204 F Street in Suite E, above Starbucks
Tues-Sat 10 am-8 pm
Jennifer ?
Payment Method
Cash or Cheques

A great place in Downtown Davis, nicely decorated with water fountain, candy treats, drinks, two tables, and a very relaxing atmosphere. Will work around your busy schedule. Ask for Jennifer, she would love to have you as a new customer.

Jennifer describes her technique as, "I trained in Asia so I bring both the Asian and American techniques to the massage table. Please come for a relaxing hour. $60/hour, worth your troubles. Give me a try today".

The sign, which can be spotted outside Starbucks, mentions a student discount of $45.

There have been Craigslist postings implying that she does more than massage. BarbaraClowers called her and discovered that, although her English is imperfect, she does not appear to offer anything sexual, implying that the Craigslist posting was an attempt at garnering harassment.


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2007-05-25 17:25:13   Paid for an hour, got only a 50 minute massage. Never going back there again! Also, she only takes cash, and makes you pay upfront. —BillyBudd

2007-10-13 18:09:04   Sign said $46/hr for students. I went in and she said that it's now $50. Had to pay upfront cash only. Massage lasted only 50 minutes and was not very strong... so I left just as tense as when I arrived. Also, as I was leaving she asked if I had a tip for her. After paying $50 for a lame 50 minute rub down, I definitely did not have a tip for her. Not recommended. Go elsewhere. —Teny

2008-06-06 04:32:32   Pretty terrible massage (4/10) and after flipping on my back, lady started rubbing my private area asking "you want massagy" and it all made sense.. if she didnt look like my friends' 50 year old moms I would have less to complain about. I guess it all depends on your taste, but I wouldn't pay 50 dollars for an old lady to perform that kind of service on me. —ucdjimjim

2009-01-13 18:57:18   My husband bought me a $50 gift certificate last year. I tried to use it a few months later, and they would not honor it because "Jenny" no longer works there. What a waste!!! —jodiane

2009-04-26 20:47:19   April 2009. I noticed the sign was gone the other day and walked up the stairs to Suite E. This massage parlor is no longer in business.