Basile Senesi is the Business Manager of the ASUCD Bike Barn on campus. As such, he is responsible for overseeing daily operations and administrative procedures. This includes final decision making in the hiring and firing process, maintaining financial records, and being the unit representative to the rest of ASUCD. As the Business Manager, Basile has undertaken a significant amount of projects to grow the Bike Barn.

- Workflow Digitization: The elimination of paper waste and the overall reduction of the Bike Barn's environmental impact has been a key issue going forward. As a leading research university, it made sense for the Barn to come up with a creative bicycle repair and retail industry solution to the problem of paper work orders. Whereas most small scale bicycle shops lack the means to implement digital systems the way major retailers can, the Bike Barn worked with creative media and a third party Hope Industrial to deliver a robust yet affordable solution to the problem. Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, a major media outlet in the bicycle retail industry, has gotten wind of this project, and is scheduled to do a special report in the coming months.

- Aggie Bike Buy: The most successful program Basile launched to date was the Aggie Bike Buy program, which allows new and returning students to select a bike online at , customize it with accessories, opt for a service plan, and have it ready and registered for pickup near the TAPS facilities. This has given students who live far away a simple and affordable way to select a bike perfect for Davis rather than having to carry one all the way up to Davis. 50 bicycles were sold through the program coinciding with Freshman move-on weekend.

- Retail area upgrades: Basile directed an effort to revamp the dated retail portion of the Bike Barn, including the addition of a second point of sales, a new register counter, a new paint job, fresh slatwall, new lighting and ventilation features, and a redesigned product layout. Come in and check it out!

- Giving back: Under Basile, the Bike Barn has undertaken several charitable projects, the most noteworthy of which was a donation of used equipment to help set up a bicycle shop in rural cambodia to help develop a local economy based on bicycle friendly infrastructure. Check our website for more details!

- Increasing Sales, Increasing staff: Basile Senesi has taken the Barn from a break even unit to a profitable business unit of ASUCD through increased sales and better revenu from repair (due to lower wait times). These increases in revenue are used first to repsond to the central theme of ASUCD, which is to hire as many students as efficiently possible. In the last twelve months, the Barn has added 7 new positions to cope with the large rise in demand. The remainder of the revenue increases are to be returned to the ASUCD general fund to help support other units.