1015 Olive Drive
corner of Richards Blvd. and Olive Drive, across from the Shell
(530)753-YOGA (9642)

Barefoot Yoga Studio is one of many yoga studios in Davis. According to their ads, they teach you to improve stamina, flexibility, strength and coordination. They specialize in Power Yoga. The studio is cozy and personal, with nice bamboo floors, full-size mirrors and floor-to-ceiling windows. Their boutique carries yoga apparel, yoga mats, studio bags and yoga-inspired jewelry and accessories. The studio was formerly located at 219 E Street before moving to its current location on Olive Drive.

They have an amazing deal for newcomers: 15 consecutive days for $45.00; and they have just reduced the monthly unlimited to $90 ($80 for full time students)

Classes are at 8am on Mon to Friday; 5:30pm on Mon through Friday; 7:15pm Monday through Thursday. Weekend classes are 10:00am and 4:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Besides the Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes, they also offer Prenatal Yoga on Monday 10am; Kids Yoga on Wed 4pm; Baby and Me Yoga on Friday 10am.

Kids Yoga

We offer fun kids yoga classes:invigorating, interactive and imaginative journeys for your child's developing mind, body and spirit.

At Kids Yoga we foster creativity, cooperation, and confidence in a safe environment where all children are perfect just the way they are.

Let Kids Yoga help your child develop flexibility, focus, and coordination for a balanced life!!

Classes are taught by experienced yoga teacher and dance artist Wai-mei

Pre-registration recommended Please feel free to drop by our studio for a visit, Call us or check out our website for more details. Come play with us!! http://barefootyogadavis.blogspot.com/

Baby & Me YOGA

There will be lots of creative and fun ideas for mums to practice yoga postures with their babies and you will also learn how to relax your baby and bond in a non-verbal way. A very simple practice yet so powerful in what it conveys – your love, your understanding and your attention.

Time: Friday 10-11am Fee: $15 walk-ins, Class card available, daddies welcome too!!

Prenatal Yoga

This gentle class is designed to reduce the aches and pains which accompany pregnancy, in a nurturing and supportive environment. We will focus on special breathing techniques, opening the hips, and preparing the body for birth.


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03/04/06 I highly recommend this studio. It's a fairly new place but the instructors are VERY knowledgeable and experienced. The ambiance is very conducive to a good session and depending on the type of yoga, it is appropriately heated. I love, love, LOVE this studio! So far, it's the best one I've found in Davis. — LookyLoo

2006-10-20 17:34:33   We teach Vinyasa Flow,Ashtanga, Gentle Warm Hatha,Hot Hatha —RobertBoswell

2007-04-09 17:09:47   The class times on their website are wrong, in fact their classes are at the times listed in the picture to the right. I however neglected to look at the picture to the right and missed the class. I don't know what the point of a class schedule is if the times listed are wrong. I will try again tomorrow. —VaileAdams

2007-12-04 17:20:18   I really don't recommend this place. The owner has a HUGE attitude problem and a short temper... not what you'd expect from a Yoga Studio. Maybe he has Napoleon Syndrome. The prices may be cheap, but remember, you get what you pay for. —JamesRock

2007-12-10 09:25:19   12/10/07 WARNING. I love this studio and also Robert as a teacher. I shopped around and this one was just right. Classes are heated, the studio is cozy. Robert makes you feel like you belong, and conveys a sense of community. I even liked the gentle way he corrected postures. However, last week his posture corrections clearly crossed a line that felt uncomfortable for me. I'm not a prude by any means, so when I say "crossed a line," I'm talking about hands between my legs (lower legs and lower thighs) and on my belly; it was always just beyond my comfort zone but not far enough that I felt comfortable putting voice to my discomfort. Maybe he thought I gave permission for this through my warm and smiling way of interacting (???), but it felt like an abuse of power and trust, and I left feeling moderately shaken and slimed. Please pass along this warning. Hopefully I'm in the minority because this is a great studio, but I'd be surprised if I'm the only one. —florafloja

