530 219-5118
Laurie Loving, MSW
Payment Methods
Cash, check or Davis Dollars at time of service

Aquatic Massage is run by Laurie Loving, M.S.W. She is certified as a Watsu Practitioner by the Worldwide Aquatic Bodyworkers Association. She trained in massage at the Massage Therapy Institute in Davis. Aquatic massage relieves her own symptoms from fibromyalgia, a pain and fatigue syndrome. Her intention is to co-create with you an environment of safety, trust, and healing.

Warm water (96 degrees) relaxes tight muscles and allows your spine and joints to move freely. Clinical studies have shown that Watsu is beneficial for stress relief and chronic pain and stiffness conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinson's, stroke, and more. Recipients love the relief they feel from pain, stiffness, and emotional tension.

Services are provided in a warm therapy pool in the backyard of a private home in East Davis. The pool is  enclosed in a tall, white yurt  surrounded by tropical plants that add additional privacy and beauty. The water  is sanitized with an ultraviolet light and 10% of the usual chlorine for sparkling, clear water.


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2013-04-09 16:41:25   Watsu with Laurie is a loving gift for yourself or anyone else you cherish. The experience is intriguing- simultaneously and profoundly safe, soothing, and intimate. The aesthetics, especially at sundown, are as beautiful and relaxing as the rest of the treatment. Thank you!! —NatalieBenjamin

2015-03-06 11:44:29   I had never experienced Watsu before and it's hard to describe how amazing the experience was. Laurie is incredibly calming and her touch is very therapeutic -- mentally and physically. Having a massage while being weightless in warm water takes relaxation to a whole different level. For a period during the massage I wasn't even aware of where I was -- just floating in space. After the massage, I was so relaxed and all the tension from working on a computer 40+ hours a week was completely gone. I definitely recommend Laurie to anyone who has physical pains or would just like an unbelievably relaxing massage experience. Thank you and I can't wait to come back! —pachay55


2015-04-24 17:40:22   Laurie is a amazing Watsu practitioner. As a massage practitioner myself (and the daughter of a CMT), I am very careful and selective of who I go to for massage/bodywork. Watsu (shiatsu + warm water!) is a great combination of in-water stretches and relaxation and healing of the mind and body. I have been a client for about a year now and definitely recommend Laurie to anyone interested in Watsu! —inthisepisode