Berry, (her step-dad calls her "berry-spoiled-bxtxh-Pomeranian")
Toy Pomeranian
Secretary's Name
Ching Ching
To catch moths and mosquitos
Tiny Dog, Big Barks, Huge Fluff

People often make the mistake of assuming that my owner is called ChingChing, but the truth is the other way around. Though seldom known—I am ChingChing's boss. I make the call when to go out, where to go, and when and what to eat! So, don't mix it up again, you people!!

I am friendly but you can't be too forward/eager with me. Take your time and let me smell you and then we will be friends. I hate kids who run around me and scream. So don't do that because that frightens me. I like to bark because I am small (to scare the big guys), but I am not aggressive. The barks are just shows. There are often times when I want to be left alone—so don't keep calling me because I need some quiet moments to think about complicated issues, like animal rights and social security.

I weigh 2 kilos but agony aunt says "size doesn't matter." I am 13 so I really look after my health. Like Jack, I am on an organic home-cooking diet (gd decision, Jack's mum!). My epilepsy and asthma have completely disappeared since I boycotted commercial dog food. I made that decision after I read about what awful ingredients BAD BAD heartless people put into commerical dog food. It is worse than what school children eat in Britain. (I was like, "How can that be?? It's WRONG! I deserve better!!") Remember, we are what we eat!