2007-12-24 12:04:07   I had the exact same experience as florafloja. Robert was very clever about not totally crossing the line with his hand movements but I definitely felt molested at my last class(that's why it was my last class). He's very manipulative but acts so nice that you don't want to think he's doing anything wrong. I think that's why he continues to get away with it. So I thought maybe with me writing too, other people will be able to avoid this uncomfortable experience. He's a real low life to abuse his position of power and our trust in him. I also believe the oldest posts on this business refer to the studio before it was Robert's. I don't think he will get another positive review. —lunestiasanchez

2007-12-28 10:26:16   Sad to say but I am one more person who has been affected by Robert's acting out. Much like the other two comments, I also trusted him and felt he was a good person and teacher. And he may very well be both of those things but his behavior as a person of the community/business needs to be evaluated, and he held accountable for his actions no matter how good a person or teacher he is. We all make mistakes it is just how we continue to rectify them that matters. I felt very uncomfortable after two separate interactions with Robert. With the physical inappropriateness it was much the same as how the other comment-ers put it; " ...just beyond my comfort zone, but not far enough that I felt comfortable putting voice to my discomfort". And the way he handled his irritation/anger on another occasion also felt out of line and inappropriate. I wasn't sure if I was just overreacting but after reading these comments I feel validated that it wasn't just in my head. I also do not want other people to feel the way I did. I just don't think any customers should be treated in this manner. —ginnymop

2008-01-11 22:40:34   I'm surprised with what has taken place,first I'll state that any action in class in regards to touching a body are adjustments that are used in yoga all the time. drawing the shoulder back, to stack it over the other ,pulling the legs back to straiten them by placing the hands inside the legs at the( knees) drawing them back in downward dog,or flatting or leveling the hips in Parsvottanasana, also stacking the hip on top of the other by pulling the one hip back towards me,as in triangle pose, are all common adjustments . The next point is have any these people stated that this supposed action was brought to my attention in class or after,I always ask to make adjustment to a student,if that is a concern they could of spoken up and said something in class or after. And i feel the important point is I don't know who these people are and your site is anonymous so they feel maybe they will not be held acountible This can and will affect my business and my ability to earn a living.I'm requesting you remove these comments again.I have been willing to state my name.I will seek legal advice in this matter. Just to let you know that one of these people wrote me a letter when I refused to extend her agreement and there was no mention at the time about any concern about my adjustments, and in this letter she stated she felt I'd had taken her money unfairly which is untrue . The first comment made I think is by a person that on her last time in class was acting strange as if she was intoxicated, she kept falling back on to me during class when I made adjustments she was laughing as if she was intoxicated,she had not had this issue before in class so on exiting the class I asked if she had been drinking,I only ask because when I talked to her before this time she stated that she had made some new friend and had been going to happy hour when class took place,I had asked why she hadn't been in studio for a couple of weeks and that why she had not been to studio. maybe she was offended by my question. I fell to understand if they had a problem with my adjustments why they didn't confront me . I have shared this concern with some of my students to get there feed back about this ,and will be glad to come to my aid.I make every effort to make sure all my student have a positive experience here and I feel the majority does. I'm always asking student when they've been absent if there is an issue,after all this a business.I have more information that I will share with anyone from wiki ,but I won't state it on line,Yet please contact me via vis my email please. —RobertBoswell

2008-01-12 08:52:45   I’ve been attending Barefoot Yoga pretty regularly over the last year. I think Robert is a great teacher and his spirit is in the right place. He doesn’t see yoga as a mere exercise or business, but has an extensive background in Eastern practices and philosophy. The flow classes are great workouts that increase strength, stamina, and flexibility. I’ve gotten in much better shape over the past year as a result of the classes. I can see what other people on this site are saying about the adjustments being “hands on”—but I’ve never felt they were unprofessional, intimate, or inappropriate in any way. I think if you are sensitive to personal space issues all one needs to say is “I prefer verbal adjustments to hands-on ones”—as I would in any yoga class. I think it is a tricky subject to have a male teacher in a field with mostly women students since yoga, like physical therapy, massage, or any athletic training involves hands-on interaction to be most affective. I can’t speak to what others have experienced and I don’t want to discredit other posts on this site, but I just want to voice my opinion that I’m 100% satisfied with my experiences as a student at Barefoot Yoga and know other longtime students who are as well. It’s definitely worth checking out and one of the best and most intense yoga workouts in town. —KarenEmbry

