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Atlantis was a small video game arcade that existed Downtown near a competing business known as The Library. Atlantis was on G Street where Tibet Nepal is today. Had mostly older 'classic' games. If you got a red-painted quarter from the change machine, you got ten free plays!


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2011-08-08 12:54:28   As I posted on The Library page, rumor was this place was owned by some Nevada-based casinos, looking to cash in on the video arcade frenzy. Never heard if this rumor was true, but this place only lasted a couple years (at most) in the mid-80's. —OldDavis73

2012-08-13 23:57:29   It was open from 1982 to 1985. After it closed an auction was held there to sell the games; don't know who got them- I had expected The Library to get many of them but I think they only got one or two that I can recall. It was smaller than The Library but cleaner, and many younger kids' parents would allow them to go to Atlantis but not The Library since it was dirtier and had a reputation for fights breaking out there (I was once pushed aside by someone there after my friend had said something stupid.) Some preferred The Library because it had no windows and few lights; Atlantis had windows everywhere as well as ceiling lights so that caused glare on the game screens.

They actually had mostly newer (at the time) games when it opened, but around 1984 added some older games in a section called the "Play All Day Room" where they were set for 2 or more games per token.

A clothing store called "Body Sense" opened soon after Atlantis closed, and there was at least one other business there before Tibet Nepal opened. —AlanSmithee

2020-03-01 22:41:14   I grew up in Davis in the 80s -- I remember "Atlantis" its last year. My Dad took my brother and I to the arcades during the mid-80s. It was a fun time. $5 would go a long way. Only went to "Atlantis" a few times before it closed. Visited "Atlantis", "the Library" and one that's not listed here "Galaxy" that was in the small strip mall next to 7-11 on L St. "Galaxy" went out of business around 1986. or so. The Library remained open for quite awhile longer Also visited the MU alot playing Street Fighter when it came out around 1987 or so.. —pc95