Beantrees is the coffee brand now served by the ASUCD Coffee House as of September 18th, 2006. Beantrees is 100% organic as well as fair trade and is located out of San Francisco. Previous brands sold by the ASUCD Coffee House were located in Seattle, which made for difficult business relations. Furthermore, this is the first time, all parts of the CoHo will be serving fair trade and 100% organic coffee.

The coffee prices at the CoHo increased this year, which is not related to the switch in brands. Increasing transportation costs as well the the increase in minimum wage in January 2008 were factors determining the increase. To save money buy a re-useable mug, as the price for refilling those is still very low.

There is also a Beantrees coffee shop in Sacramento.

You might also be thinking of a novel by Barbara Kingsolver that has very little to do with Davis.


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2006-09-18 08:46:01   I tried the peruvian dark roast today, I enjoyed it. —JamesSchwab

2007-06-19 08:51:49   According to the Sac Bee article on Beantree's site it says its based out of Sac in 1993...did I miss something here? —MyaBrn