2008-02-04 12:31:45   Based on my personal experience Robert is a predator and a pro at it. I concur with all the allegations made on this page and MORE! Clever predators know how to make the victim feel responsible and/or confused/conflicted. Perhaps if Robert practiced yoga himself he would not be so compelled to violate his students to feel good. And Robert — be clear— your actions inflict grief. —isthatso

2008-03-11 19:14:35   I like this studio very much. Robert is a dedicated teacher and he does a great job with maintaining a good pace of forms while encouraging everyone to work to the edge of their own abilities. After trying several different teachers, Robert was the first one to not just demonstrate the postures, but to take the time to walk around the studio and help each student adjust to reach the proper alignments themselves. This made a big difference to me and to my practice. Small shifts in a posture often make a big difference in the flexibility and strength required to hold the posture, and I can really feel the difference between holding a form sloppily or holding the forms in the alignment Robert recommends. Robert may give the impression of being intense, but I believe this is simply because he strongly believes in yoga and would like everyone in the studio to focus and do the best they can for where they are at with their bodies on that day. I recommend Barefoot Yoga to all my friends. —KeithM

2008-03-19 17:21:09   I also recommend this studio and was dismayed to read all the negative responses people have made on this wikipage. In the last month, I have participated in 14 classes at Barefoot Yoga, and can vouch for Robert's professionalism and yogic expertise. He adjusts male and female students the exact same way, and it is constructive and has allowed me to intensify my own practice. That being said, it is a hands-on method and may be beyond some peoples' comfort zones, as evidenced by the damaging comments on this message board. Give Barefoot Yoga a shot, and let's all try to be civil.


2008-05-25 15:12:49   I highly recommend this yoga studio, and the classes are vigorous, balanced, and completely undo all the damage I do to my back, neck, and shoulders sitting in front of a computer all day, every day.

Robert, the instructor, is a great teacher who dynamically adapts his classes to accommodate the levels of the students in his class, so that the advanced students still get a good workout, but the beginners don't feel left out. He takes the time to give each student suggestions and adjustments, and because of this personalized instruction, I am able to do poses I never thought I could do, like headstands. Also, downward-facing-dog, which was once the pose I hated the most, is now a comfortable part of my yoga routine. I have learned more about yoga from these classes than from any other yoga classes I have taken over the years.

So I have to say that some of the negative posts in the comments of this page really surprise me. Robert has never been anything but professional to all of his students in the many classes I have attended. If a problem had really occurred in one of his classes, the student who felt there was a problem should have addressed the issue immediately and directly, and the conflict could be immediately resolved. And if there is any difference of opinion, keep in mind that these are group classes- the offended student has witnesses (the other students) to corroborate (or not) these accusations. So I must say that I find reporting a problem like this on the comments of a wiki page to be downright cowardly and irresponsible. If there has been a problem: solve it, directly. If not, do not pollute daviswiki with slander and libel.


2008-12-31 17:08:04   I am new to Davis, practice Yoga, and am here looking for a studio, but have never attended this one. I admit the negative comments about Robert would discourage me from trying this studio. But, even more, I must point out that Robert's comments give me much more reason to avoid this studio. He sounds confused, rambling and accusatory (not to mention a tad illiterate). A yoga instructor I would trust would simply accept the criticism and move on, not point the finger back. I am headed for Kaya... —kimberwlf2

