common collage style, with stamping & puzzle pieces

Artist Trading Cards: ATCs

ATCs = Artist Trading Cards (aka "Art Cards") = small (2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inch) works of art which are created by one person and exchange with another ATC-maker. These little treasures are never sold, only traded (or gifted). Lois Richter and Phyllis DeHaven worked for six months on the first-ever public ATC Exchange in our region (22 Sept. 2005). It was preceded by three ATC-making classes in August, a workshop in early September, a Davis Enterprise article, and lots of flyers and announcements. More than 20 people came to the Exchange — most with at least a few cards to trade — and there was enough interest in an ongoing ATC group that two more 2005 swaps were planned and a new club was formed early in 2006. Call Lois or Phyllis for current info about the ATC Exchange Club of Northern California.

Here are some examples of ATCs (The first set of images are all ATCs made by Lois Richter. Other artists are invited to add their own ATCs below.)

in Lois' 'Alphabet' series,"I" in ink & water-color pencil

reduced print of acrylic painting

see-thru painting = faux stained glass

in Lois' 'Balance' series, ink & water-color pencil

LineArt from Lois' original red rose photo

construction paper collaged over Lois' SF photo

digitally- captioned photo

Lois' plain photo of a rare sunworshipping Mocha cat!

embossed metal, colored with alcohol inks

more from Lois' embossed metal series

Lois' embossed metal 'Aspen Leaf'

Lois sometimes uses acrylics to color these

Other ATCs made by local Davis artists:

    embellished stamped face by Autumn L-R

    stamped/strung collage by Autumn Labbe-Renault

    photo by Phyllis DeHaven

    digital collage by Anne Hance

    pop-up collages by Cindy Marko (as displayed in Calgary show)

    'Samoyeds' = hand-carved stamp, painting, & collage by Laurel Bennett


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2010-03-27 08:19:18   I dropped a half dozen one time around 2005ish, one of which was for the wiki, all with an ATC notice on the back on the table at the downtown Espresso Roma. Anybody pick them up? Another was a flower, another a crown, and a couple abstract items. All were watercolor and Sharpie marker on almond cardstock. None were terribly good; I enjoy painting and drawing for the sake of making, and I do not have innate talent nor have I ever put serious discipline into it. —JabberWokky