Once upon a time, a single empty space was created and placed on the web. It was clean, perfect and stable, albeit empty. Soon after it's creation a user created an option to edit this space and became known as an editor. The following day, another editor saw what the first had done and reverted the space back to it's original, perfect state. This went on and on until the two finally discussed the issue and decided there was no harm in leaving the edit button as long as the majority of the space remained blank and perfect.

A short time after this, another editor found the space and posted a small paragraph of text on it describing what the space reminded him of. It was a space of perfection that reminded him of his need to create perfection in his own life. The other editors chimed in, of course, and the second revert war was begun. Eventually, all of them finally agreed that there was nothing wrong with the page as it stood, so long as no one added anything new to it. However, as luck would have it, another editor noticed a grammatical error and fixed it, adding a humorous joke about the imperfection on the "perfect page". The third revert war was begun.

Over time, the space changed again and again. New information was added, sometimes causing much heated debate, while at other times it was removed causing an equal amount of disgruntled discussion. Again and again it happened until, at last, one of the older editors began screaming at the new editors for even the tiniest of changes. A new discussion about rules and regulations had begun, and these too changed over time.

Years passed and the trend never changed- new editors, more debate, more rules, more changes.

One day an editor made a remark that offended another and the cry of "Ban him! Ban him!" was heard throughout the multiple spaces that had been created over the years. Then another cry over another editor, and another and another... It went on and on until one editor finally took them at their word and banned them all, deleted all the information and left the space, once again, empty and perfect and without an option to edit.

The moral of the story-

If you want to make a change, take a look in the mirror and begin to make honest change before trying to alter others views.