2009-03-03 18:32:10   I recently took a class from Robert and it was the most terrible Yoga experience I have ever had. First off, I completely agree that the way he repositioned me was inappropriate and uncomfortable. I didn’t say anything at the time, although I should have. He gets way too close and touches parts of your body such as the inner thighs and the side hips. My current yoga teacher, who I have worked with for months, NEVER repositions me like that, and she is a woman! Furthermore, I have a whiplash injury, which I told him about at the beginning of class. I was modifying poses as I felt necessary to accommodate my residual pain. I was also going into a resting pose whenever I would get exhausted. As a side note, none of my previous teachers had any problems with me modifying poses or resting during class, and even encouraged it. Richard asked me to stay after class. He asked “Why were you doing poses that I did not assign?” I told him that I didn’t know what he was talking about. (Afterwards I realized he was talking about me modifying poses). He also said, “Why were you so fidgety at the end of class when you were supposed to be still?” He was referring to when I was doing the “corpse” pose at the end, I was very uncomfortable lying on my back without a bolster (which he did not have). I told him that my whiplash was making lying on my back uncomfortable. He responded, “Well you should have told me that you were injured”. I reminded him at the beginning of the class I told him that I had whiplash. He said “Well that’s not an injury. You should look up the definition of whiplash.” He then asked me, “Why did you come to my class tonight?” I just replied that the other place I go to didn’t have an evening class. Also, I should note that during class, I asked him if some time during class we could make time for a certain pose. He snapped at me “That is not how I run my class. I don’t take requests. But since you have insisted upon it let’s do it now!” By the way, there was only 2 other people in the class so I didn’t think asked for a pose was so inappropriate. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have asked during class, but it still didn’t warrant that response. Also, he asked accusingly "Why didn't you fill in your E-mail on your form", which is just a wierd question. In conclusion, Richard is a terrible teacher and has a terrible temper. I suggest trying another studio. —JanethN.

2009-03-16 10:54:06   I had the privaledge of having Robert as a teacher in my first-ever yoga class when he first opened the studio in 2006 and I was traveling with my husband on business. I had 5 days of classes and I went back twice a day on some days because it was challenging but enlightening; such a great way to learn yoga. I was spoiled by the expertise, personal attention and depth of the classes. I went back to the Midwest looking for a class somewhat like Robert's and found none were even close. What I found was large classes with teachers that had so much less education and experience. They were mostly brief, verbal adjustments, and fell far short of helping to correct postures compared to Robert's.

As a person new to yoga, I find his kind of personal help so important that I was happy to come back two years later and find his studio still there but larger and nicer. I also had class with Wai Mei and she was also very helpful and experienced. I realize that not all people will be open to all experiences like this from a very sensitive, compassionate person like Robert. I am a teacher myself and know that everyone has a different perception of your class. You cannnot make everyone happy, teachers also may have bad days and some will not agree with your style. I have to say that I was treated to the best yoga experience and wish I could be in Davis every day as I know my practice would grow by leaps and bounds if Robert and Wai Mei were my teachers regularly. I think yoga is a personal experience and we should shop around to find the ones that fits us best. I hope Robert continues to offer his personal attention to small classes in the future. I know many will benefit like I did. —maryellen

2009-04-23 18:16:07   I've tried Robert's classes, and I can attest to the fact that this man is doing exactly what the most skilled abusers do - dividing the flock by treating different people differently, and choosing victims who won't speak up in real time so that he can later deflect and reverse the blame for his actions. He's never put the moves on me, but I saw it happen once, and I'll never return to this studio. This man might be skilled as a practitioner of asana, but he is NOT a yogi practicing the full reality of yoga. Yoga teachers are trained in great detail about adjustments and personal space, and are taught how to perform adjustments in ways that do not EVER compromise the emotional comfort of the student. There are certain planes of the body that you do not touch, period, and every yoga teacher who's ever take a certification course knows that. If he claims ignorance of these things, that's reason enough to never take a class with him. —calvin2

2009-05-01 13:17:56   I don't know why this guy just doesn't stop "adjusting" people. He would probably avoid losing his business, which based on his class sizes, seems inevitable. —JanethN.

2009-09-18 15:38:17   I have just moved to Davis with my girlfriend and we were considering Barefoot yoga mainly because it was the first yoga studio that we encountered in Davis. Reading the comments about Robert definitely surprised me, however, I was still thinking to give it a try. That is, until I read Robert's comment about the issue. His comment seems to be written in a rush with inconsistent spaces between the words, inconsistent capitalizing, etc. I would expect a yoga teacher to be calmer and more confident than what this implies. Also I don't want to play the grammar police here, but, "could of", "there (instead of their)",...? Seriously? I know this might sound pretentious and even shallow but I prefer a yoga teacher who can spell. —Francesco

2010-02-26 15:11:38   I went to this studio for the first time this week and tried a Power Yoga class with Robert. It was the first yoga class I have ever taken, and it was great. I did not realize it would be such a workout! Robert helped me out a lot throughout the class without making me feel singled out. I was having trouble with different positions, so he had to adjust me, but I had no problem with this. He verbally told me to make adjustments, but sometimes I was unable to do change my position on my own, and I needed help. I also enjoyed the meditative aspect of the class. It really helped me relax. —djnejad

