Davis is full of senseless acts of beauty.

Rowe Place and 5th Street. Just east of the Dairy Queen in the westbound lane.. — JasonAller

Bet you thought there was only one, huh? - AllisonEriksen


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I saw these everyday on my way to work one summer a few years ago! I had wondered if anyone else knew about them. My guess is that some fellow working on the road had a girlfriend living nearby and decided to leave a message for her. —BarnabasTruman

Actually, a heart shape is a primitive shape. Imagine two oblongs intersecting at right angles, or a square with 1/4 removed, or the intersection of two mirror spirals. Such a wonderful shape. Noticing the water utility covers, it was pretty obvious these were utilitarian constructions -they didn't have much choice. —SteveDavison

Er, have you taken a close look at the two pictures? The bottom one, sure, I can buy that it was just the most convenient shape for covering three utility covers in that arrangement. But notice that the top one is distinctly, and almost certainly deliberately, formed into the pointed shape associated with a heavily stylized heart. —BarnabasTruman