What is An Athena’s Home Novelties Party?

Ever been to a Tupperware or Jewelry party? Athena’s parties are very similar but with a bit of an exciting twist. Our parties are for ADULTS ONLY!

When you host an Athena’s Home Novelties Party, I will come to your home and tastefully present a wide variety of products, from our catalog. Some of the items include Bath products, sensual massage lotions, books, movies, games, and of course romance enhancers and bedroom toys. You will have the opportunity to taste, touch and learn about all the products before you buy.

Athena’s parties are fun, entertaining and even a little educational. It’s the perfect idea for a girls’ night or bachelorette party. I am also available for couple's, jack & jill, gay, or lesbian parties.

The best part is that when you host a party, it doesn’t cost you anything. You actually receive FREE PRODUCTS!

E-mail AthenasByMeagan@yahoo.com to reserve your party date & time


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2005-10-05 12:49:06   Is there a minimum purchase requirement? If no one wants to buy anything, what happens? —JackHaskel

2006-07-19 15:58:29   I've been to two of these parties and they're alot of fun! —CatStarr

2006-07-19 17:14:19   Hey Athena! Would you be interested in donating some product to promote & raise money for the wiki? We're having a fundraiser at the end of next week and your company would get a mention during the giveaway! —AlphaDog

2007-05-14 19:51:45   I would love to sell sex toys to a gay crowd or to couples. How can I get in the action? I live in new york city. —zumanimone