2010-06-10 19:13:55   A yoga class for kids is a wonderful idea; however I have grave concerns about this taking place @ Barefoot Yoga. I took 2 classes there about 3 years ago and Robert,the owner, was not shy with his "adjustments". His hands were all over my body - it was inappropriate and I was very uncomfortable. I spoke to him after class and he said, "this is my studio and I'll teach how I want to". With that I left and never returned. I am alarmed to see that he is now offering a class to young children....this could potentially be a unhealthy situation for a child. Parents ~~ please beware. —JanePinckney

2010-06-24 10:55:57   The Summer Kids Yoga class is AWESOME! My 5 y/o daughter has some sensory integration issues and is often reluctant to participate, but Wai Mei is such a gentle patient and effective teacher that all signs of reluctance disappear once she enters the studio. I think the kids' reactions are testimony enough. They are enthusiastic about yoga, enjoying themselves immensely, and even focused. My daughters' interactions with Wai Mei and her newfound yoga practice have been a pleasantly healing experience for all of us. Wai Mei has given my daughter a new set of skills to help her get in touch with her body and for that I am so grateful.

I myself have been practicing at Barefoot for a couple of years and am delighted to see this addition to the schedule. I must admit that I was concerned about some of the posts, but once I began practicing there, learning from all of the wonderful committed teachers there, I am reminded that I must follow my own intuition and continue to make decisions out of a desire for positive experiences, feelings and community building. Actions speak louder than words. And at barefoot there are serious teachers committed to a spiritual path, a path of practice and generosity and they are available to me to learn from whenever I have money and time, which with kids isn't always so often. —Sashahom

2010-10-25 17:44:42   I have to say, it's a shame that actions taken by some instructors at this yoga studio have made so many people in this community uncomfortable. They might be under the impression that such behavior is commonplace and helpful, but the bottom line is that it's a lawsuit magnet. Yoga is supposed to be a holistic approach to physical and spiritual health, and this type of thing will always make people feel violated. I just hope the more caring and helpful instructors don't find their financial well being hurt by the misguided employees. —AdamV

2011-04-17 15:41:45   The classes here are amazing. I've practiced yoga for many years in many different towns. I typically look for vigorous classes that focus also on strengthening and alignment. Robert's level B classes are some of the best I've attended. He speaks descriptions of the postures so thoroughly that I've learned new aspects of postures that I have done for a long time. After starting here I attended a Bikram Yoga class in another town while traveling - I was amazed that the classes here were much more vigorous, although I'm sure those can also vary. In the 6 months plus that I've been taking classes here, I've never seen indication of improper behavior mentioned in previous comments. All of the more experienced teachers I have practiced with have used hands-on adjustments - only when I've taken classes from less experienced teachers did they state that they did not correct poses. I do wish this studio had more mirrors, though - I think they may have a fundamental objection to mirrors but I still like being able to check them. —LC

2011-04-23 11:12:51   Great power workout combined with yoga. Really enjoyed the class here and will be back. —BrentKago

2011-07-08 12:25:16   I highly recommend the Baby and Me Yoga class with Wai-Mei. I've been attending with my 4.5 month old son for six weeks now, and we both really enjoy it - also, he regularly gets so tired that he naps for a while afterwards, always a plus. I'll be sad to give it up when I have to go back to work. —BrianWilliams

2011-08-01 14:32:44   This is a wonderful studio w/great teachers. I have primarily taken Robert's classes, on a 2 week intro pass. He is a great instructor and has a down to earth approach. Even when I was the only one that showed up to a class he would do one-on-one instruction and really focused on my unique goals in determining how to structure the class. Its a dynamic, heated yoga that never gets redundant. I also took one class with Wai-Mei and it was an intense, focused class that was great. The space is really nice and its never been crowded when I was there. highly recommend this place. —crysschautz

