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Bar-O Boys Ranch

Bar-O Boys Ranch is in the Smith River National Recreation area near the California-Oregon border, Northwest of Crescent City, and serves boys ages 13 to 18, including boys from Davis. The courts in various counties throughout the state assign boys to Bar-O. Yolo County juveniles are sentenced by the Yolo County Juvenile Court to complete the 3-phase ranch program. The camp is run by the Del Norte County Probation Department. Yolo County pays Del Norte County for each child they place at the facility.

All boys at the ranch must be court-committed. The ranch does, however, contract directly with parents for the placement of their children who are currently in the juvenile justice system as described in section 602 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code. The ranch does not accept wards with a history of arson or have physical limitations.

The boys attend school and do contract work for the U.S. Forest Service, including habitat restoration, trail building, noxious weed eradication. Also, construction of redwood picnic tables, metal fabrication/welding for California parks, coastal clean up projects, Christmas gifts for underprivileged children, etc.

"We provide a structured environment wherein our wards work on self-image, rule following, work habits, and values clarification. As each boy progresses through a three step program, he is able to accept more responsibilities. Excuses are not heard and accomplishments are rewarded. An individual's personal issues are stressed and focus is placed on those behaviors that led to his incarceration. Through this intense living experience the boys are continually forced to look at their personal weaknesses and strengths and encouraged to take responsibility for them. Our boys begin to develop the self-image of being "contributors" rather than "takers"." - Ref. Ranch website.


Bar-O Boys School is a Del Norte County Office of Education program. The camp and school program provides a very powerful experience in taking personal responsibility. In addition to regular academic classes and practical/fine arts, the school offers certification in Culinary Arts, Construction Technology, Computer Sciences, and Landscape Maintenance.

Parent contact

Most of the students are residents of counties that are a minimum of 5 hours drive time from the Ranch. As a Court School, parents have more limited opportunities for parental involvement. Parents are contacted by staff regarding academic progress, IEP’s and to plan student transitions back to their home counties.

Contact: Gerry Riley, Principal (707) 954-5601 telephone (707) 465-5116 fax griley@delnorte.k12.ca.us

District contact: Del Norte County Office of Education Jan Moorehouse, Superintendent (707)464-0200 telephone jmoorehouse@delnorte.k12.ca.us

See: Juvenile Justice System

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