Bad behavior is a problem in bars. Here is a short guide of what not to do in a bar, mostly from the perspective of those who see this occur here in Davis. A short version might be "don't do anything stupid", but here's the long version:

False Identification

People have been trying to pass fake IDs ever since there have been age restrictions on the consumption of alcohol. Trying to use a fake ID at a bar is a serious matter. If you're under 21 and want to drink, do it with friends at home, not in a bar don't break the law and be a good citizen!

  • If you use a fake ID and are caught, you could face some minor criminal charges and possibly fines. And your fake ID will be confiscated.
  • Using someone else's ID, even if it is real, is just as criminal as using a forged ID.


There will almost always be smokers near the local bars. There will also always be non-smokers present. Cities around the nation have instituted regulations regarding this issue

  • In Davis, it is against city ordinance to smoke within 20 feet of any doorway or business, and also within any enclosure at a business including gated and non gated patios.
  • If asked to go outside of the patio area to finish your cigarette or to extinguish it altogether, don't flick it at the bouncers
  • While smoking is legal (in the correct location), smoking Marijuana and many other substances is illegal in public, while not on private property. Do not smoke these substances on or around the premises.


Bar tenders notice your tipping habits and hence during future orders you are more likely to get good service if you tip. For more information on tipping practices see Tipping.

Drinking too much

We have all experienced this, either through friends or via our own actions. If it appears you have had too much to drink you might not be able to enter the bar, may be asked politely to leave or may just be asked to drink some water or other substance to sober up a bit. This is for your safety as well as others around you. Some actions as the result of excessive drinking lead to penalties:

  • Vomiting is a sign of alcohol poisoning. It's your body telling you to knock it off and go home to rest. If you find yourself vomiting it is time to stop drinking. If you vomit on the grounds in an area other than the toilets you may be sent, at your expense, via ambulance to the local hospital or via police car to the local jail.
  • Passing out, or losing consciousness, is another sign of alcohol poisoning. Your body is forcing itself to shut down to prevent further poisoning from occurring. If you pass out and the staff is able to wake you, you will usually be asked to leave and a cab may be called to take you home. If the staff is unable to wake you, or you are unable to provide information in regards to where you reside, or you have no one present who can help to ensure your safety the authorities will be called. If this occurs you may be taken to the hospital where a forced detox is enforced at your expense.The establishment may fine you for cab fares or any other damages involved.

Violence or other unwanted physical actions

  • Fighting — the Davis Police Department will be called, and the bouncers will be the least of your concern..
  • Sexual battery — any unwanted fondling, touching, grabbing, or groping. This can get you banned from the bar or even arrested.

Other actions or activities

Disrespecting any of the staff whether they be security personnel, bar-staff, wait-staff or any other employee will be grounds to have you removed from the premises. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Referring to any female staff members as anything other than their name. Using any vulgar title will have you cut off from the bar and also removed from the premises.
  • Making unwanted advances to any of the staff.
  • Misinterpreting tip soliciting small talk for actual flirting.
  • Excessive gawking at any visible cleavage of female staff members will result in removal. Staff have a right to feel comfortable in their clothes without worrying about excessive gawking.
  • Cursing out the staff is frowned upon and may lead to being cut off from the bar and removal from the premises or permanent banning (being 86'ed) from the establishment.
  • Urinating or defecating anywhere other than the toilets will lead to removal from the premises, potential fines for clean up and other potential criminal or civil charges. If one wishes to exit the premises in any way other than the front door by your own two feet, this is one way to make that choice an option. Instead if we catch you urinating or defecating anywhere but the toilets, we will throw you on your back out into the alley way. Not only is urinating or defecating outside of a toilet extremely crude, it will likely get the Davis Police Department involved. (Though it's unclear if the police or the bars have an actual 'poop' code as opposed the standard 86)
  • Destroying or defacing any property is vandalism.
  • Arguing about any cover fees or cutting the lines for entrance. While these are not illegal they are time consuming and cause delays for you and for other patrons of the establishments. If you cut in line you may be placed in the back or banned from the premise.
  • Although not forbidden, it is poor form to take an entire table to yourself in a crowded place where several groups are stuck standing. How about you go take a stool at the counter or at least offer to share the table?
  • If you do not order enough food or drink, as determined by the bartender or the owner, you will be forced to leave. See Little Prague Bar

These are very basic things you do not want to do when visiting a bar. They happen every single day at many different establishments and continue to be a problem. The bars are there for your enjoyment. They are there for everyone to enjoy themselves and their friends in a social environment.

Be nice to your bars and their staff members and they will be nice to you. They are, however, under no obligation to respect you in the first place.


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