2012-01-10 17:24:41   After 4 classes at Barefoot Studio, I have to say I look forward to each session. It's what one might call "intense" yoga. I've been practicing for over 15 years and have taken many yoga classes in different Davis studios. While I have enjoyed most of the classes & teachers I've worked with, I am glad to have found Robert at Barefoot. I did notice in my first class the tendency toward hands-on corrections and it was certainly more pervasive than I've experienced in other classes. Since alignment is one of the reasons I take yoga, however, I appreciate the extra effort that Robert makes to adjust poses and have not yet felt taken advantage of. On the other hand, I don't want to discount the discomfort that other people have experienced & hope that anyone who felt taken advantage in any way found the strength & wisdom to confront it at the source. It's difficult to sort out sometimes, what is personal discomfort and what is actually predatory. At this point, I am willing to take my chances in order to deepen my yoga practice. —joCrescent

2012-02-04 18:20:36   We have just moved to a new location in Davis. The beautiful studio located at 1015 Olive Drive. It is at the corner of Richard Blvd. and Olive Drive, right across from the Shell Gas Station, on the left side of the furniture store. Look foward to practice with you, Namaste. —waimeiYEUNG

2012-09-01 20:27:45   I just love waimei's prenatal yoga class. She is loving, accepting of limitations, and creates a great combination of stretching, mild strength and balancing, and breathing. I leave her class so relaxed, it is amazing. Highly recommended. —MarianHughes

2012-09-20 15:19:00   I'm somewhat loathe to weigh in on this, since this thread seems to be a bit of a sh*tstorm, but...Its just that I've been to a lot of yoga places, with a lot of male teachers that are WAY touchier than Robert. Like, neck massages during savasana and full body contact for repositioning. Nobody cares or complains all over their website, because the male yoga teachers are like 25. It kind of seems like the fact that Robert is a bit older is setting off peoples creep alarms for that reason only. Its pretty normal for a yoga teacher to do a little bit of repositioning. If you would rather they don't touch you, thats what you have a voice for. —sarahlant

I don't believe anyone who has complained about Robert has claimed that yoga teachers shouldn't touch them at all; please read what they are saying more carefully before distorting their words. -Megan

2014-06-12 08:16:52   June 11 2014

If yoga here is half as relaxing as speaking to the owner, you're better off finding an electroshock clinic.

I was waiting in the parking lot for a friend around 8pm. It was the middle of summer, so very much still daylight; I wasn't menacingly hanging in a shadowy corner of this gentleman's parking lot. Regardless, after waiting about 10 minutes for a friend to show up, the owner came out of the store (holding some yellow device I didn't get a good look at—my theories range from recorder to taser based on the interaction). He asked me if he could help me; I told him I was waiting for a friend.

He immediately became very hostile, pointing out the several no parking signs; I politely responded that I wasn't parking. He then told me that I was trespassing, that people use his lot for drug deals and to rip off his customers, and that he had already called the Davis PD. He then tried to keep me on the property by continuing to ask me if I understood what I had done wrong, and so on—clearly so I'd still be there when/if the PD showed up, after he'd told me I was trespassing. After a couple minutes of trying to remain cordial, I apologized for offending him and left the premises.

The parking lot is located on the corner of a busy intersection. This occurred in broad daylight near sundown. I suppose I may have looked like a dangerous "youth" in my grey tank top, but I'm 23 years old. I make life insurance payments. I have debt. I very much resemble an adult, and I expect to be treated like one—not like a criminal for choosing the wrong street corner to wait on. Had the owner simply asked me to leave, I would have gladly obliged, but he chose the least yogi-like approach possible.

Avoid. —TBrown

  • Perhaps Robert, the owner, would be happier or less stressed, at least, if he scheduled personal time to do more yoga... —BrianKenyon

2015-05-18 10:06:24   I was a student at Barefoot for about 2 years while attending UCD, and can honestly say the studio changed my life. Robert and Wai Mei took interest in my well being, and treated me more than just another yoga student. Through the yoga practice, I learned more about myself and started to make healthier lifestyle changes. I have read a lot of comments about Roberts demeanor, and I would like to take a second to say these comments misrepresent him. Robert is a stickler for alignment. This doesn't mean he his 'handsy'... He wants to prevent his students from injuring themselves. As a response to Robert 'attacking' the person parked in PRIVATE parking lot... Robert has every right to ask to leave because he is trying to prevent the bums and drug users from loitering and scaring off his students. Both Robert and Wai Mei have great loving hearts, and want to see their students thrive. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone! —TaraSmith