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Both the City and the University share the same bicycle license program but there are differences in enforcement. Licenses can be obtained at TAPS office, and at the Farmers Market on the second Saturday of the month. Licenses cost $12, last two years, then renewals are $6 (for an extra 2 years). At one point you could renew at local bike shops, but that is no more.

The City of Davis

city web page on bicycle licenses.

The University of California

http://taps.ucdavis.edu/bicycle/licenses on bicycle licenses.


From the TAPS Code:

Chapter 6 

Bicycle Registration-Licenses

Section 6.01. Licensing of Bicycles Required. All bicycles used, stored, parked or operated on the
University except UCDMC shall be licensed with a valid California bicycle license. Every bicycle must
display a valid state-issued sticker imprinted "California Bicycle License" including a unique registration
number and a valid state-issued renewal sticker imprinted "California License Renewal" and "Date of
Expiration Dec. 31, 20XX" indicating a current registration and including a unique registration number.
In this chapter "bicycle" also refers to a motorized electric bicycle.

Authority to create bicycle regulations on the University is pursuant to Section 21113(f) of the California
Vehicle Code. Proof of ownership may be required to register and license a bicycle.

Section 6.02. Impounding of Unlicensed Bicycles. The Police Department and Transportation and
Parking Services are authorized to impound unlicensed bicycles or bicycles with expired licenses and
remove them to an area designated for storage. Bicycles so impounded may be recovered only upon
proof of ownership and after required fees are paid. No bicycle shall be released unless it is licensed in
accordance with Section 6.01. Unclaimed bicycles, which have been impounded because they were
unlicensed or impounded for violation of parking regulations set forth in this Code, shall be held for a
minimum of 90 days at which time the owners shall be presumed to have relinquished their legal title.
Such bicycles shall be sold at public auction without reserve. The same disposition shall be applied to
bicycles which remain unclaimed after storage with the Police Department or Transportation and
Parking Services and to stolen bicycles which have been recovered by the Police Department if said
bicycles remain unclaimed for a period of 90 days. Notices will be sent as soon as practicable
whenever possible to the owners of all bicycles removed to a storage area.

Section 6.03. Displaying Of Bicycle Licenses. Bicycle licenses and renewal stickers shall be
displayed on the front of the seat tube of the bicycle frame consistent with the guidelines outlined in the
California Vehicle Code.

California Dept of Transportation

Although the majority of Californians live in areas where California bicycle licenses are offered or even mandated by local authorities, participation in these programs is not widespread across the StateCALIFORNIA BLUEPRINT FOR BICYCLING AND WALKING section IV.C


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2009-07-31 20:28:01   When I tried getting my bike licensed at Freewheeler recently, they said that the forms they had left were for renewals. There was also implication that they may not issue either once the renewal forms are gone, so I'd call first before heading over. I went from Ken's to here, then eventually to TAPS before finally getting the license. —KevinChin

2014-09-07 11:43:14   Today, I went to B&L and they told me that they don't sell licenses any more —DavidSilberstein