👓 Grand Opening, July 2019! Open now! 🎊

2019 Anderson Rd Ste C, Davis (click to go to Google maps navigation)

Open Monday to Friday from 9 to 5


(530) 756-5050

👓 https://bakereyes.com/

Dr. Baker

Dr. Baker has been happily providing eye related care to the Davis community since 2009.  He and his wife met when they were students at UC Davis and decided to make Davis their home, both working for several years at the university after undergrad before making a temporary move to Berkeley. After Dr. Baker completed optometry school at UC Berkeley, they moved back to Davis and started a family with two wonderful girls who are growing way too fast.

Dr. Baker and his lovely family

Dr. Baker on the Davis Wiki

>>> Dr. Baker answered a lot of eye care questions on the Eye Questions page! Check it out.

Their logo on the new office

The Baker team! A warm welcome of Dr. Baker, Lisa, Lea, Kristina, Susana, and Jerrie!

New Location

Location Baker Optometry

Their office, courtesy COTheir office, courtesy CO

After 10 years in downtown Davis, Dr. Baker is moving to his new office at 2019 Anderson Road, Suite C, which opened for business on June 17, 2019.  He will be providing the same quality care and services at his new location in the Covell Professional Center (corner of Anderson and Covell). Dr. Baker is working hard to ensure a smooth transition for his patients so that continuity of care will not be disrupted.

What We Do

Comprehensive and efficient eye care for the whole family.

Our Philosophy

We believe in providing professional services that are enjoyable for both you and us. We love what we do and hope that you will too!

Eye Examination 

Comprehensive exams, referral management, vision and medical insurance made easy.


Wide selection of stylish, comfortable, functional frames with professional services to ensure your best vision possible.


Contact lenses to match your lifestyle




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2019-07-21 20:20:06   Please stop having people spam the front page to advertise your business —DavisWikiEditor530

Hey you, anonymous Wiki user/editor, please don't make unfair comments and false accusations towards the Baker Office, and respond on content (read the explanation I gave to you on your User page), not on your underbelly feeling. I do have an idea where you are coming from though, but I don't think you like it when I spell it out. And I wouldn't, because I am fact-based. I need "evidence" first. 


2019-07-21 23:52:22   So, I visited the new Baker Office recently and was helped very friendly and quickly, and I even saw some familiar faces! I have terrible myopia (think in numbers like -7,-8,-9...) and reading glasses are also needed when using lenses. I remember when first coming to Davis in 2011 and having to choose an optometrist, I surfed around and chose Dr. Alex Baker at Helmus, based on his friendly and open face. I wasn’t disappointed! He explains photos of my eyes (anatomy) very well, and is always looking for new information avalaible. The office is looking very good, it’s much lighter than Dr. Baker’s previous office at Helmus. He does need a great looking sign on the outside of his office, maybe he could ask one of the Pence Gallery artists, they make amazing and affordable art and I’m sure one of them would be thrilled to make something with “glasses”. 👓. —ConstantiaOomen