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Barbara Boxer was elected senator of California in November 1992, and took office in January 1993, after serving 10 years in the house. Boxer was re-elected in 1998, 2004, and 2010. Despite being elected the same day as Dianne Feinstein, Boxer is considered the Junior Senator because Feinstein took office immediately after the election, given that hers was a special election to fill a vacancy.

She is considered very liberal and outspoken and considered by some to be the most powerful woman (and one of the most powerful Democrats) in the senate. During the Condoleezza Rice confirmation hearing, Boxer stood out as she challenged her to admit to lies and misdirection regarding the Iraqi war.

She sponsored the INDUCE Act, which aimed to give jail time for people who help write software which can be used to run software which can be used to pirate music. She also proposed the curiously-named "Count Every Vote Act," which prohibits distribution of voting machine source code over the internet for independent audit by the public.

You might also know her because of her reaction to being called "ma'am."

Positions and Issues of Note


  • Senator Boxer is a co-sponsor of the Protect IP Act (PIPA). According to Barbara Boxer received total donations of $898,568 from the TV/Movies/Music industry, the fourth ranked industry donating to her from 2007-2012, and the major industry pushing SOPA/PIPA.


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2005-04-14 15:50:36   Boxer is a very warm and genuine if you meet her. I like her liberal agenda and support most things she does. Her only problem is that she (like ALL politicians) is too beholden to special interests to be able to work for what she knows is best for the people. —JackHaskel

2010-05-22 22:25:33   I can't stand this woman. —CarlosOverstreet